Do you really want to risk your business?

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Do you really want to risk your business?
4 Jan 2018
It's been 13 months..good sales pitch, mentioned corporates like Argos etc...promised that I could stop using a brilliant messaging system that I was using ( just today I have signed up with them again) ,had numerous calls for the deposit ....2016 Christmas was promised an all singing and dancing system...2017 Christmas same promises....and the story goes on. Do agree 2 -3 months could be attributed down to us , however after 13 months I am told that because we use G Suite we cannot send messages to our customers...we used G suite initially and suddenly doesn't work.We spend close to 2 hours a day talking/email diff people at Cloud commerce as we are told it is " EXPERTS' who need to address the numerous bugs that the system has ..all minor bugs which contributes to the product being ineffective. I have just subscribed to Cloud Commerce 's competitor product for messaging, have had to buy a second domain name , have had to migrate my mail to microsoft,all adding up my direct costs besides the indirect costs - people time, phone calls etc. In short, based on my experience and the reviews - the company may be good at building websites ( most reviews rate them high for web site build) , on the product side ( Cloud Commerce Pro) i feel they lack a good product team and project management team . People are good at Cloudcommerce but as I mentioned in my email to them..people at cloud com are only good as long as technology is good ..Cloud Commerce please get your act together and sort the bugs, I want a fully working system. Even if I was to build a system for myself bespoke it would not take 13 months!
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