Shopify newbie needs a little advice with apps

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Shopify newbie needs a little advice with apps
17 Mar 2017
Started my own store recently and now looking for some apps to enhance it. Of course started from digging through a ton of "Top *any number here* apps for your super-duper Shopify store" lists on Google.
There are some decent lists like this one:
But most of them look like a sheer ad, so I, frankly, doubt their relevance and transparency (and aforementioned too, as it is a blog of some ERP).
Anyway, my question is about some proper inventory and automated invoices creation apps. Could you please suggest some and share some experience about handling product variants.
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Re: Shopify newbie needs a little advice with apps
20 Mar 2017
@ninawurst1 Hi consider browsing Shopify app store and simply select the apps within the category you're interested in, and then sort the apps by the score number. Pick 1-2, start with free ones, if you like them, stick to them, if not move on. That's how I usually do my apps research
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Re: Shopify newbie needs a little advice with apps
22 Mar 2017

Shopify apps can be a minefield. Find ones that have good reviews and / or offer a free trial of 14 days or more. This gives you time to honestly evaluate them yourself without a huge financial commitment, just your time to implement them. (Shopify have their own free app for invoice creation.)

If you are selling on Shopify and other channels, it may be worth a look at using some inventory management software such as Linnworks that keep your inventory updated and can produce invoices.

What do you need to know about product variants ?
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