247Cloudhub an Incredible e-commerce solution!!

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247Cloudhub an Incredible e-commerce solution!!
26 Jul 2016
We have been using 247Cloudhub from 247 Commerce for a year now and it has really helped us improve our business with double the profit. The best thing the solution provides is accessing all your Marketplaces in a single platform. From Item Creation to orders processing it has helped me in everything which I need on a day to day basis. The repricing logic works on an algorithm basis and which is the best part in getting sales.
Every other solution has its Pro’s and Con’s but 247 Commerce has a unique way and has an eye for e-commerce. Sellers like me are getting benefited by using their solution in all aspects.
The prices are negotiable and we have been given the software with all the features enabled for a very best and competitive price which I never found in any other solution.
On boarding is the quickest thing happened and the item listing made easy which has kick-started using 247Cloudhub.
I initially had lots of inventory which was listed in a different solution and getting it live was a bit hassle and 247Commerce On boarding team has handled it very well and the listings were live within no item and all the hard work definitely paid off in the end.
The solution is designed in such a way that even a person who has zero knowledge in using any software application can use it and do magic which is very pleasing.
I will only be sticking to this solution as the support system is extraordinary and instant answer even in odd timing helped me get through in very difficult situations.
I thank 247 Commerce for improving my business in my hard time with a dedicated support all the way and I also wish them Luck!
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