Top Rated Supplier: Amazon and eBay Repricing from Appeagle

Appeagle Team Photo

This month’s top-rated supplier is Appeagle, who provide an automatic repricing tool for sellers on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten.

Automatic marketplace repricing is hot, in more ways than one. Some sellers praise it for significantly growing their business. Others despise it as a destructive “race to the bottom”. The market for repricing tools is buzzing too, with a new provider popping up every month, it seems. And repricing bugs have hit the news, causing big losses for sellers and big wins for buyers.

Love it or hate it, automatic repricing is here to stay. More than that, if you sell competitive products on Amazon it’s pretty much essential. So which tool is best? As always, that depends on you and your business. But I can tell you which tool Web Retailer members rate the highest: Appeagle.

I caught up with Appeagle CEO and co-founder Koby Kasnett, and marketing manager Izabella De Souza, to find out more about them.

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39 Predictions for Ecommerce in 2015

39 Predictions for Ecommerce in 2015

It’s a new year, and a great time to plan for your ecommerce business. But what lies ahead in 2015?

No-one knows the future, but those with the right knowledge and experience can make some great educated guesses. With that in mind, I asked more than thirty experts what they thought would happen in ecommerce in 2015.

They blew me away with 39 great predictions about marketplaces, delivery, cross-border trade, mobile, niche trends, marketing, social media, payments, bricks and mortar, and rules and regulations. It’s the biggest Expert Voices ever.

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eCommHub: the Final Piece in the Ecommerce Automation Jigsaw?

eCommHub Team Shot

UPDATE 27 March 2015: eCommHub have rebranded as HubLogix.

I’ve been covering inventory and marketplace management tools for over ten years. It’s rare that I come across software that does something different to the rest.

But recently I discovered a product called eCommHub (now HubLogix). It provides the typical features you find in this type of software – inventory management, integration with popular stores and marketplaces, shipment tracking, and so on. Those are great features, but not unique.

What is unique about eCommHub is that they are integrated with thousands, yes thousands, of suppliers. By that I mean manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers and other “vendors”, as they call them. I’ve not seen any others in this industry tackle the problem of supplier integration with anything like the scale or depth offered by eCommHub.

In this article, I’ll tell you a lot more about eCommHub and how they tackle the problem of supplier integration and automation.

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Top Rated Supplier: Etsy Seller Tools Developer Blugrin

BETSI Screenshot

UPDATE: Blugrin’s access to the Etsy API was unexpectedly removed in March 2015, and their applications BETSI and Tools4Etsy are no longer available.

The Top Rated Supplier we are focusing on this month is Blugin! They develop the BETSI listing manager for Etsy sellers, along with free apps Tools4Etsy.

BETSI is used by tens of thousands of Etsy sellers, who use it to manage a staggering 45 million listings. Blugrin does a fantastic job handling that volume and supporting their users, with a perfect 5-star average rating. They also came fifth in EcommerceByte’s Seller’s Choice awards last year.

So who are Blugrin? Given that volume, you might expect an IT company with dozens of staff on hand. But actually they’re set up much like the Etsy sellers who use their software: they’re the husband-and-wife team of Graeme and Jacinta Grant, and are based in Sydney, Australia.

I spoke to Graeme and Jacinta to find out more about them and their software.

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