My Top 15 Predictions For 2018

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My Top 15 Predictions For 2018
6 Dec 2017
Early December may be a bit early to predict what will happen in 2018, but here are my predictions. Some, as you can tell, are a little bit 'tongue in cheek'.

1. Amazon will commence drone deliveries in the UK, the first being some dog food for the corgis at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately Buckingham Palace is a no fly zone and the drone gets shot down by the RAF.

2. eBay decides that all individual products on a multi variation listing should have there own MPN as well as individual EAN / UPC resulting in many hours work for sellers.

3. A new marketplace is launched to great fanfare, promising to offer a serious alternative to the existing marketplaces.

4. After the Buckingham Palace incident, Amazon refund Her Majesty The Queen at the sellers expense, charging the seller for the drone and suspending them in the process as the dog food did not pass the new drop test as specified in the T&C's for 'Dog Food By Drone'.

5. Governments worldwide decide that they will now ensure that all sellers pay VAT / import tax based on the country of delivery. Chinese sellers say they can't be bothered to pay !

6. Seller involved in Buckingham Palace drone incident appeals Amazon decision and is then charged for two AIM 9 Sidewinder missiles.

7. New marketplace closes down due to lack of interest but promises to come back soon.

8. UK Government reduces business rates to enable new businesses to set up in deserted city centres. Amazon buys city centre buildings for car parking / drone parking. Amazon offers new service where customers can order in store and have their order delivered for when they get home.

9. Amazon buys Shopify.

10. After an internal revue, eBay decides that they are still the best platform to sell on, but have shut down. The lack of buyers and sellers did not help.

11. Amazon drone deliveries have now resumed, in a way. The RAF have been bought out by Amazon, so expect your delivery by parachute from a Hercules. It will probably be the same as having your parcel thrown over the back fence by a courier anyway.

12. eBay relaunches as a catalogue type system similar to Amazon.

13. Amazon goes to court with eBay stating that they are copying their intellectual property. Amazon end up buying eBay for a pound.

14. A new marketplace is launched to great fanfare, promising to offer a serious alternative to the existing marketplace.

15. Amazon takes the new marketplace to court as online selling is their copyright.

Just my view on things !!!!

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