Front end great, Backend Accounting a Disaster

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Front end great, Backend Accounting a Disaster
15 Oct 2016
Front end great. Customer service people are wonderful. Inventory seems to work well. Wrote API's to interface with our 3PL warehouse that allows our orders to drop right into our 3PL's warehouse system then shipping costs and status of orders are automatically updated in our system. Brilliant.

The bad news is the Backend accounting functionality is a DISASTER and as much as the customer service team wants to help they are as baffled as us by the accounting system.

We had spent SO much time evaluating ERP's you just never really know until you are using it so I want to warn others. Do not plan on this being a viable replacement for quickbooks or any other accounting software. We are so disappointed in the extremely glitchy, backwards accounting system. We still can't get a correct income statement and we've had the system for 8 months! We cannot pay quarterly taxes correctly since we don't have correct numbers. As much as I love the front end we are looking at other options
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