Don't bother with their turnkey packages!

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Don't bother with their turnkey packages!
13 Sep 2016
I tried this company and opted for the Turnkey package. (And yes I was charge a fee for each supplier!) It instead turned out to be a nightmare. Products had been uploaded twice. I had picked two suppliers and then I found out one no longer deals with Canadian residences. As for my "turnkey" site, I had two dozen menu's which I had to condense. I was missing pictures and products and videos from my supplier. There was spelling errors in the descriptions of my products. When I complained about this they had bounced me from one support person to another all promising me to fix the issues on my site. Nothing was fixed properly. I then had the Manager contact me and reimbursed me promising to fix the on going issues. TWO MONTHS later all that was done was getting the items removed that had belonged to the one supplier who no longer dealt with Canadians. InventorySource at first wanted me to do the removing of products part! Noway I had said!
This is their idea of developing a "Turnkey site"!?!? I had canceled and ended this ongoing incompetence on their part. I ended up fixing all the issues and I know next to nothing about webpages. That should give you an idea how unprofessional this company is at turnkey sites! Stay away from them! And check your updates with your suppliers and make sure everything is in order. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did!!
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Re: Don't bother with their turnkey packages!
15 Sep 2016
I see you have found our listing on Web Retailer. As I mentioned on your Facebook review, I apologize we were unable to meet your exceptions over the weeks I worked with you personally.

Just to reiterate....

Our TurnKey Shopify Stores are loaded with all your supplier's products, pricing, images, categories, descriptions, and more. The product inventory and pricing is kept in sync daily removing any file upload or manual updating.

With your store, you can choose from a list of pre-integrated suppliers or work with your existing supplier. Customer's are required to have a reseller account with their supplier to be able to sell their products and should understand that not all products on the supplier's website are available for dropship. Customer's should also note that not all suppliers provide images for every single product they list and that is why we provide a filter tool that allows you to filter these products out from being loaded to your site.

We want to make sure expectations are clear with all our clients and this is why we provide demos and more information on the following link.

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