A must have tool for the E-commerce Seller

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A must have tool for the E-commerce Seller
11 Apr 2017
I have been using Linnworks now for many years and its not just a great order management platform but it has also proven to be a value tool for performing many labouring tasks such as the many changes Ebay have recently introduced to compile with their rules. Rather than having to edit listing after listing Linnworks helps to manage all the effort after a few template edits and a few clicks of a button. The other thing i love about Linnworks is its support and the way it is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever changing future of the ecommerce world. For example when a new marketplace or marketplace feature is introduced Linnworks is there in a heartbeat to cater for its customers. To sum it all up it makes my life easier to get on with growing the business, at first i though it was a cost i could do without paying and i could continue manually printing all my invoices, labels, updating stock and so on but now after year of getting to know the product and its many uses other than the previously mentioned it is invaluable to me
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