World’s Top eBay Sellers: Cross-Border Trade

Packages around the world

In February I published a list of eBay’s top 1,000 sellers worldwide, ranked by the volume of positive feedback gained in the last six months.

It was the first new research into eBay’s highest-volume sellers since 2008, and it got a lot of people talking! The scale of cross-border trade, particularly direct selling from China, was a surprise to many.

Here are some of the most interesting reactions to the research, and some new analysis of the data on cross-border trade.

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Common Mistakes Made By Marketplace Sellers

Expert Voices Feb 2014

Learning from your own selling mistakes is incredibly effective, but it can be an expensive form of education.

It’s nearly as good to learn from other sellers’ mistakes – you can feel their pain, but don’t have to share it. So I asked a dozen experienced sellers, consultants and suppliers what they often see online marketplace sellers doing wrongly, and what tips they could share so others could avoid the same pitfalls.

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Systems Thinking for Online Sellers


Everything in your business is connected. Everything that happens has an effect on at least one other thing, positively or negatively.

For example, if you invest in fast order processing then your customers will get their orders more quickly. They’ll be pleased that they bought from you, and more likely to buy from you again. They’ll also be more likely to give you good feedback, which helps convince others to buy from you.

That’s the essence of Systems Thinking – understanding how your business works as a whole. In this post I’ll explain how to use Systems Thinking in your business to help uncover problems and find new opportunities.

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