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Any pricing and assortment monitoring software/services?

Ukraine Ukraine
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Joined: Feb 18, 2016
Any pricing and assortment monitoring software/services?
18 Feb 2016
Hello fellows! Do you use any software / services to automatically update item prices in your stores (or marketplaces)? As example it must take price data from my competitor website and supplier price list xlsx, generate my price (higher than supplier but lower than competitor) and then automatically publish to my website or send me CSV/Excel report with the result data. That all must be scheduled to run on regular basis.

Also what about assortment monitor? I want to find out as fast as possible when my competitor is out of stock OR add new offers to his store.
Bangalore India
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Re: Any pricing and assortment monitoring software/services?
23 Feb 2016
I would suggest “Prisync”. It provide hassle-free, rapid setup & implementation, Frequently updated market data and easy to use with web application.
London United Kingdom
Nelia Tiuriaieva
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Re: Any pricing and assortment monitoring software/services?
31 Jan 2017
Hi there!

Every pricing optimization software offers a different data basket to produce price recommendations for eCommerce businesses. You have to be sure that all your specific needs can be covered by their market suggestions.

Therefore, I would like to bring your attention to Competera, as it is a flexible and customer oriented pricing software company, which meets the different demands of online retail and strives to meet consumers’ needs.

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