Easy to use, great TurboLister replacement

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Easy to use, great TurboLister replacement
20 Oct 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?
Was a great replacement for TurboLister, allowed me to list and manage my ebay sales on the go. Easy to use, and their profiles make listing MUCH easier, once i completed some profiles for the categories i list in on ebay, my listing time was cut in half (most of the time I spend now is image editing). I also like the some of the other automatic options, like feedback and emailing, and auto insure rules.

Could anything have been better? Templates are old, and only a few are actually mobile responsive. Like any software, they have had some bugs, but when major issues arise (at one point I could not post) they had it resolve and fixed in less than a hour.

How was the support? This was the best part, the support is great. The time I spoke to someone on the phone, they were clearly from the US (i.e. great English speaker).
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