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The Definitive Guide To Avoiding Amazon Suspension

The Definitive Guide To Avoiding Amazon Suspension

This infographic is by Chris McCabe and The PROSPER Association.

Chris McCabe is a former member of Seller Performance, Amazon’s team responsible for monitoring and regulating the Amazon third-party marketplaces. He has seen many sellers run their businesses without a proper understanding of the rules and procedures needed to maintain a highly-disciplined, clean operation.

In this infographic you can read about specific steps to take towards ensuring that your account remains in good standing with Amazon.

  1. Your Amazon business is your responsibility.
  2. Manage towards a clean bill of account health.
  3. Move products into FBA.
  4. Know each of your suppliers well.
  5. Keep track of all of your sourcing documentation.
  6. Be careful of commingled inventory.
  7. Request and monitor customer feedback.
  8. Cross-train your warehouse staff.
  9. Read all emails Amazon sends you.
  10. No funny business, ever.

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Top 10 Private Label Landmines for Amazon Sellers

Private Label Landmines

Imagine owning your own successful line of private label products on Amazon: high customer demand, no direct competition, ability to set your own prices easily, and larger than usual margins.

What’s not to like about this arrangement?

Nirvana for any seller obviously. It sure beats the challenges of procuring national branded products that millions of other sellers are fighting you to source.

However while building your own private label brand has appeal for lots of reasons, going alone to build a private label product business is rampant with risk: the hidden costs of private-label product sourcing must be clearly understood by anyone considering this approach. We want to instil informed confidence in you to build a private label business properly.

The top 10 landmines for Amazon private label sellers are in the infographic below.

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The Seller’s Guide to Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products

Getting your products noticed in Amazon’s crowded marketplace is a challenge. The Sponsored Products advertising program gets your products in front of more Amazon customers.

Here are 5 key principles to grow your business through Amazon’s Sponsored Products advertising program, whether you want to launch a new product, generate greater awareness for existing products, drive more traffic during seasonal promotions or protect a brand against competitors.

  1. Set your advertising goals
  2. Assess your competition’s advertising strategy
  3. Create campaigns by grouping similar product
  4. Use a mix of automatic and manual keyword targeting
  5. Analyze and optimize performance

More in the infographic below.

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The Top 10 Online Shopping Days Worldwide

Top 10 international e-commerce events - infographic

Valentine’s day is the first major ecommerce event of the year, but do you know how it varies around the world? Here’s some facts that might surprise you:

  • Nine million Americans buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets, generating £227m of sales.
  • In Britain, flowers are more popular gift than chocolates – in the USA, it’s the other way around.
  • In Finland it’s called Ystävänpäivä meaning “Friend’s Day”. It’s about celebrating friends rather than romantic partners.
  • In Japan, a 1950s ad campaign started a trend for women to give chocolates on Valentine’s day. Giving the right amount of chocolate to each person is crucial.
  • Singaporeans are the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day, with 60% spending between $100 and $500 on gifts.
  • In South Korean, women give men chocolate on February 14 and men give women a gift on March 14. Those who don’t get anything celebrate their loneliness by eating black noodles on Black Day, April 14th!

On that note, we’ve put together an infographic and free PDF download with Open to Export on the most important online shopping days – gift-giving holidays and sale events – around the world, and how to make the most of them in your business!

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