Best eCommerce Product out there!

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Best eCommerce Product out there!
14 Jun 2016
I started using Wonder Lister about 5 months ago. I looked all over the marketplace to find something that would help me sell quickly and easily. While most other products on the market have the functionality, none of them compare to the speed at which Wonder Lister works.

When you sell on eBay as a full time profession, speed and efficiency are extremely important. Other software products on the market would take me more than 4 minutes to load a single page with about 1,000 of my listings. Wonder Lister does the same task in a few seconds.
The improvement in speed is actually shocking.. And after I started using Wonder Lister I just cant go back to other softwares because they are just so slow.

Another thing that has kept me using Wonder Lister is that they actually seem to be working on the software continuously. I feel like most software developers make a software and just sell that same version for years.. Making small and insignificant changes that don't improve the software at all. In just the 5 months I have been using Wonder Lister, different features keep getting added (price stays the same which is great). Its cool to see them actually taking an interest in what they sell and listening to their customers for feedback.. which really can't be said for so many other companies.

The only thing I am really waiting on them to do now is to implement Amazon as well. That would really help me take my business to new levels.
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