Curious About Building Email List

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Curious About Building Email List
25 Oct 2016
I'm pretty new to online marketing, but i find it to be a challenge in which i am up for it. Just was curious about a few things,

  • Wanted to know if any of you ladies/gentlemen would mind giving me a little insight on how to grow your email list?

  • If using free advertisement is really helpful, or more of a thing that tends to be pointless?

  • For a newbie what would you recommend for instance are there any books you may have read, that have helped improve your traffic flow to your websites? Aside from paid advertisement of course i plan on working my way to purchasing that in the near future, I would be grateful for any help offered. Thanks and have a wonderful evening.
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    Re: Curious About Building Email List
    29 Nov 2016
    Whenever people get on your website, and if you happen to have a blogsite, you can always ask them to subscribe by having them enter their email. That is one way to capture their emails, of course given that you would not sabotage or sell it in any way.
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    Re: Curious About Building Email List
    30 Nov 2016

    There are many ways to grow your email list. You can get people to subscribe via your website, or you can even buy email lists tailored to your needs. Have a facebook page and give offers for those that subscribe. People increasingly do not want to hand over their details unless there is something in it for them.

    Buying email lists can give problems regarding validity and accuracy of your target audience.

    If you sell on Amazon and eBay, under no circumstances should you send your customers marketing emails from your own email account. This is one of the quickest ways to get banned.
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