AuctionSplash will not launch

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AuctionSplash will not launch
25 Dec 2008
Hello all, I just installed this software and after a few days it stoped working. When I click on the desk top icon to open it it gives me the box saying that it is verifiying application requirements but it never opens.

I was using if fine for about 1 week.

I know it's free so maybe the developer stopped supporting it.


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Re: AuctionSplash will not launch
5 Jan 2009
Hi Steve

The best place to try is the AuctionSplash website itself -
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: AuctionSplash will not launch
27 Jan 2009

I'm Sophie from AuctionSplash. Rest assured we're still here

Steve - have you checked your system tray? AuctionSplash is a non-invasive program which constantly monitors your eBay activities so you don't have to. If AuctionSplash is already running it will not open an additional program, check for the icon in the system tray to know for sure. If that isn't the case please do get in touch.

As Andy says, we have a dedicated support team, just check out our website ( or feel free to drop me a mail (



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