Very difficult to setup

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Very difficult to setup
11 Mar 2016
I started to evaluate the software on Monday. It seemed great from all the reading, etc that I did. However by Thursday, we still did not have a working system. It would appear that this is really more designed for UK users. There is little to no support for setting up ShipStation or Fedex, etc. This is the first piece of software that we have tested that does not have a working shipping solution out of the box. Note, that you need to be a FedeX developer to obtain a API key. So we setup ShipStation only to find out that no one could actually help make it work. After many hours, Shipstation was connected properly but the orders would never sync. That included manually moving orders to a folder, which is also not in the documentation.

We were only setting up eBay as a channel and had one item just to simply test the software. After 3 days, that's exactly where it sits and that's where we will leave it.

I will give it two stars instead of one because their support was pretty good, except they really could not help get it going other than to tell us have a training session.

If anyone has any recommendations for something similar, I would love to hear it. Very disappointed that Linnworks has no real soltuion or even a partial solution that works out of the box. Bottom line, it's way too complicated.

My recommendation to Linnworks is to offer a setup service. Not a third party in another country. Unless it's so complex that even you don't want to set it up.
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