Amazon Suspensions Roundup: How to Avoid Bans or Get Reinstated

Amazon suspensions roundup

One of the most popular topics on Web Retailer is being banned from selling on Amazon.

It’s an emotional experience. One seller described his state in the day he found out he was suspended as, “confused, destroyed, anger, sadness, extreme worry”. Bans are an everyday occurrence for Amazon’s Seller Performance team, but they’re a gut-wrenching experience for the sellers who go through them.

In this roundup we cover everything you need to know about Amazon suspensions, from a blow-by-blow account of one seller’s suspension, to detailed advice about how to find out why you were suspended and put together a successful appeal.

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Decipher Your Suspension and Write a Compelling Appeal

Suspended from selling on Amazon? Here’s how to decipher why you were banned, structure your appeal letter, and escalate your appeal if all else fails.

Appealing to Amazon - Sorry

Thousands of sellers are suspended each month. Amazon has an entire team reading appeals.

800lb Gorilla: The Dangers of Selling on Amazon

There are big risks to using Amazon as your only selling channel. Here are some ways to beat the 800lb gorilla.

800lb Gorilla Amazon

It’s very dangerous to put all your eggs in the Amazon basket.

Amazon Making Sellers Squeal on Product Review Abusers

Amazon is cracking down on product review abuse. Sellers who have taken advantage in the past may be warned or suspended, and even asked to name names. This post was written before Amazon banned incentivized reviews.

Amazon Product Review Abuse

Amazon reserves the right to change their minds and reverse course on a dime.

Protecting Your Amazon Business: Tips From an Insider

Selling on Amazon can be tricky. Knowledge about Amazon’s policies and violations, and strategies for preventing suspension, can help save your business.

Protecting Your Amazon Business

Amazon has very little patience for sellers that offer poor shopping experiences.

Amazon Suspension Plan of Action (POA): Do’s and Don’ts

The do’s and don’ts of getting your suspended Amazon account reinstated with a Plan of Action (POA).

Amazon Suspension Plan of Action

Lay out an actual case that motivates Amazon to reinstate your account.

The Definitive Guide To Avoiding Amazon Suspension

Infographic with ten steps to take towards ensuring that your account remains in good standing with Amazon.

The Definitive Guide To Avoiding Amazon Suspension

Many sellers run their businesses without a proper understanding of the procedures needed.

Amazon Account Suspensions: Myths and Facts

Chris McCabe highlights four common misconceptions about Amazon suspensions. Here’s why they really happen and what sellers can do about it.

Amazon Suspension Myths

Every buyer complaint is assessed in either automated or manual fashion.

How Suspension Crashed My Amazon Sales From $50K To Zero

In eight months James Amazio built a $50,000 a month business selling private label products on Amazon. He lost it overnight, and never found out why.

Car Crash

I was totally white-hat… no fake sales, no fake reviews, nothing.


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