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Multichannel management tool Sellbrite now supports selling on the majority of international eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

The integration with Amazon and eBay in 23 countries allows merchants to keep their inventory in sync across all the marketplaces, as well as leverage multi-channel fulfillment throughout Europe and Canada, in addition to the USA.

With the latest update, Sellbrite also offers inventory and shipping APIs for custom integration. Merchants with their own ERP, inventory, or shipping platform can connect their systems to Sellbrite, syncing inventory and order data in real time. The API can also be setup to receive tracking information from other platforms back into Sellbrite to maintain accurate status updates across sales channels.

Sellbrite users can now customize user roles and limit access to sensitive data. Permissions can be customized for listers, warehouse staff, and data teams, for example.

The Sellbrite dashboard now reflects order activity in real time, as well as listing and item activity.

Sellbrite can now accept custom data attributes. Attributes can be activated individually for each product, and edited in bulk using a CSV file.

Sellbrite has partnered with CrazyLister to give merchants access to professional eBay templates, from within the Sellbrite interface. CrazyLister allows eBay sellers to create their own mobile-responsive eBay listing template, in compliance with eBay's Active Content restrictions going live in June.

New "templates and recipes" functionality in Sellbrite provides a new way to create and manage listings in bulk. It allows sellers to map custom attributes and other inventory data to sales channels in advance, reducing the time needed to create listings.

Finally, Sellbrite has introduced multichannel price synchronization, allowing prices to be changed in Sellbrite and pushed out to every sales channel. Channel-specific pricing rules can automatically set different prices for different sales channels.

Source: Sellbrite

Marketplace management tool SellerActive can now convert prices into different currencies, and take Amazon fees into consideration for floor price calculations.

SellerActive's price mirroring strategy now includes the option to use currency conversion when mirroring prices between marketplaces. Currency rates are updated daily.

The dynamic minimum price feature now takes Amazon fees into consideration when calculating the floor price for automatic repricing purposes. The cost stored in SellerActive plus marketplace fees and an optional margin (absolute or percentage) will be used as the minimum price. Amazon fees included are commission fees, referral fees, and all FBA-related fees.

Source: SellerActive

Currency exchange company World First has removed all fees for bringing funds back to the seller's home country and currency.

Charges were previously made to transfer balances under £500 or $1,000. There are now no transaction costs or minimum balances required when executing a foreign exchange transaction out of online sales proceeds.

By transferring funds more frequently, sellers will be able to improve cash flow and restock more quickly.

Source: World First

Foreign exchange service Currencies Direct is now integrated with French marketplace Cdiscount.

Euro collection accounts supplied by Currencies Direct will now be shown as an approved payment collection method during the Cdiscount seller registration process, and existing Cdiscount sellers will be able to setup Currencies Direct accounts directly from Cdiscount's seller portal.

France has the third-largest ecommerce market in Europe, and Cdiscount – profiled in a recent Web Retailer article – is the second-largest ecommerce site in France.

Source: Currencies Direct

Currency exchange company World First has launched a new service for online retailers worldwide selling through Japanese marketplaces.

International merchants selling to customers based in Japan can now save time and money by using World First to transfer their sales proceeds home.

By removing unnecessary hurdles like the need to open a local bank account, World First is helping international sellers tap into Japan's thriving ecommerce market.

Commenting on the launch, Jabu Henson, Managing Director for World First Asia said;

"We are excited to be launching our award-winning service in Japan and helping online sellers make the most of the eCommerce opportunity in the region in the process. As the first provider to offer this service, we are opening up the attractive and fast-growing Japanese market to thousands of online sellers across the globe."

Source: World First

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