Is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website development?

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Is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website development?
22 Sep 2016
Magento is the best CMS for web development and eCommerce development. Other best thing is totally free - open source platform. But when compared to other CMS is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website Development?
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Re: Is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website developmen
27 Sep 2016
Yeah pretty sure but sometimes it depends on the website requirement and budget too.
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Re: Is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website developmen
1 Oct 2016

I would say not, as it depends on the requirements of the seller.

There are a number of totally free CMS available for people wanting to enter into e-commerce these days.

Several years ago you really did need a website developer / professional to help you build your website. I remember the days of FLASH intros that took several minutes to download only to display for a few seconds before you could enter the website. No altering your pages yourself, you had to pay a professional. Everybody did it, and developers / designers made mega money. (I also 'Remember days of skipping school. Racing cars and being cool'. Name the song !)

These days several systems such as Woo Commerce, Magento, PrestaShop etc offer near enough anybody the opportunity to build their own 'free' online selling platform.

Until recently, and to a point, each website appeared to be unique, but now if you look at a large number of websites they all tend to use a similar layout to each other. This is down to the template design of these systems. I know several web design companies that simply use and adapt free templates to the users needs.

This is not a bad thing as common layouts encourage 'familiarity' for the buyer. They can be made to feel 'at home' even on a website that they have never visited before.

If this is the case, and the front end appears to be the same, then it is definitely the back end system that is important to the seller. Reporting and analytics are important, but the ease of use and ability / speed to list products is possibly just as important to the average small to medium seller.
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Re: Is Magento the best CMS for eCommerce website developmen
14 Oct 2016
There isn't really something 'best' for one to use as CMS in eCommerce website development - it all depends on one's comfort to use these, as well as what features fit the user's/business owner's needs.

If you wanted to have better understanding about Magento though, I found UnderstandingE to be extremely helpful as they offer step by step tutorials to help you get set up with your online business.

Try to give their site a visit and let me know if it helps.

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