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Horrible Customer Service - Hours before they Ship confirm o

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Horrible Customer Service - Hours before they Ship confirm o
1 Dec 2015
I have been using Solid Commerce for many years now, and every time I write to them asking me to call me on an issue, it gets ignored, so hence I am now taking to the boards to write a review. They take literally hours to ship confirm orders, so if this is something that is not a big deal, it is ok, but some of my customers charge a $20 late fee for late ship confirms, and I am racking up fee's. Try getting anyone on the phone in customer service and it goes straight into voicemail. i will be looking for a new solution.
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Re: Horrible Customer Service - Hours before they Ship confi
3 Jan 2016
Linda when you say horrible customer service people may think there is a support. support is not exist in this company. there are plenty of other options available and i regret that i did not read these reviews here before signing a contract with them.
this software is defective and not working. everything about it sucks.
check Ecomdash
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