How to Build a Strong Business Foundation on Which to Expand

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How to Build a Strong Business Foundation on Which to Expand
16 May 2016
Four and a half years after the devastating terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, construction began on the magnificent structure that would replace them – One World Trade Center.

But during the first three years of construction there was a lot of negative publicity about the "lack of progress" on the project. Even public figures complained about the "big hole in the ground" in Lower Manhattan.

That’s because in order to support the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, the foundation had to be laid 110 feet below ground level. This required extensive drilling and digging. In fact, almost half of the construction on One World Trade Center was downward or foundational.

As an internet retailer you don’t work with concrete and steel, but you’re a builder just the same. Your plan is to construct a sustainable and profitable ecommerce business that will reward you handsomely for years to come.

And whether you’re a high-volume merchant already... or you have dreams of becoming one... the strength of your foundation will determine how "tall" you can grow.

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