Reviews are true, its as bad as they claim.

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Reviews are true, its as bad as they claim.
8 May 2017
We were skeptical with all the bad reviews, high price, and long term commitment, and it turns out we had every right to be. They claimed the new data audit process was put in place to prevent the issues seen in the past reviews. We sell on 10 different marketplaces, submitted a flat file for each of those for a data audit, they claimed that it was all compatible and good to go. We were still skeptical so spoke to one of their engineers, they said "if you can do it on the marketplace, you can do it on Channel Advisor". This is not true. Some of the issues:

No group by features can be done on Newegg through channel advisor. This was on the data submitted for the data audit. The work around is to create products first in newegg, newegg business, and newegg canada before adding them to channel advisor.

BigCommerce Product options are limited to 4 channel advisor, we have 4+ on most of our products. Again, this was on the data submitted for the audit, and we asked the engineer with assurance this would work. The work around is adding and updating directly through bigcommerce every time we do a price update on a product option. We got this service becase we do price updates daily, this is killing our man hours.

Bigcommerce allows customers to send data to google shopping as part of their low priced plan however the data required to do this is not supported by bicommerce template on channel advisor. This was also on the data audit. In order to do this, you have to sign up for channel advisor digital marketing package at $1200/per month on top of what we already pay. We pay $400/month of Bigcommerce enterprise plan which includes this service.... The work around is to upload the data directly to bigcommerce and by pass channel advisor for aproducts to be sent to google shopping.

I could go on and on.

Technical support is horrible. There's no contact phone number or chat, only email submission. When they reply, they are quick to misidentify the issue problem and tell you to wait it out. Once they realize thats not the problem, its escalated to engineering with no ETA on a resolution. The newegg and bigcommerce issue i mentioned above, engineering has been working on it for 4 months now with no solution so far. Amazon repricer is not working, 2 weeks and counting with no solution thus far. Before we signed up I was told there was live chat and phone support available, the live chat option is false. When I asked my account managers supervisor about it, they claimed they stopped it soon after we signed up although i found reviews claiming no live chat option months before we signed up. I was then "upgraded" to phone support which required me to leave a message rather than talk to a person.

The good was our launch training, our trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable. The short comings at channel advisor were out of her control.

During the sign up process, the account manager, was quick to reply, give assurance, brought her manager on the phone to give additional assurance. But after we signed up, I have to send 1-2 follow up emails over the course of 7 days to get a response from my initial email.

The justification for spending $30K + a year for this service was to increase efficiency and ultimately save man hours. We are canceling our service, and cutting our losses, to hire someone fulltime to do the job they were supposed to do.

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