Total Disaster Zone Since Forced Upgrade to New Version

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Total Disaster Zone Since Forced Upgrade to New Version
27 Oct 2016
We have been using Reply Manager for a few years and the product has always been good. It allows you to easily answer emails from multiple channels and it included all the features you needed to do that reliably. It was a simple system but beauty was in the simplicity as it worked reliably and did exactly what we needed.

Unfortunately we were recently forced to upgrade to a new V2. This was not option-able and the migration itself was handled extremely badly with various things not working after the change and no warning prior to the old version being switched off.

The new version is totally useless. They have basically taken away everything that was good about the old version by making a more complicated system, none of which works properly and they have also removed some of the key features of the old system. It really has been an absolute nightmare. Support has also been a nightmare to get hold of and I am yet to receive any type of meaningful replies from them. Their replies are generally of an infuriating nature which do not address the questions and show a total dis-regard for the chaos that these forced changes have caused for us. We now have a situation where staff are having to work over time and we have had to urgently revert back to other email solutions just to be able to ensure all our customers are responded to.

I could write pages and pages about how bad our experience has been but I will basically sum it up in saying they have forced us across to a new version of their product. The new version is useless and the service level has been non existent. It is like they wrote the book on how to take something perfectly good and totally destroy it.
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