Your Listing Design Is Not Yours. They Are Crazy Listers

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Your Listing Design Is Not Yours. They Are Crazy Listers
25 Dec 2017
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After signing for a year & listing many items using their product we decided not to renew the subscription.

Crazy Lister put a BIG red ugly banner at the top of the every item listing saying " Subscription Expired" & a small logo at the bottom of all the listings done with their product.

The fix was to edit the HTML links out of every listing or rewrite the listing.

If you use this product keep this in mind if you plan to cancel.

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Re: Your Listing Design Is Not Yours. They Are Crazy Listers
4 Jan 2018
Hey @simimike , thanks for the review! We take all kinds of feedback very seriously as we want to make sure that our users get the best and most honest experience with us!
When subscribing to CrazyLister, you are paying for the use of the software and templates. If you come to a point where you decide to cancel your subscription, you are no longer paying for the use of CrazyLister software or templates.
Some sellers prefer to go to a graphic designer and pay big bucks for a template they can own, but in that case you cannot edit the template as many times as you could in CrazyLister. The route you take to get your templates really depend on what your needs and priorities are.
I hope this clarifies things and I apologize if this was not clear from the start for you!
Should you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team through our online chat or by email at
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