Shopify? Magento? Bigcommerce? Which is Right For You?

Shopify Magento Bigcommerce Which is right for you

This post is by Catalin Zorzini, an online business enthusiast who manages the Ecommerce Platforms blog, where he offers advice to ecommerce entrepreneurs on choosing a webstore platform. To put his own advice into practice, he has launched his own online shop at

Think about your primary sales platform.

Is it Amazon? Etsy? Do you complete most of your selling on eBay?

The world is going the way of the multi-vendor marketplace, and as many of you have realized, there are a lot of sales to be made through online marketplaces.

That said, many businesses place a sole focus on selling through marketplaces, leaving one huge diversification option out. It’s the online store, a place where you can customize your website and build your brand so you’re not at the mercy of marketplace policies and performance metrics.

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Amazon Sellers Survey 2016: The Results

Amazon Sellers Survey 2016

A few months back Web Retailer and Feedvisor surveyed over 1,500 Amazon sellers about their businesses.

We asked about their sales volume, profit margin, business model (including use of FBA and private labelling), their concerns about selling on Amazon, how they source and promote products, and the software they use.

It was a comprehensive study of businesses selling on the Amazon Marketplace. The scope was global, and the participants ranged from ordinary people selling part-time from their homes, to enterprise-level businesses generating tens of millions in Amazon sales each year.

Today we are publishing the results. Our analysis is below and you can get even more insights in Feedvisor’s report.

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AdWords Is Doing Its Job, Is Your Website?

Adwords Is Doing Its Job, Is Your Website?

This post is by Travis Romine, an ecommerce growth consultant at Sharp Commerce and previous owner of He consults for online retailers throughout the U.S. on building high performance ecommerce businesses, growth strategy and digital marketing. Sign up for Travis’s weekly ecommerce tips at

You’ve been playing the AdWords game for years now and most of you have been losing.

Today I’m finally going to address the underlying causes why AdWords isn’t making you money like it should.

This article contains information that continues to make my clients millions of dollars’ year over year. It applies to any paid traffic source including affiliate sources and remarketing.

There are dozens of key factors related to why AdWords isn’t performing the way you dreamed. Here, I present the tools to change that.

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50 Predictions for Ecommerce in 2016

Ecommerce Predictions 2016

This time last year our panel of experts made 39 predictions for ecommerce in 2015. The main themes were marketplaces, delivery, cross-border trade, mobile, marketing, social media, payments and bricks-and-mortar retail.

This year we got in touch with even more experts, and asked them what they think will be the big trends for ecommerce in 2016. Some of the same themes came up again: marketing, marketplaces, mobile, delivery and social media.

But a number of new topics have got the experts’ attention this time around:

  • Small business trends
  • Innovations in technology
  • Selling to China
  • Amazon marketplace
  • Private labeling

So here it is: our Expert Voices Ecommerce Predictions for 2016.

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Tools for Online Arbitrage: Sourcing, Research and Profit Calculation

Tools for Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage sounds like the perfect work-from-home business: If you have a computer, an internet connection, and a few hours to spare each week then you’re all set.

So what do you have to do to? It’s pretty simple: you buy products from ordinary online stores, then sell them for a profit on the Amazon marketplace.

But making money as an online arbitrage seller is not as easy as it sounds.

It’s not easy to find products to buy for less than the price on Amazon – much less, if you want to make a respectable profit. The price difference has to cover all of Amazon’s fees and any other expenses you have.

It’s also not easy getting a grip on Amazon’s constant and unpredictable price changes. A deal might look great at the moment you find it, only for Amazon’s price to fall off a cliff a few hours later and force you into a loss.

Then there’s the fees. Sure, Amazon tells you how their fees work upfront, but they’re detailed and complex. It’s easy to make a mistake and calculate your profit wrongly.

So in this post I’ll explain what online arbitrage is really like, and how you can use online tools to help with all of the main challenges: sourcing, price research, and fee calculation.

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