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Shipping Software advice please

United States United States
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Joined: Mar 28, 2016
Shipping Software advice please
28 Mar 2016
We have a custom e-commerce store. we currently use USPS and FEDEX APIs to get real time shipping before the checkout process. I want to know if anyone knows of a online software to export the shipment data for aggregating the orders, shipping information, and tracking information. I have tried most of the google answers,ShipStation, ShipWorks, etc. But the key is that those sites do not address multiple products, and multiple boxes per order. We only have 9 items, not standard size/weight. We have the box calculation algorithms in our CMS so we just would have to send that information to the online shipping software but none of them do that!? I need a solution to help us grow. without breaking the bank either. thanks in advance for your time.
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
29 Mar 2016
@forefront If you've taken a look at all the usual suspects, you may want to also check out They tend to specialize more in integrating with various ERP platforms (NetSuite, Dynamics, etc..) but they have some pretty deep functionality as well as a RESTful API that is accessible if you need to do something completely custom. Best of Luck!
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Jax Music Supply
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
3 Apr 2016
I though most of these sites did allow you to set up presets and specify the number of packages, etc. I use Teapplix but I do not use all the functionality they offer. Perhaps you should consider a customized shipping solution. This should not be too hard since you have already integrated the APIs for your real time quotes. I wrote one a few years ago but found that for us it was better to use a commercial solution due to the number of updates that had to be done to keep everything up to date.
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
12 Apr 2016
Some of the best solutions can be found here:

Have a look, hope it helps.
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
12 Apr 2016
@Jax Music Supply

Thanks, I talked to Teapplix and I think they can do what we want and price is right. Thanks for the tip!
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
26 Sep 2016
@forefront --Teapplix can help you. Teapplix is a completely web-based shipping software that can pull your orders from all marketplaces and major shopping cart software. Once you ship these orders in Teapplix, we update the shipping status and tracking number back on to the marketplaces. Teapplix ActionShip™ integrates all your orders into one web page and bulk print shipping labels with a single button click. Teapplix was designed from the ground up in 2007 to be the fastest shipping software application for small and medium-sized merchants. Every effort is made to reduce unnecessary data entry and mouse clicks. For example, Teapplix remembers weight, dimensions and shipping options for your items. As a result, most of your orders are ready to print once they enter Teapplix.With a few clicks, you can generate up to 2000 labels in one batch. Pre-built queues make it easy to bulk print labels for USPS Domestic, USPS International First Class, USPS International Priority, UPS, and FedEx. Our shipping labels can have a customizable SKU on them, and be sorted by your inventory / location to make packing fast. Please contact or call Teapplix Support: (650) 516-6058 for more detailed answers to your questions. Thank you.

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Xudong Yan
Teapplix, Inc.
Beyond Simple Shipping
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Support: (650) 516-6058
Herts, England United Kingdom
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Re: Shipping Software advice please
29 Sep 2016

Thanks for posting. It's actually against our policy for suppliers to post recommending their own product but as Teapplix has come up in the discussion a couple of times already it's OK on this occasion.

No more posts from suppliers please unless @forefront specifically asks for their input.
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