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eBay Completed Items Archiver - Is there such a tool?

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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eBay Completed Items Archiver - Is there such a tool?
12 Nov 2008

Has anyone come across an application (or service) which can query eBay's Completed Items and archive sale-price data to a spreadsheet or database?

The items I sell (and wish to research) have a fairly wide degree of variation in spec. and they're never new, so condition varies wildly too. With this in mind such an app or service would ideally offer-up its results to me so I could skim down and dismiss any irrelevant (wildly out of spec or in terrible condition etc.) auctions, so as not to skew any average selling price calculations it might go on provide.

I've looked into page-scraping software and dismissed it through lack of time more than anything else. Also the full-on eBay / Terepeak offering is far too feature-heavy. I'm really just after a search & archive system for completed sale prices of items similar to the ones I sell.

Thanks in advance.

Herts, England United Kingdom
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Re: eBay Completed Items Archiver - Is there such a tool?
12 Nov 2008
Hello Steve, and welcome

Take a look at Munnin and AuctionIntelligence.

Munnin is mainly a searching application but will archive auctions, AuctionIntelligence is a more full-featured research tool.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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