A pain to get set up, 100% worth it in the end

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A pain to get set up, 100% worth it in the end
12 Jan 2018
Cloud Commerce Pro is an expensive software to get installed. £2,000 pound set up fee and months of back and forth sorting out little technical issue in the set up process. It meant we had to run two different back office programmes for about 6 months, very costly indeed

Now it is finally over, I can say it is the best decision our company has ever made. It saves hours a day in adminstration, and we are not even using all the features yet. The monthly subscription fee is a fraction of what the others are charging as well.

The reason the setup takes so long is becuase it requires a large amount of data about the products. Once you have all the information on the system, it will save you hours a day despatching orders and creating purchase orders with suppliers.

I would recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to anybody looking to grow a large online retail busines. They listen to your suggestions about how to improve the software, and come out with weekly updates.

1 Criticism: the repricer is very basic. I would keep using a standard repricer software.

If you are reading this CCP, keep up the good work
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