Sorry not worth it

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Sorry not worth it
22 Apr 2017
Sorry, but this app was a time waster for me. I signed up for the free 10 day trial, and executed numerous scans of varying types across a large number of stores, including Amazon to Amazon flips, and did everything as specified in various instructional videos. Did not find a single product. Oh you'll find some that look like opportunities, but when you go into the product page of the store, it will show out of stock. There are also a ton of mismatches, where UPC codes on one site do not match Amazon. I'm sure there are some pockets of opportunity, but guess what- those are all closely guarded secrets that will never be shared, that you may or may not find after spending countless hours pulling your hair out. You'll find tons of videos that show you how to execute searches, but the searches or variations of those searches don't produce anything worthwhile. This is unfortunately like most areas of online retail nowadays- completely saturated, with only a small handful of people that know where the opportunities exist, most likely the guy that wrote the program and the couple of affiliate people that advertise his product. On an ending note, I found one last youtube video that I thought would be promising, where someone was trying to prove to the skeptics that the product works. So he did a scan of Toys R Us using a few different categories. When he went through the results, the first 9 items that showed profit were all out of stock at Toys R Us online. Then he found one that was out of stock on the website, but showed 1 unit available at one of their stores 10 miles away from him, and he then said "see, there is one hit". Then the video ended. Really?? You count having to drive 10 miles to their store to purchase 1 unit that showed a $6 profit a hit?? Sorry, need to do much better than that.

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Re: Sorry not worth it
27 Apr 2017

I'm going to agree with you on all points here. Very hard to sort through the mismatched results here.

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Re: Sorry not worth it
27 Apr 2017
Thanks for your posts.

A few people have raised the issue of bursts of positive reviews so I have started a new discussion specifically on it:

I've removed your comments about reviews from your posts here, in line with our policy (explained in detail in the post linked above).

In summary, we think it's unfair to question the authenticity of a review based just on what you can see publicly. We have more data behind the scenes and are in a better position to investigate suspicious reviews if they are reported using the link provided.
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