Buggy system for over a year no progress to fix it

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Buggy system for over a year no progress to fix it
8 May 2017
There system is old and buggy.

After switching to Ecomdash after 13 months with Solid Commerce I feel a large weight lifted off my business.

Weeks in there was a bug that wouldn't switch warehouses once one warehouse ran out of a product it just went to 0 even though other warehouses had the product. After months of having them blame me they finally admitted it was their issue, however 8 months later still not fixed.

The navigation of the site is very slow and many clicks to do simple tasks.

I do love the way they have an excel tool built in and can edit with excel very easily, but also cannot delete things in mass with excel.

Also a big problem is their repricer doesn't get amazon fees correct.

My reps phone always went straight to voicemail never was able to call him after the sale.

Also the feed import automated setup is handled all by them so you need to wait weeks in case one of your suppliers feeds changes or as in my case their system just stops processing their file or errors out constantly.

Then there is when I go to cancel they have a clause in their agreement that they need 30 days notice to cancel so I canceled 1 week from the end of the month still have to pay for the next month. Which I'm ok with I agreed to it but seems like a good way to have a really bad parting. Before them enacting their 30 day cancel clause I would of gave them another chance if they seemed to of worked on their software.

In short
Bad support (they answer calls and email just never fix anything)
Costs (wanted an extra $795 just to add Walmart and another % of walmart sales too.)
Buggy system
Old slow system too many clicks
Wrong Amazon fee calculations
Actually put an ad in the bottom my eBay listings (took it out when I asked)
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