If I could negative stars, I would give negative a billion

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If I could negative stars, I would give negative a billion
3 Apr 2017
Beware of this company. I have literally spent $8k and four months and I am still not on a single marketplace yet. My project manager is so incompetent that I wonder how she even gets herself dressed in the morning. Every time we have a conference call for her to review the work she has completed for me, it turns into nothing being done and her needing me to explain yet again what my requirements are. I have literally had this same conference call three times reviewing the same requirements (and none of the requirements are that complicated).

I have complained to management and they turned it around on me saying she is waiting on deliverables that I wasn't providing. They refuse to take responsibility for anything they have done. It is apparently my fault that they gave me an incompetent project manager.

I feel that they are dragging this along on purpose. I am paying a monthly fee even though I am not actually live yet. I am not seeing any return on my investment.

If I could get out of my contract I would. I would advise you to avoid this company at all costs.
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Re: If I could negative stars, I would give negative a billi
7 Apr 2017
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