Crazylister Problems Unresolved

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Crazylister Problems Unresolved
6 Apr 2016
After trying to publish a listing that was created on CrazyLister, eight times, and receiving no help whatsoever from their staff, I gave up.

When I wrote to the tech support people they asked me to go through the same steps that I had already tried eight times, as if I was not capable of following simple instructions.

Each time I tried to publish my listing from crazylister, I was directed to link the account with my eBay account. I did this each time, but was still not able to publish my listing.

When I examined my eBay account, it showed that my eBay account was already linked to crazylister.

When I informed the crazylister staff of this, I did not get a response and was left hanging, without being able to publish my listing. I sent them screenshots and repeatedly told them that the problem was with their web site, not recognizing that my eBay account was already linked. I received no response. I think that the owners of this web site are in a european country as they do not respond during U.S. normal business hours.

I would have like to maintain a relationship with crazylister If only they would have resolved this simple issue so I could publish my listings from their site.
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Re: Crazylister Problems Unresolved
11 Apr 2016

Hey buddy!

Victor Levitin, CEO & founder of CrazyLister here.

First - My apologies for your experience!

I have checked the customer support logs, and can see that both myself and Meytal from our development department have been messaging you, offering to support you remotely via a screen share (Teamviewer).

No biggie! We must have missed each other somehow

Feel free to contact me directly with any issue via our customer support.
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