Rebranding from LA WMS to Logiwa

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Rebranding from LA WMS to Logiwa
23 May 2017

Rebranding from LA WMS to Logiwa

We are happy to announce our rebranding. We will continue to offer our product and services with Logiwa brand.

In order to create a better buzz in the market, we changed our product brand from LA WMS to Logiwa. We believe that Logiwa is a great reflection of our state-of-the-art product.

The product is exactly the same, what changed is only the name. Our website is also changed to Our great product and team will continue to serve your business as always.

Start managing your inventory right away through the easy and effortless setup. Logiwa offers exactly what e-commerce and retail needs – nothing more, nothing less.


LA Software / Logiwa Team

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