New Book on Market Research and Sourcing

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New Book on Market Research and Sourcing
28 May 2007
Jen Cano of HammerTap and Robin Cowie of have written a new book called eBay Performance! Selling Success with Market Research and Product Sourcing.

In the book, Cano and Cowie answer two of the most common questions for online merchants: "What should I sell?" and "Where can I get it?".

Here it is on and

Has anybody read it yet? Can you give some feedback on it?
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: New Book on Market Research and Sourcing
13 Apr 2015
Jen Cano & Robert Cowie have written an explicit, unique and very interesting and informative book
on Product Choice and Product Sourcing with all links in between. I've ordered it immediately even though I could only base my review on the Read Now part of the book for sale....very promising!

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