Does anyone use WooCommerce?

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Does anyone use WooCommerce?
7 Jul 2017
Hey guys, hope you are all well.

Last week I got a bill from WooCommerce kindly letting me know I was due to pay $10,000+ for the extensions I own. At first I thought it was an accounting mistake, turned out it wasn't and they had just doubled their renewal prices (without telling anyone). I thought that was pretty nice of them (Yeah right! **sarcasm**). So anyway, I paid the price and will continue to do so (I need my updates!!!), but I am now giving all of my extensions away for free in protest.

Visit the site below and go download them. Everything has been released under the GPL license. It's the exact code from the official store.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section below. I have had a few cease and desists and been threatened with legal action, so grab them whilst you can.

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