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Snipe software - Bidnip

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Snipe software - Bidnip
3 Jun 2007
Have you got any info on, claimed as the No 1 snipe tool on the net? Thanks, Manny

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Re: Snipe software
3 Jun 2007
Hi, BidNip is not listed on our site.

BidNip's Alexa ranking of 220,000 is much lower than many sniping services (e.g. Auction Sniper) so I very much doubt they are the most popular sniping service.

Here are some stats on estimated sniping service sizes

You can snipe for free using software like JBidWatcher or a site like Gixen. More free snipers.

BTW, I edited your post title to make it clearer you were asking about BidNip

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