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plentymarkets is an all in one, omni-channel ecommerce platform. To some in the UK plenty markets may not be a household name as it is in Germany, this shouldn’t put you off considering this as your ecommerce platform.  

My Experience

My experience with PlentyMarkets has been a pleasant one and still continues to surprise me. when i started using the platform i knew very little about coding and development of a ecommerce website. PlentyMarkets is easy to use and you will learn the ins and outs of the platform within a couple of months if not weeks. I found myself once or twice confused on how to execute certain features of my site, but the manual is always a good place to start as it has all the information you ever need to create your dream site. Recently they upgrade their dashboard for customers/users, the update is called Terra. Terra offers a fresh new take on the existing dashboard , which is clean, easy to navigate , robust and offers an endless list of features. By all means i found using the system a learning curve but in no time i found i was able to find everything i wanted to create and now class myself as a pro at using the system. Creating and developing sites using PlentyMarkets is an enjoyable task which only gets better with time.


PlentyMarkets offers two different price plans, PlentyMarkets ZERO and PlentyMarkets CLASSIC.

PlentyMarkets ZERO:
- A base fee of £0 which includes all modules and services PlentyMarkets has on offer plus hosting is included 
-Only charge is £0,10 per order
- Discounts added if your total monthly orders reaches £250

PlentyMarkets CLASSIC is a little different it offers 3 different plan (pricing showed per month based an annual packages:

Business Plan:
- £152,50/month



Customisable options available too!


As mentioned above hosting is included with all pricing plans of platform

Size of Business

I believe with the plans on offer PlentyMarkets has more than enough to offer to fit any business size. Its just a matter of configuring what you want and thats is. The set-up process is easy and excellent customer service or technical help isn’t far either.

Ease of Use

PlentyMarkets is very easy to use and can be learnt by anyone even a novice to web design/ developing. The set-up process is simple and the customisation can take a while if your new to commerce platforms but its not something you will spend years trying to figure out, more like a couple months. Therefore your store and brand can hit the market quicker. 

Each user is given a template to start from, you don’t have to use this but i always feel this is a good starting point. The reason why i think its best to start with the template because its made to be responsive from the word go! Each element of the website is spilt in separate categories so you never have to worry about massive documents of code to handle.


full feature list can be found at:

User Manual/ Web Design 

PlentyMarkets offers a user manual to all its customer through its website. This manual link should be bookmarked as anything you want to achieve within the system can be found in there. The platform has endless possibilities. With basic Bootstrap,Html and CSS code you can create a website that will easily compete with the market leaders. 

Customer and Technical Support

PlentyMarkets support is really something to admire. They support they offer is friendly and they are always prompt to solve any problems you may have. At the most you may have to wait 24 hours for a response.

This is a platform which will surprise you from the get go.However don't take my word for it, click the link below ,and enter a ecommerce world filled with endless opportunities and creative output. 
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