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Cloud Commerce Pro

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Joined: Sep 22, 2016
Re: Cloud Commerce Pro
5 Oct 2016
Hi, to be honest the list of issue are endless!
7 months down the line we still have no web site due to the data not being imported correctly and unfinished design work.
We have had items repriced lower without us knowing, orders sent to completely different address to what's on the eBay invoice.
It took 3 months to get the dispatching side set up due to a program they use called print watch.
We can't list on it we have been told to list on eBay then import the products into cloud cp which then involves more work because information is missing for the dispatching of the item when sold.
Inventory issues still not worked that one out!
It doesn't support intergrated labels which we where told it did when they came out to see us.
The serching within the program for past invoices is really bad it freezes all the time, it can't search by eBay Id which is very irritating, they do have a email center within the program but once again after many request this has never been set up.
I have refused to pay the full monthly fee until we can list and our web site is up but they refused and turned my system off on Monday morning, I had to pay them £120 for 1 weeks service and sign a disclaimer that I won't take them to court for my money back just to get my orders out this week!! I asked them yesterday how do I get my customer data out of cloud and their answer was you can't!!! Who wants a program where you don't have control over your own customer data!!!!
I could go on but I think enough said, hopefully I have found a great company which is plenty markets and there is no upfront fee and £90 per month! I will keep you posted on my progress with them but so far very good. I did also notice that cloud cp have no Facebook or Twitter site I wonder why lol!!!! Maybe one day they will get it right but at the moment it's definatly not fit for purpose and I have had 5 years of online selling software experiences.
Lancaster United Kingdom
Cloud Commerce Pro
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Re: Cloud Commerce Pro
6 Oct 2016
We are very disappointed to read some of the comments you have made as we do not feel they are a full and accurate reflection of what has happened. We do accept that everything didn’t go perfectly and we regret that, but the team at Cloud Commerce Pro care an awful lot about our customers and worked hard to rectify issues specific to your service.

We certainly agree you had printing issues but they were a compatibility issue with Printwatch and your hardware and they were resolved. Our team worked very hard to do this for you and also to work with you to investigate other issues you raised. Needless to say we strongly disagree with your comments about those other issues.

We are a very open company who actively encourage our customers to come and visit us so we can understand their business and to see if our system will work for them. Very few order management companies go to these lengths to ensure compatibility before the commencement of service.

Our customer setup process is designed to identify problems that may occur with customer data and third party hardware and for most customers it is a seamless process. I know Linda didn't find her experience to be like that but she is very definitely in a minority. We don’t get it right every time for sure but we aim to inform customers of problems and rectify them as soon as possible.

We do believe we are offering and building the most feature rich system on the market which can enhance multi channel ecommerce businesses and provide class leading solutions and we are truly sorry that Linda has left us and feels disappointed in our service and solution.
UK United Kingdom
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Re: Cloud Commerce Pro
8 Oct 2016
Personally there is not any tool that fits for all. I'd recommend to make a list of things that needs to be done and also list of existing tools that you like to integrate with. It is very simple way to getting the right tool but it works.
DaytodayeBay.Your one stop eBay and Amazon Solution Provider
Lancaster United Kingdom
Cloud Commerce Pro
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Joined: Jul 22, 2016
Re: Cloud Commerce Pro
10 Oct 2016
Hi @DayToDayEbay

I think you’re absolutely right, it is very difficult to find one solution that fits all and many times you need work with several tools. This is why our solutions are continually evolving around our customer’s needs. Our system is not the usual off-the-self solution and is bespoke to each customer.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Re: Cloud Commerce Pro
19 Oct 2016
Just to balance the debate here.
We use CCP and find them very helpful. Yes their product is not perfect, but we have worked with them to tailor the system to our needs which has resulted in excellent cost savings and efficiencies.
A little bit of patience and effort has resulted in us achieving what we needed. we are happy with CCP and believe them honorable and caring.

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