Getting Seen on eBay: 18 Tips for Cracking the Cassini Search Engine

eBay Cassini Search Engine

This post is by Carlo Silva, co-founder of 2nd Office. It was first published on Carlo’s blog Multi-channel Selling.

Are you having trouble with eBay’s Cassini search engine?

Are you one of those eBay sellers who used to sell a ton on eBay and when they released the Cassini search engine your sales dropped out of nowhere? Well you aren’t the only one! In this post I’ll be giving you 18 tips to help YOU dominate your competition and eBay’s search engine so you can get your sales back on track.

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What exactly is Cassini?

Cassini is eBay’s new search engine that was rolled out in 2013. If you have been an old school eBay seller and your sales have never been the same since then, you probably have not changed your listing style to accommodate the needs of Cassini.

Remember the days when you could flood eBay’s search with multiple listings with different keywords in the title? Or how sellers would make 10 different listings of the same product with different titles and they would dominate the search results? Well with Cassini and eBay’s duplicate listing policies, those days are long gone and I’m sure you’ve noticed that already. I mention this because I have regular chats with old school eBay sellers about the old tactics people used, but no longer work due to Cassini and eBay’s new listing policies.

I won’t go in-depth into Cassini, because you can find more info about it here direct from the source written by Hugh Williams who was VP of Search at eBay.

How the Cassini Search Engine works

Before I give you any tips you need to know how Cassini operates. I’ll be sharing a video that will help you understand how the Cassini search engine works. Please watch this video by Todd Alexander before reading my tips, as the video will help you understand my tips better so you can execute your new listing strategy! Please don’t forget to write your own notes down. I’m a big believer of the best way of learning is doing, so there’s a reason I didn’t summarize the video in writing for you.

This video was recorded from the PeSA Internet conference in Australia, May 2013. The event is hosted by Phil Leahy and held once a year in May at the Gold Coast in Australia. The event consists of 3 days of workshops and seminars from some of the top people in the ecommerce industry. It’s definitely a conference you do not want to miss out on. I attended last year and I highly recommend you do as well. If you’re not able to make it out to Australia, they have one every year in August at Las Vegas, Nevada. The US event is called Think Global Retail, for more information go to

Nathan Huppatz

eBay’s search algorithm has come along way in the past few years. Not long ago it was much easier for eBay sellers to “game” the system as the eBay search wasn’t all that intelligent. PeSA has plenty of discussions with eBay about search and it’s impact on sellers, and there is ongoing activity to refine, fix and improve results for buyers.

From a personal perspective we have begun to see the benefits of having good stock levels at a good price and offering. It seems to take some time to establish good best match in competitive categories, but also seems to give visibility to smaller sellers to get a foot in the door and move some product too.
Nathan Huppatz, Co-Founder and PeSA Board Member

Cassini is all about the buyer and how much value you can offer the buyer as a seller. Previously, it was very easy to manipulate eBay’s search engine by flooding listings, but this is no longer the case. You need to give the buyer what Cassini thinks they want. If you want to know more, watch the video above and write your own notes down. This will give you a better understanding of the search engine so it sticks to that entrepreneurial brain of yours ;)

Okay, so have you watched the video and taken your own notes down? I trust you have, so now for the…*Drum roll please*

Drum Roll

Cassini Search Engine Tips

Okay, so now that you have a background on Cassini lets get on with the tips!

1. Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords

The maximum character count for eBay titles is 80 characters, be sure to pack the title with relevant keywords for your listing and to maximize the character count. By relevant, I mean use specific keywords and not broad keywords. To make it easy, I will use the same example that was used in the video above (fast fwd to 11:42 in the video).

If you’re listing a packet of seeds for sale on eBay, you wouldn’t want to use broad keywords like “Garden, planting, outdoor”. This may get you more views, but it will hurt your buyer engagement because people are looking for seeds not “garden, planting or outdoor”. Lower buyer engagement means your eBay listing will get pushed down the search results. Targeted keywords = higher buyer engagement which will result in higher rankings in search

Software I can highly recommend for building eBay titles is Terapeak. Not only does it build titles, but it also helps you find who the top sellers are in your category, a seller’s sell-through rate, and you can even find out your competition’s top selling products! Stop selling blind on eBay, do yourself a favor and try Terapeak out today for free!

Aron Hsiao

Before Cassini, sellers built listing titles that matched as many searches as possible. After Cassini, this is a bad idea. Cassini uses sales performance, not just keywords, to decide which listings to show – so having very visible listings can quickly hurt you if you don’t turn these impressions into sales. Now it’s much more critical that you’re seen by shoppers who will buy what you’re selling.
Aron Hsiao, Marketing Communications Manager, Terapeak

2. List using GTC (Good Till Cancelled) with a twist

You should list using GTC to retain sales history. The more sales and watchers a listing has, the higher it will go up in search. This means that your listing has good buyer engagement. The twist is, what about listings with no sales after 30 days? You need to END these listings and re-list them! Why? Because it will re-index the listing and wipe the previous history of bad buyer engagement. Once re-listed, your listing will show up as a “new listing” and be on top of search. If the listing gets good buyer engagement, it will stay up at the top. If it gets bad buyer engagement, it will be pushed down in search. So make it a habit to always end and re-list items with no sales after 30 days.

3. Out Of Stock Inventory Control and scarcity

eBay has a featured called “Out of Stock Inventory Control”. Basically, this feature prevents your listing from ending even though there’s no stock available. So if you have a sales history for example of 100 items sold and you run out of stock, previously your listing will just end automatically and you will lose all of your sales history. Now, with Out of Stock Inventory Control the listing will say “out of stock” instead of automatically ending, thus retaining your sales history. This feature is available in most 3rd party listing software. You can find more information about the feature here and eBay’s official announcement here.

Scarcity Tip – Scarcity gets customers to buy your product. A good strategy that can be combined with out of stock inventory control is what I like to call the “scarcity trick” Basically, you will use your 3rd party listing software or an app like Quantity Manager to control the stock that’s shown on eBay. We can use this app to make your listings always display “1” and make customers think you only have 1 in stock left, but in reality you could have hundreds.

How to do this?

Step 1: Setup your 3rd party listing software or application to always display “1” in stock and turn on “out of stock inventory control” Please note that this method will vary depending on your listing software. You can also turn on out of stock inventory control directly in eBay if you aren’t using a 3rd party listing software. See this article for reference.

eBay Out of Stock Inventory Control Settings

After you have all your settings in place your listings should look similar to image below. It might look different depending on which eBay country site you’re listing on. This example is from

eBay listing Scarcity

4. Offer the most value for your listing to stay competitive

  • Free shipping – Offer free shipping on all your domestic listings, eBay will give you a boost in search.
  • Offer additional shipping methods – like express, local pick-up and international shipping. Use global shipping if applicable to your category.
  • 30 day return policy – Offer a 30 day return policy to earn your buyers trust and to help increase conversions.
  • Best price – Buyers are always looking for the best price, if you have the highest price and you have other competitors with similar seller ratings and polices, the most likely you will lose the sale. You need to stay competitive by offering the same or better pricing.

Pro tip: You can use software called Price Spectre to auto re-price your products to help you beat your competition. This is very useful if you have hundreds of products. It also enables you to re-price against Amazon products.

Andy Geldman

Don’t try to cheat the system! The goal of Cassini is to give high rankings to the best listings for buyers, and eBay judges that from the sales history. Listings that don’t convert will not climb the rankings. So create your listings for buyers first, not the search engine, and stay clear of manipulative “black hat” tactics like adding keywords for unrelated products.
Andy Geldman, Founder, Web Retailer

5. Create a sale

Using Markdown Manager you can create sales on a store category or per product level. Buyers love sales and will entice them to buy something if they see its on sale. This will also help increase buyer engagement.

NOTE: Sellers who have been approved in the strike-through program will have the option to use “strike-through pricing”. I suggest you use strike-through all the time if you’re able. Strike through pricing is only available to larger sellers and you must seek approval for it.

Brett Rush

eBay detects when you re-list an item at a discounted price from the previous listing when you’re not using GTC (Good ’till Cancelled) listings. I’ve noticed that when a customer drops the price by at least 7% from the previous listed price, it increases visibility by 25%.
Brett Rush, Project Manager, SureDone

6. Maintain your DSR’s and feedback

Cassini rewards sellers with great DSR’s and feedback. You need to maintain great Detailed Seller Ratings to be on top of search (Top Rated Seller status preferred). You also need to respond to open cases in the resolution center asap and you must close all of them to maintain your rankings in search. Cassini will penalize you if you have a bad seller reputation and that includes having too many open cases.

7. Auctions

If you have some popular items and you’re able to confidently auction them off without losing money, you should create auctions to help increase the traffic to your eBay store. In the auction listing you can cross promote your other items for sale. Auctions tend to show up on top of search if it gets good buyer engagement.

8. Drive outside traffic to your eBay listings

To help increase buyer engagement on your listings, a great strategy is to use social media platforms, your email list and PPC so you can drive targeted traffic to your new listings. This will give the listings more views and hopefully purchases which will help push your listing up in search. You will want to do this on newly listed items only. If you have items with no sales, end those items, re-list and then drive traffic to them.

9. Refresh RSS feeds

Pick any day of the week and go into your marketing tools under manage my store settings and turn off your RSS feeds. Wait 10 hours or so and turn it back on. This process will re-index your first 100 listings and give it a temporary boost in search. If you have more than 100 listings, you can use an app called to process all of them.

10. Use the eBay Catalog

When you’re able, use the eBay Catalog. If your item is a well known brand, most likely it already exists in eBay’s Catalog. All you have to do is enter the UPC or EAN of the product and the listing will automatically populate all of the product data.

11. List in the correct category

List in the right category, if you list in the wrong category your listing will be brought down in search. Choose the category based on product and buyer behavior. See 14:43 in video above for reference.

12. Fill in all of your item specifics

Filling in all of your item specifics will help increase your visibility. Make sure all of your item specifics are filled in and they are relevant to your product. Also add in your own custom item specifics to help educate your buyer even more about your product.

For example, you are selling white wine and you do not have the color white in the title. You list in the white wine category and white wine in the item specific field, your item will still show up in search.

Dave Furness

Cassini has totally changed the rules for eBay sellers. Back when eBay used their “Voyager” engine it was all about the eBay title. It was easy for some sellers to appear high up the eBay search with poor listings. Now Cassini takes into account your description as well as item specifics and much more. The importance of good quality listings for eBay sellers has never been bigger.
Dave Furness, Co-founder, UnderstandingE

13. Answer your eBay messages within 24 hours or less

From experience, the faster you respond to a customer on eBay the more likely they will buy from you. This will help increase your buyer engagement on the listing once they buy the product. This will result in a sale and will give you a boost in search.

14. Price your item to be the lowest for every new listing

Pricing your item low in the beginning will get you more sales since you’re the cheapest on eBay. Once you build up your sales history, you can increase your price as long as it’s within the market rate for your category.

15. Mobile responsive and branded eBay listing template

Hire a professional to design you a mobile responsive eBay template to help build your brand. A good eBay template will help increase conversion rates and increase your brand awareness online.

Matthew Ogborne

Cassini is nothing like eBay’s old search engine. That only had a handful of options to return results to buyers with, whereas Cassini can do anything that eBay wants it to. It’s not just one thing that impacts your eBay success, it’s a combination of lots of little things combined together which will give you results.

Tweak a title, add an extra image, add extra item specifics, go the extra mile to keep your DSR’s high. You can do all of these everyday and while it might not feel like a massive change, the reality is you’re walking towards a better business with each tiny step.
Matthew Ogborne, Co-founder, UnderstandingE

16. List using variations

If available in your category, list the product using variations. Variations will combine the number of views, watchers, clicks and sales into one listing, which Cassini loves.

17. Create combo items for maximum search exposure

This strategy creates more listings for your store without violating duplicate listing policies. Creating combo items gives you more visibility in search with different types of products as you can put multiple keywords within the title. For example, if you’re selling jeans and shirts, you can create a package deal for the t-shirt and jeans. So instead of having 1 listing for a t-shirt and 1 listing for jeans, you’ll have a total of 3 listings. I would combo every item that makes sense and a buyer would purchase. You can even further discount to the buyer your cost savings on shipping for combining items into one box. If you’re able to communicate this to your buyer effectively, your conversion rate for combo items should go up. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money?!

18. Use plenty of high-resolution photos

Create high-resolution photos that are a minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. This will give you the zoom effect that you see on some eBay listings. Great photos are known to increase conversion rates. You also want to add as many pictures as possible, the maximum amount allowed per listing are 12 photos. Use all of them!


Cassini is all about the value you can offer to your buyers. Know your buyers, maintain your DSR’s and create listings that convert. Be the top seller in your category for that product and you will be laughing all the way home to the winners circle. I hope this article will help you increase your sales on eBay!

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How to automate your eBay business
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57 comments on “Getting Seen on eBay: 18 Tips for Cracking the Cassini Search Engine

  1. Great Article.

    Using “Out Of Stock Inventory Control and scarcity” should be carefully thought upon. If customers are looking to purchase multiple quantities than instead of generating sales it will actually loose the sale.

    I have bookmarked this article, and will be sharing with “Old School Ebayers”.

    1. That is a good point Akhtar! Thanks for that and the clarification for the rest of the readers. Scarcity should only be used for items that people might not wanna buy multiple items of.

      1. I want to build absolute trust with my customers, so I avoid gray-area business practices like falsifying quantities. One can list fewer items at a time and remain honest. Pretending I’m always almost sold out may give short term results, but in the long term people tend to figure these things out.

        1. Sort of like the continual going out of business sales for years that low cost furniture sellers use! Nobody would believe that their prices are actual sale prices.

  2. When you recommend ending GTC listings on eBay and relisting them if you have no sales over a 30 day period, do you means just relist them using the relist button? or do they have to be relisted using ‘similar item’. I had heard that just relisting them after ending them does not work so well, and I would like to know which is the most appropriate before I start all the hard work!

      1. FYI: I have tested this and it DOES keep the same eBay ID if you just “relist” so you have to choose to sell similar and do a another listing.

  3. Tip: If a seller is making regular use of point #8, they may consider applying to join eBay Partner Network which can generate sales commissions on affiliates traffic. Yes, you can indeed have eBay pay you sales commissions on traffic you send to your own eBay listings! (The source of the traffic is important, and ePN has certain rules around that, but generally traffic from social media sites is acceptable by ePN.)

    1. A question I had about this. Alot of my friends on my social media outlets are dropshipping. Wouldnt this just open the door to people finding my store for the wrong reasons…example….stilling my products?

  4. Question: I am a month into eBay and want to keep going. General advice on how to list as I have all types of items vintage, collectible, clothing, and then some brand new with a small quantity (but more than 1) short auctions better, how to relist in a way to not fall so far down in the search? Am I even going to be seen with buy now or good til cancel? Thank you and any eBay Amazon specific education you recommend? Have a good day, Michelle

    1. Michelle: Skip McGrath’s newsletter and website is fantastic for serious in-the-trenches eBay and Amazon advice and guidance for small sellers. He’s been doing both for years and knows his stuff. Find his website, join his mailing list, and browse his back issues (all free) for great tips and strategies.

    2. Hi,
      With BIN fixed price listings I would list for 30 days then revue the listing and create a brand new listing number with the ‘selling similar item’, NOT relist. This way you will start again, and won’t be penalised by eBay for the viewer versus the buyer ratio. You won’t get charged any more and its just a little more hassle. Also it helps you to tweak listings to keep them relevant and check for small mistakes that can easily be made first time round.

  5. re: more than search issues

    I’ve been an ebayer for over 15 yrs (serious buyer & seller) so I’ve seen it all. This article gives some tips for search optimization, but ebay voodoo is far more complicated than search issues. Example, in all the threads I’ve read regarding ebay issues during past few yrs, I haven’t seen a single comment on something that’s both obvious yet obscure…the item number…not even the studs at ecommercebytes have chimed in on this. Next time you’re on ebay, take some time to check a bunch of seller listings (past & present) and compare the (obscure) first 2 digits of the (obvious) 12 digit item listing with their feedback score, category range, location, sell-thru-rate, etc. I “casually” mentioned this to an ebay CSR last yr (I’d been waiting to get the right guy) who at first suggested it was some type of location prefix (seller location, server assignment, or ???) until he worked the system (from his side) and quickly concluded it some “other type” of 100 character index. I still hope that when JD & his goons depart that ebay reverts back to past core business of small sellers & buyers, since their biggest block of ebay buyers are the small sellers. It not rocket science, simply limit listings to something like 500 listings and similar simplicities…

  6. Okay, so I took your advice for #2 given that I have 2 similar listings (same item, different quantity) and they have been stuck at numbers 37-38 out of 40 on the eBay best match for months, and no sales for several weeks. Viola, NOTHING! Closing the GTC listings and restarting them put them exactly where they were before and now I have lost 2.5 years worth of sales history. THANKS FOR THE USELESS ADVICE! Maybe time to update your article?

    1. To update my post, I even tried relisting the same items using the “Sell similar” link in order to generate a new item number (which did work), but the result was the same: both listings have exactly the same best match as before.

      1. Hello Michael,

        Thanks for reading the article. Just curious, did you change the listing in question? For example, before you re-list you should do market research and make sure that your listing is competitive against your competition. I mentioned in the article that you will need to get buyer engagement or else it will go to the bottom of search.

        “Once re-listed, your listing will show up as a “new listing” and be on top of search. If the listing gets good buyer engagement, it will stay up at the top. If it gets bad buyer engagement, it will be pushed down in search”

        If you didn’t update your listing to be competitive, or change anything I would try that and re-list again. Some things I would suggest are:

        1. Optimize title for better keywords
        2. Change up the description to be better then your competition
        3. Add as many quality pictures as possible
        4. Price it competitively or better yet, put the item on sale so its the lowest price on eBay and you can raise the price after you get a good amount of sales. This will generate buyer engagement.

        I hope this helps and good luck.

      2. Hi Michael,
        I doesn’t always work, as you have discovered, but over time I have definitely seen an improvement in selling old stock I have had hanging around for ages. I do try to tweak the listings as well, even a couple of words reversed or an extra mention of a brand name can do the trick. Also try putting the items in a different but relevant category. Personally, I am also unpleasantly surprised by the number or times I realise I have made simple but important mistakes no doubt due to late nights and lack of sleep – I don’t drink or take drugs- but it’s so easy to press the wrong button especially when listing a whole lot of new items at the same time.

  7. The whole ebay experience for a newbie is not an experience to make them want to stay. I did an experiment on a new account. They give new accounts 5 listings $500 wow they are generous lol. That is ridiculous you can’t sale nothing unless you can list 500 items. That search engine don’t like newbies. I listed 25 times in a month had 2 to 4 views sold nothing at all. Ebay is loosing revenue that why they selling off stuff. Why because the new customer is you core and they can’t keep new people because of that search engine not liking new people. Amazon unlimited listing why do Ebay care how much you list. That is going to kill Ebay they selling off stuff for a reason cash flow problems. Ebay might go bankrupt it happens. I like Bonanza more up to date all they need is advertising get more traffic to the site. Do some TV ads or something. If Ebay people go to Bonanza that site will be the New Ebay. You Ebay people better run from Ebay something is happening over there.

  8. As far as DSR’s go, in my own store, I’ve noticed that sales don’t really start declining at 5%. They actually start around the 3.5% defect rate. In fact, at 3.5%, I even get a different email when I sell an item.

    Usually, you get an email that says “your ebay item sold….”. After 3.5%, I get “Sold:…”. With the regular email, you get some options like uploading tracking through the email. With the “Sold:” version, you get pretty much nothing. I guess its their way of slowing you down so you focus more on customer service.

    1. If you use sell similar instead of relist you will get a new item ID and potentially a better placement in the search results. Remember you are penalised for the number of visitors you have to a listing with no sales, with sell similar you start fresh.
      The one exception is if you have a multi variation, or large item number listing which is doing well, as the better it does the better your search placement.
      It is time consuming though if you have a lot of unique listings, as you will need to end and sell similar every day, as your listings come up to the one month mark.
      ( If you use 1 month duration or good till cancelled)

      1. @Patricia Beattie

        “f you use sell similar instead of relist you will get a new item ID and potentially a better placement in the search results. Remember you are penalised for the number of visitors you have to a listing with no sales, with sell similar you start fresh.
        The one exception is if you have a multi variation, or large item number listing which is doing well, as the better it does the better your search placement.
        It is time consuming though if you have a lot of unique listings, as you will need to end and sell similar every day, as your listings come up to the one month mark.
        ( If you use 1 month duration or good till cancelled)”

        How do you know if you’re penalized for a bunch of views but no sales to your listing? I’ve never heard that one before.

        1. I was informed by a very well known eBay expert that old listings with multiple views, but no sales, are penalised by eBay as there is a perception that there is something ‘wrong’ with the listing eg,. It is too expensive, the description is bad, not enough photos etc. It’s these listings in particular that you want to concentrate on and revamp to make them more appealing.

        2. It’s generally accepted that conversion rate is the most important factor in the Best Match algorithm.

          Zero sales and many views is a zero conversion rate. People are finding your listing but didn’t want to buy, which is good evidence that it is a “bad” listing and should be dropped down in the search results.

  9. yep you got to keep at it, either by listing brand new items every month and thus keeping it fresh or you have to be monitoring and optimising your existing stock every week= it’s a two rule game my friends.

    remember folks, in business, don’t blame the players, blame the game.

  10. What about unique, one of kind, vintage items. especially those with very few competitors or even no competitors on Ebay? We use another database research engine to find the historical selling prices of rare, hard to find items. If we see that only 7 have sold in the last 5 years, none are currently listed on Ebay, then we price about 10% higher than what our research shows as the highest last sold item. With rarer. collectible items you don’t want to get caught in a race to the bottom.

    It seems your suggestions are more for the newer, easier to source and find, multiple items. Go find 20 new, current items and list variations, play with multiple quantities and so forth.

    Some of the above strategies do not apply to real, vintage, unique items, so what would be the suggested strategies for these types of items?

  11. I have a question regarding RSS Feed. I currently have around 20 thousand listing on my eBay. Here is my concern. I want to use Bayfeeds to refresh all my 20 thousand listing. But I am afraid to do so because i have read that toggling your vacation settings on ebay does the same thing. This kind of concern me!!! Because I have turn on my vacation setting once before and it absolutely drop all my listing in search result. This only concern me because I have a few top seller on my account and would not want bayfeeds to drop my top sellers in the search results. If you could can you please clarify if bayfeed will affect the top sellers I currently have?
    Thank You

  12. Great info! The challenges presented to eBay sellers who were used to the “way things were” have caused a lot of strife!
    I only must clarify something in your first tip – you do not want to stuff a title with words purely to use all the characters. Only use words and in the order of phrasing as a customer would most likely put in for the item you are selling.
    And I absolutely MUST disagree on #14! This will be a race to the bottom for all sellers and is no way to run a business unless you are the dollar store.
    Provide value in other than the price, be in the top 10% of pricing in your market and this will keep all sellers making money. Stay away from highly competitive products where price is the main factor. Not everyone searches by lowest price, there are a lot of shoppers who want quality and good service over price!

    1. I absolutely agree. I charge a reasonable price and I am not the cheapest. I sell clothes and I offer a no quibble 30 day refund for any reason and have lost count of the number of messages I have received thanking me. These will be repeat customers as they are reassured they will be treated in a polite and friendly manner. I don’t think I get any more returns than other sellers in this market. Most return because items don’t fit which is perfectly understandable and I’ve done it myself.

  13. Sadly being on Ebay since the beginning and the last two years being so bad I question remaining, I truly feel with the introduction of so many other avenues to sell, ebay traffic is just not there anymore. Kijiji, Facebook, Etsy and Ruby Lane have had enormous amounts of Ebay sellers transfer over. As a seller I had over 100 other sellers I liked bookmarked for many years, they have all left Ebay. Sad to say….traffic is getting worse with every month.

  14. Hello, I just signed up with TeraPeak because I have heard really great things, but I’m disappointed so far and hoping I am wrong or just missing something. I don’t understand how the Title Builder Tool (Now called SEO) is helpful at all.

    The results are based on current live listings. Why wouldn’t they base them on completed listings OR even better why wouldn’t they base them on what the buyers are actually searching for in eBay instead of what sellers are using in their titles? Like an adwords for eBay.

    Who cares what keywords other sellers are using in their current live auctions. So I type in Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 and find out that there are 25 sellers using those exact keywords on current listings. How does that help? I want to see the keywords that buyers are using.

    I understand I can go into the product research and dig for hours to “sort-of” figure that out, but I could do the exact same thing on Ebay for free. It’s identical to ebay, without the color charts.

    For $30 /month, shouldn’t they have something that shows us what keywords the buyers are using? Am I missing something?

    I just spent the last 4 hours on the site and I don’t understand how the information is helpful. I read the tutorials and courses too. Sorry, if I’m a little brash, but I’m a little frustrated after spending all the time and not really finding any helpful info.

    There are other features on the site that are helpful, like the hot categories and stuff, I am referring specifically to keyword research for you eBay titles.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    1. You’re right, TeraPeak is utter useless junk. You can do all the research on eBay for free. They give you the impressions data of TeraPeak for free. The Alibaba research thing is a gimmick/joke.

      It doesn’t even monitor your competition very well and the sales data seems nothing like what I actually did so I can only assume most of the other data is inaccurate too.

      Typing your competitor in should instantly show you all their listings sorted by highest selling first, how many they sold of each, let you get notifications when they sell (quite handy for high value items where you want to check your competitors are not out selling you in real time and if so, why and for what reason)

      Its largely a useless joke of a tool and anyone telling you they actually found anything useful out with it is just trying to sell you affiliate signups for it.

    1. Variations on a listing are when you have more than one of the same item. For example you have 20 of the smae design T-Shirts but different sizes and colours. You would ‘merge’ them into one multi variation listing.

  15. someone who sells carrot seeds seasonally is in charge of how items are viewed when searched on eBay? how about hiring a real seller with real experience, then maybe eBay will see some real revenue like the old days.

  16. Everything in the article is set to work against sellers of one of used items where they need to sit on eBay for some time to find the right buyer.

    The sellers who sell these one off used items are the selling that built the site to the size it is why alienate these sellers?

    I know eBay is trying to be Amazon and attract the box shifters but eBay is not Amazon its a different animal its time eBay stopped trying to be Amazon and became eBay again.

    I cant ever remember reading any comment from an eBay user saying they like Cassini only negative comments on Cassini when will eBay realise they have got it wrong their customers don’t like it and the only people who like Cassini are eBay

  17. I have been selling jewelry for years on ebay but it’s getting to where ebay wont show my listing unless i offer free shipping and 30 day returns. Just before mothers day, I listed an art deco 14k white gold diamond ring and when I searched for my own item it was not to be found. I called ebay and the rep couldn’t find it. When I typed art deco as one word artdeco over 2k listing came up even though all the titles had art deco as two words. When I typed in art deco diamond ring, I got 2 listings. really. I have a picture of my listing and one where the search shows 0 listings with the same words as my title. After a 10 day auction less than 30 people saw my listing and it sold for the first bid at the lowest price. Ebay hides listings unless we do what they want.

  18. Hi, I’ve been active on eBay since 1998, I’ve sold just about everything.
    Over three years ago, I broke my knee, it was at the top of the scale for the
    type of henceforth, took me off eBay until about six months ago…Boy was I lost! I have tons of random inventory and the first 2 months, I could not find my own auctions. Then I started seeing all these type articles a blogs.
    I did get some excellent info from a webinar about Cassini/Best Match to bring me up to date and finally make A sale! I have enough 100% Good fresh feedback, but yet to get my DSR! Anyway, the webinar explained, that if one gold star is missing, then none are counted! I believe the problem for me is I live very remote and shipping just takes at least a day longer, EBay puts in the auction BIN and receive item by this certain date. So I think that I loose one star because of an impossible situation! The one that says “did you receive your item on or by the specified date?” So I attempted to describe the problem to customers in the Description and EBay without providing a word count, just hacked my Description to junk! Because of to many characters.
    I’ve since edited it down. It is a whole new game, and I’m just starting to up the amount of active auctions to pay med bills! They want to run us smaller vintage vendors and others off! Well I’m sticking and learning.

    Sorry to be so wordy, but I really have a Question that I seem to not be able to answer.
    “What Is The Best Way To Title A (Lot) Of An Item.” In all this time I’ve never done any ‘LOTS’ I find how to write titles and do good in placement finally but I would love to know the best way to Title a Lot? Example: I think: P-Touch Labeler Cartridge TX-2311 (Lot of 6) ~ Sealed New Old Stock. 1/2″ x 50′ Black Type on White Tape. But I see so many auctions that Start by saying:
    (Lot of 6) P-Touch…….etc. Are the parenthesis a good or bad thing. It seems
    That typing it like above, won’t get good results. The first words are not what your selling. Any critiques or advice welcome. Thanks and Happy Sales to You!

  19. I really love the new ebay. I tried it out a few years ago and was killed by charges and other useless rules etc. I started back up a few months ago and have had a great time and become successful. I look at pricing and other details of other sellers and try to learn . My items are found in searches and usually its just low prices and good customer service that makes things sell. Oh the one main rule of success is selling what people want and not what 5000 other people are also selling. I sell vintage collectables and its very easy to be unique. Paypal is the pain as opposed to ebay, I was put on hold on paypal for sales from 06/24 – 07/01/2016 (which were all comic books and for some reason it raised a red flag for being suspicious) . I had to send my passport, Drivers ID and proof of residence to unblock my paypal. Very inconvenient and intrusive.

  20. Ive been a powerseller for years and I can tell you first hand Cassini is a scam put in place so ebay can make additional listing fees off of items that do not sell. Think about it on a large scale. Sure they are not making thousands off of you but they sure the hell make millions off of everyone as a whole. Ebay has a track record of greed and politics that are antiseller. I suggest you find other avenues if you want to expand your business rather than lose 33.33% + just to list here.

  21. Does anyone know of an app or service that will automatically end your GTC listings if there are no sales for that 30-day period? There are many apps I’ve found that will relist your items, but I need to find one that will end my non-selling GTC listings and relist them in the “Sell Similar” format. Does anyone know if this exists?

    1. You might get this facility in some of the more expensive top end management services but I do this myself “by hand”. Its’ tedious but does allow you to tweak your listings on a monthly basis, change the copy slightly and correct any mistakes. It definitely works for older listings.

  22. If sales volume is so important to boosting your cassini searches,then what’s stopping sellers who have friends or multiple accounts on ebay from going out into their backyard and finding say 50-100 sticks or pebbles or leaves and listing them on ebay under a buck,free shipping,pickup only which would kill most fees and then having your buddies or using other id’s to purchase these items to fool the system into thinking your averaging 50-100 sales a day. You could keep relisting and rebuying them! Smart people sell at flea markets,collector venues/shows or antique malls or all!

  23. Just out of interest
    If a listing gets a sale (then from what you are saying this will be a positive in the sales conversion rate, but what happens if then you have to do a refund of that item, does that then affect the listings standing and get it demoted?
    Or will the listing be unaffected by refunds.

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