Will OnBuy be the Holy Grail for UK sellers ? (Part III)

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Will OnBuy be the Holy Grail for UK sellers ? (Part III)
28 Feb 2017
After my previous post about OnBuy and a posting on the Linnworks forum I received an email from Cas Paton the MD of OnBuy outlining concerns he had about me being so negative about OnBuy. I was not exactly being negative, merely pointing out the promises that had previously been made and not kept from this (forever up and coming) marketplace.

Anyway, they have now decided that £49 per month is not going to be the 'minimum' package, and you can now sign up for free and just pay a 6% commission on sales (+Skrill fees) which makes them very competitive when compared to other marketplaces.

They claim to have several major retailers signed up, as well as proposed major advertising in the next couple of months. As it is now 'free' until we make a sale we may well take a punt on this new channel. They do claim that they will be taking 'a healthy slice of Amazon's marketshare over the next three years' although as they will not be offering fulfillment I would have thought that eBay would have been the target.

Anyway, we are going to sign up, despite Linnworks not planning on providing an integration in the near future, and will let you all know how the latest and greatest in UK marketplaces gets on.
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