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Only Interested in Sales
30 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
Product is great had a set back due to Hurricane in TX and ask if I could use the offer the sent out for 30% off.
I was told straight up it was only for new client and we don't care. Did I say I have been paying $150 per mouth for the 40 product I sell for 3 years.
Well sorry they just I was asking for a discount for one mouth to help me out. No your not a new client. Really

Could anything have been better?
Product is good very good ...

How was the support?
The client service manager is a D B. Lets see how his New York hipsters lets see how you would feel is his business we drowned. D and big bag.I spend $5400 to prompts 40 product over three year you cant help me out just once!
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