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How to Design Locations and Racks in your Retail Warehouse?

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How to Design Locations and Racks in your Retail Warehouse?
15 Aug 2017
Design a Warehouse Location System for Small Business Retail

Locations or addresses are the main components of a successful warehouse location system. Locations shape physical processes and provide easy access to inventory in the warehouse. The locations should be very clear to operators when they see the location codes on the mobile devices or paper tickets.

How to code your inventory location system

There is no perfect coding system for inventory locations. I will try to explain a simple methodology which I use for small business retail warehouses.

Location codes consist of three fundamental elements; sector, column, and level. (Some warehouses have only one level of locations). Sector, column (bay) and level codes can be made of numbers, letters or both. (A for first level and B for second level etc.) Letter and number combination is most commonly used in defining sector codes.

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