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Currency exchange service World First and third-party logistics provider James and James Fulfilment have both won Queen's Awards for Enterprise on 21st April, the day of the Queen's 90th birthday.

World First won the Award for International Trade, and James and James Fulfilment won the Award for Innovation.

World First's co-founders, Jonathan Quin and Nick Robinson, and James and James founders, James Hyde and James Strachan, will also attend a reception at Buckingham Palace in July.

Jonathan Quin, CEO and co-founder of World First, said: "It's always nice to win awards but to be one of a select few businesses to receive a Queen's Award as recognition of our success in international trade is especially pleasing. We set ourselves challenging growth targets and it is our innovative approach to technology coupled with an absolute focus on our customers that helps us to achieve these targets, and in so doing help thousands of SMEs and marketplace sellers around the world to increase their international trade too."

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise, considered the UK's highest accolade in business, are presented following recommendations to HM The Queen by the Prime Minister.

Source: World First and James and James

Order and marketplace management tool Channergy has added support for US marketplace Newegg.

The new integration supports downloading of orders, listing of existing products directly, and new products via an export file, uploading price and quantity changes for products, and uploading of shipping confirmations.

Uploads and downloads occur automatically at the timed interval set in the preferences, and Channergy communicates with Newegg through its FTP interface.

Channergy say that Walmart and Jet integrations are under development.

Source: Channergy

eBay Enterprise has been merged with Innotrac by its owners Sterling Capital, and rebranded as Radial Fulfillment.

"Retailers are seeing a tremendous strain on their businesses because execution of omnichannel is insanely hard," said Stefan Weitz, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Radial. "Radial is all about building the tools retailers need to compete – and win – in the increasingly complex and competitive ecommerce space. Only Radial has industry-leading tech and expansive operational expertise that offers retailers the most efficient – and profitable – path to get products in consumers' hands."

The new company will be the largest omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider, says the company. Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Radial operates more than two dozen distribution centers and six call centers in the United States, Canada and Europe, and employs more than 7,000 people globally.

eBay Enterprise was broken up and sold off late last year, following the split between eBay and PayPal.

Source: Business Wire

Inventory management solution Skubana has added an export feature to its analytics reports, and also the ability to convert "virtual" SKUs to core products that can be used in kits and bundles.

Skubana's detailed analytics, broken down by channel, SKU, listings and more, are now fully exportable. Users can export reports to Microsoft Excel for further processing or upload into other systems.

Virtual SKUs used in variation products can now easily be converted into core SKUs and then used in kits or bundles to create new marketplace listings.

Source: Skubana

The 2016 Spring Release of marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes Amazon feature enhancements and support for the Walmart marketplace.

ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz said, "We're excited to help branded manufacturers build stronger strategic connections to retailers and equip our customers with the data, analytics and dashboards needed to make smarter decisions when managing their digital marketing campaigns."

The Amazon Insights feature gives brands and retailers key product information, including stock availability and fulfillment advantages to help accelerate their Amazon sales.

The Amazon FBA Dashboard shows brands and retailers where their SKUs are within Amazon's fulfillment process, the quantity and sales value of their FBA products, where they have excess FBA inventory and a side-by-side comparison of merchant-fulfilled and FBA sales.

ChannelAdvisor's integration with Walmart was announced at ChannelAdvisor's Catalyst conference earlier this month, and is also included in the release.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Amazon feedback management tool FeedbackFive has added support for the Amazon Mexico marketplace.

Online merchants who are selling products on Amazon Mexico can now use FeedbackFive to request feedback from buyers.

Sellers who already use FeedbackFive for feedback solicitation can easily switch between accounts used to sell on different Amazon marketplaces, using a single FeedbackFive login.

FeedbackFive currently Amazon marketplaces in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France and Mexico.

Source: FeedbackFive

UK cloud-based fulfilment platform Scurri has added support for parcel shipping consolidator Spring GDS.

Online retailers who use Scurri can now route parcels through Spring's network. Spring covers 190 countries and has 13 offices globally.

Scurri CEO Rory O'Connor said, "Scurri is dedicated to providing the retail market with a delivery platform that enables selection of the most appropriate shipping service for their customer. With Spring we have a new set of routes and exciting products that extends the options available to our retailers".

Paul Taylor, Head of Sales and Marketing at Spring UK, said, "Scurri's advanced technology is used to manage packet and parcel deliveries for some of the world's biggest online retailers and brands. Our access to the best international routes and the latest delivery technology means we can support online sales by getting goods simply and quickly from warehouse to customer."

Source: Ecommerce News EU

Order management tool ShipRush is now integrated with payment provider, and can also be used to ship orders from within the Magento ecommerce platform.

Both the desktop and web-based versions of ShipRush now integrate to, allowing orders to be downloaded and shipped.

ShipRush is also now embedded into the Magento admin console, so orders can be processed and labels printed without leaving Magento.

Source: ShipRush for and Magento Plugin

Ecommerce customer support system XSellco Fusion is now integrated with multichannel management tool Linnworks.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Linnworks integration has been a much requested feature from many of our customers. Our developers have worked closely with Linnworks to make this a reality and it's exciting to build partnerships and integrations with key players in the ecommerce space".

XSellco Fusion customers who use Linnworks will be able to access Linnworks order details within XSellco. The integration provides access to Linnworks order IDs, invoices, product notes, product images and shipments.

Source: XSellco

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has released a number of new features including an upgraded eBay Motors listing tool which can bulk upload listings directly from SellerActive.

Other new features include:

  • Filtering sales reports to see just items that were fulfilled by Amazon FBA.
  • Updating inventory quantity when an order is cancelled before shipping.
  • Indicating orders which are being fulfilled via the eBay Global Shipping Program.
  • Excluding specific Amazon sellers (or Amazon itself) in the pricing filters.
  • Providing customers with shipment information including the shipping service selected along with the carrier and tracking number.

Source: SellerActive

Ecommerce platform Shopify is now integrated with Facebook Messenger so store owners can provide customer support and send other ecommerce communications through Facebook.

By integrating with the new Facebook Messenger Platform, Shopify now allows merchants in the US to provide customer support, automatically send order confirmations, shipping updates, push notifications, and more, through Facebook Messenger.

"Messaging apps are enabling us to rekindle the conversations we are used to having in person with retail businesses, and recapture some of the lost intimacy that comes with shopping online," said Brandon Chu, Senior Product Manager at Shopify. "Our decision to integrate with Messenger and build commerce bots, is designed to help merchants develop deeper relationships with their customers, and give them an opportunity to reinforce their brand's personality."

* * * * *

Shopify has also announced an agreement to acquire privately held company Kit CRM Inc., a virtual marketing assistant that leverages messaging to help businesses market their online stores.

Founded in 2013, Kit helps manage small businesses' marketing tasks so that entrepreneurs can focus on other aspects of their business. Kit allows businesses to run targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, post updates to their Facebook Page, make recommendations based on store activities, and more, all via text messages. Last month, Kit also introduced an API that allows it to interact with other apps in the Shopify App Store.

Source: Shopify for Facebook Messenger and Kit CRM

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces will be the first software provider to help retailers and brands sell on Walmart's third-party marketplace

"Our integration with Walmart's global marketplace provides retailers and brands with a great opportunity to get in front of Walmart's massive audience," said ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz. "We're excited to help Walmart increase its product selection by onboarding more third-party sellers, and to help our customers build their brand recognition on the website of the top retailer in the US."

ChannelAdvisor's integration with Walmart's global marketplace was announced at the Catalyst Americas 2016 conference. Using the integration, ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to list their products on, gaining access to the customers of one of the largest online retailers in the US.

Walmart Marketplace was launched in 2009 and is open to select retailers. Products from third-party retailers are displayed alongside Walmart's own inventory and are labelled as Walmart Marketplace items. The seller name is displayed on third-party items, and sellers gain access to special promotion opportunities like "Value of the Day" offers.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce has announced the availability of its Facebook Shops integration to all BigCommerce merchants.

"The Shop section on Facebook enables fast-growing brands to engage millions of shoppers across new channels and devices," said Tim Schulz, chief product officer at BigCommerce. "Our partnership with Facebook will unlock even more value for thousands of successful BigCommerce stores who want to engage shoppers in a meaningful, relevant way and ultimately sell even more."

BigCommerce merchants who sell to US shoppers can create a custom Shop on their business' Facebook Page, and begin selling individual products or custom collections. Customers can discover new products, subscribe to updates when new items are added and purchase products through Facebook Shops.

BigCommerce intially released its Facebook Shops feature to a limited audience in October last year.

Source: BigCommerce

The latest release of order management solution Freestyle OMS provides new APIs to allow customization, extension and easy integration of third-party applications.

Other new features in the release are:

  • Clienteling, which allows store associates to look up customer records and provide access to an extended range of products.
  • Improved promotions capabilities, with a diverse set of new promotion types.
  • Complex pricing to allow specialized price tiers, loyalty programs and customer groups.
  • Extended import/export for fast upload and download of data.

"Freestyle O.M.S. is built on a modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture, so that it is inherently open, flexible and scalable," said Fred Lizza, CEO, Freestyle Solutions. "With this release, we are now taking it to the next level, adding sophisticated new functionality to an already solid foundation for order and inventory management. Freestyle O.M.S. is an ideal solution for mid-market retailers and online merchants who need enterprise functionality at an affordable price."

Source: Freestyle Solutions

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has added support for international eBay sites including eBay UK and Canada.

Managing operations for eBay international sites works the same as other ecomdash marketplace integrations: sellers can auto-sync product quantities, receive order information, and create shipping labels, packing slips and pick lists. Ecomdash offers eBay international sellers the ability to consolidate sales, streamline operations and gain visibility into the health of their business.

"We're thrilled to offer eBay international support to customers and trial-users," said Kevin Loomis, CIO of ecomdash. "As ecommerce gains speed, having a global presence is becoming less of an option, and more of a necessity. Growing their audience to international markets will help our customers increase sales and stay competitive"

Ecomdash also recently added integrations with Amazon UK, Germany, Spain, France, India, Canada and Italy.

Source: Ecomdash

Ecommerce management system TradeGecko was been awarded the title of Best Inventory Management Software 2016 by

FinancesOnline said TradeGecko excelled in the areas of reporting, integrations and B2B ecommerce.

FinancesOnline also awarded TradeGecko their Rising Star Award, Great for Enterprises Award, and Great Customer Support Award.

Source: TradeGecko

Multichannel management solution Jazva has released beta support for the marketplace.

With Jazva's integration, sellers can:

  • Manage listings, including multiple listing profiles, custom templates, and multi-variation products.
  • Sync inventory between and other marketplace accounts based on rules, to prevent underselling and overselling.
  • Centralize orders for faster fulfillment. Cancellation and refunds can also be done within Jazva.

Jazva's supports other marketplaces and sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Source: Jazva

Multichannel management solution Brightpearl has a new integration with ecommerce platform Magento, which synchronizes inventory levels, prices and orders between the two systems.

Benefits of the new integration include:

  • Synchronization with Brightpearl with no impact on the performance of a retailer's Magento store.
  • Full enterprise resource planning (ERP) capability and integrated point-of-sale (POS).
  • Powered by Flint Technology's revolutionary interactions framework, the new connector can process 40,000+ orders per hour.

"Other integrations just blast data at Magento, causing speed and performance issues with a retailer's website that can turn customers away, sacrifice sales, and adversely affect search engine rankings," said Dong Xu, President, SILK Software Corp., a full-service Magento Gold Solution Partner that has worked on more than 150 Magento implementations.

* * * * *

Attendees at Magento Imagine can get an advance look at Brightpearl's next-generation POS solution, which will be generally available in Q3 this year. The new POS is optimized for retailers of all sizes to offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience, including click-and-collect, and in-store order for home delivery and return of goods bought online.

James Scott, President, Brightpearl, Inc. explained, "Until now, retail associates had no easy way to provide top-notch in-store customer service based on readily available information like customer history, product details, and inventory levels. Brightpearl now puts such critical information at their fingertips. Already we have customers excited about the opportunities this will provide to compete effectively with larger retailers that use costly and complex ERP solutions."

Source: Brightpearl

eBay listing tool Ad-Lister is the first lister to support eBay's new View Item description summaries, reports Tamebay.

Less than a week after the announcement of the new View Item description summaries for mobile devices, Ad-Lister have updated their software so sellers can add a custom summary before the launch in July. At launch, a simple bulk update can be used to make the new summaries live on eBay.

The new View Item description summaries are limited to 800 characters and are automatically derived from the standard listing description, unless the seller specifies their own custom summary using special HTML tags yet to be announced by eBay.

Ad-Lister also has a new design, with a refreshed dashboard showing listing status and sales data. Changes to descriptions, postage, prices and other attributes can be made in bulk, and the new Ad-Lister is fully mobile responsive.

Source: Tamebay

Marketplace management tool Sellbrite now supports automated routing of multichannel orders to Amazon FBA for fulfillment.

Using the new feature, merchants selling on multiple sales channels, including Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay, and Etsy, can now automate the fulfillment of all their orders through FBA.

Sellbrite has also added a new "product tags" feature so inventory can be tagged then searched and filtered for faster listing and bulk updating.

Source: Sellbrite

Marketplace platform provider Mirakl has partnered with ChannelAdvisor to provide ChannelAdvisor customers with access to all Mirakl-powered marketplaces.

"We are pleased to partner with Mirakl to help bring an even more comprehensive and diverse e-commerce network to retailers in the US and abroad," said Mark Vandegrift, ChannelAdvisor vice president of marketplaces product management. "With Mirakl's technology platform and ChannelAdvisor's vast network of merchants, retailers now have access to a robust solution and the opportunity to stay competitive in a complex industry."

Business running their own marketplace using Mirakl can now add the "Access ChannelAdvisor" program to their marketplace solution, providing access to ChannelAdvisor merchants.

Retailers can manage the synchronization of product and order data between ChannelAdvisor and Mirakl using a seamless API-based integration. Specifically, the feature allows Mirakl customers to access real-time product updates and expanded visibility into order fulfillment.

Mirakl-powered marketplaces include Best Buy Canada, Galeries Lafayette, Game, ePrice, Condé Nast and Halfords.

Source: Mirakl

A new interview with the founder of eBay software company SixBit has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

John talks about his long history with eBay, why he still prefers desktop-based software, and why SixBit is now adding support for Amazon.

Read 20 Years in eBay Software: An Interview with SixBit's John Slocum

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has a new partnership with eBay to enable BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly list their products and manage their inventory on the eBay marketplace.

"It's never been more important for business owners to manage and sell across multiple channels, and this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of a thriving marketplace that will bring them new customers and turn that discovery into revenue," said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce.

"Multiple sales channels can introduce complexity, but this integration will bring our customers a more efficient way to grow their businesses, and save them time previously spent managing multiple platforms."

BigCommerce users will be able to list, manage and sell on the eBay marketplace through the BigCommerce control panel. The integration will provide:

  • Centralized inventory management
  • Rapid bulk listing
  • Quantity, price and description synchronization

Beta testing of the eBay integration will begin in the third quarter of 2016.

* * * * *

BigCommerce has also integrated a new version of PayPal's Express Checkout which allows payment to be made without visiting the PayPal website. PayPal's "in-context" checkout allows shoppers to stay on the webstore's checkout page eliminating a potential barrier to completing the payment process.

A new mobile payment tool from PayPal, also now integrated with BigCommerce, provides a simpler checkout experience for mobile buyers by storing payment data on the customer's mobile device. With PayPal One Touch, a shopper can fill in their credit card data on checkout pages in just a few clicks.

Source: BigCommerce

Shipping system ShipStation has a new integration with the Stripe Relay mobile payment service.

Stripe Relay simplifies the checkout process in mobile apps, making it easier for consumers to purchase from social media and mobile phones.

The ShipStation integration means orders placed using Stripe Relay can be imported into ShipStation and processed alongside orders from other channels with bulk label printing, automatic carrier selection, tracking number upload and more.

Source: ShipStation

The latest update of ecommerce management software SalesWarp includes support for multi-channel fulfillment using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

SalesWarp now offers FBA order routing for orders that originate not only on Amazon, but also on Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, and eBay, directly through the Amazon API.

In addition, SalesWarp provides visibility of total inventory available for sale through FBA, and sends shipment confirmations including tracking numbers. Sellers utilizing multiple fulfillment methods such as dropshippers, internal warehouses, and Amazon fulfillment services can view real-time stock for every product in the system.

Multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) using FBA allows sellers to use Amazon's fulfillment service to process orders placed through other marketplaces or an independent webstore.

Source: SalesWarp

Open source shopping cart PrestaShop has partnered with SOFORT, the European leader in direct online bank transfer payments, to provide a pre-installed integration with their payment system within the PrestaShop platform.

The built-in integration will make it easy for businesses that use PrestaShop to activate the SOFORT direct online bank transfer payment system.

"At PrestaShop, we are always looking for innovative solutions that will help our customers find a path to success for their business," says Bertrand Amaraggi, PrestaShop's Country Manager, Spain. "Considering how easy it is to use as well as SOFORT's growth not only throughout Europe but also in Spain, we thought it was the right time to offer a quick and easy implementation of their payment solution for our customers' online businesses."

With the SOFORT solution, businesses can offer customers the option to pay by bank transfer in three steps, without having to sign up with SOFORT. Businesses will receive an instant transfer notification with payment details, allowing them to process orders right away. The transfer is made directly from the customer's bank account to the business's bank account, without intermediary accounts, and at the original sales amount.

SOFORT is a part of the Klarna Group, one of the leading European online payment providers. Direct online bank transfer payments are a popular ecommerce payment option in a number of European countries. More than 35,000 online businesses use SOFORT in Europe, and the payment service is available to more than 180 million consumers in 13 European countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Source: Prestashop

Amazon feedback tool Feedback Genius has a new feature allowing users to monitor and track product reviews.

This "Amazon Product Review Monitoring" feature allows users to monitor selected ASINs on Amazon, and get notifications when a customer leaves a negative product review. By quickly identifying negative reviews, sellers can reach out to customers and address any negative experiences they have had with their products. The feature currently only supports ASINs sold on, but there are plans to expand it to international Amazon marketplaces.

Reviews can also be imported into Feedback Genius, then sorted and filtered by star rating, date, helpfulness votes and more. 

Source: Seller Labs

UK third-party logistics company James and James Fulfilment has opened its first overseas location in the US at Columbus, Ohio.

The purpose-built storage and office facility extends to 400,000 square feet, and will enable faster and more competitive shipping rates to US end customers.

Other advantages for international retailers include avoiding import duty and customs delays for customers in the USA.

"We are very excited about having a physical footprint in the USA", said James Hyde, Operations Director of James and James. "Although we already service overseas e-retailer clients, this is a significant extension of our capability that will set us up strongly for the next stage of our growth path."

Almost half of the American population is within one day's drive of the new warehouse, as is a third of the Canadian population. The warehouse is located on the Intermodal Campus at the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park, which boasts a central position in the Midwest of the USA, with fast access to seaports and Central Mexico by rail, and access to Asia and South America by air.

The new US facility is the first of a global network currently being set up by James and James to service a growing group of international clients. The move signals the company's ambitions to be a major global provider of e-fulfilment services, building on their rapid success in the UK. Their ControlPort software is highly regarded for its real-time, cloud-based operation that allows e-retailers and end customers to access their data at any time and at any location.

First shipments from the new facility have already begun.

Source: James and James

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's third-party marketplace in Japan.

Teapplix can now synchronize orders and inventory for Amazon Japan in the same way as its other supported Amazon marketplaces, which are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico (through a unified North American account)
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Itlay
  • Spain
  • Japan

Amazon Japan have an English-language page for international sellers here.

Source: Teapplix

Ecommerce software company Brightpearl has a new integration with Magento add-on M2E Pro which adds marketplace listing capabilities to the Brightpearl system.

Brightpearl's SVP Global Partnerships Adam Smith, added, "We are excited to make M2E's industry leading publishing technology available to the growing Brightpearl community of retailers. Magento, M2E, and Brightpearl together provide a powerful solution for independent merchants, and this partnership will dramatically change the way in which retailers manage their multichannel operations to drive greater revenue potential."

"Brightpearl is resilient at scale, because our platform is benchmarked at more than one million orders a day per store. So your Magento store will maintain high performance even when you are taking large numbers of orders across multiple channels."

The integration with M2E lets retailers publish products directly from Magento to marketplaces while maintaining real-time order and inventory management across all channels.

All product data is stored in Magento and users can decide which products to list on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten using a simple set of pages. The selected products will automatically connect to Brightpearl's inventory management system, which synchronizes stock levels across all channels, online and offline.

Multi-channel merchants using Brightpearl's software can manage their entire business operations – orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting – from one platform.

Source: Brightpearl

Fulfillment outsourcing company Shipwire now has a monthly minimum fee of US $500.

All new Shipwire accounts created after October 1, 2015 are already subject to the minimum, and clients who signed up before that date will fall under the new policy from May 1, 2016.

If the total fee for storage, handling, shipping, and other services is below $500 in any month, Shipwire will add an extra fee to reach the minimum.

Shipwire, part of Ingram Micro Commerce and Fulfillment Solutions since 2013, have been investing heavily in technology, fulfillment centers and their partner network.

Source: Shipwire

Marketplace management tool Veeqo has integrated with four new parcel carriers, following its acquisition of ParcelBright.

The new shipping integrations are with DPD, DHL, DX and Interlink. Veeqo now has ten shipping integrations, including Royal Mail, Fedex, myHermes, UPS, UK Mail and USPS.

Veeqo's shipping integrations allow retailers to bulk-print shipping labels across their web stores and marketplaces; email tracking information; and create shipping rules based on product weight, marketplace and destination.

Veeqo acquired London-based shipping technology company ParcelBright in March.

Source: Veeqo

Ecommerce integration tool Pipemonk has a new integration between ecommerce platform 3dcart and accounting tool QuickBooks Online.

Pipemonk can now sync store data between 3dcart and QuickBooks, and provide insights into the store's financial performance. Features include:

  • Auto-import of orders, products and customer data.
  • Discount tracking on 3dcart transactions.
  • Synchronization of sales tax and shipping charges.
  • Inventory tracking and stock level synchronization.

Source: Pipemonk

Online marketing software for vehicle sellers has received three AWA awards at the NADA Convention in Las Vegas.

The Automotive Website Awards (AWA) honor the best in the automotive digital marketing industry for the year.

"Today's consumers expect a fast, transparent and satisfying car shopping experience, and dealers are working to deliver that to them using digital innovations like the solutions that were honored by PCG this year," said Wayne Pastore, senior vice president, received awards in the following categories:

  • Marketing solutions, for Advertising.
  • Websites, for Websites.
  • Social Media, for Social Tools.

Started in 2008, the Automotive Website Awards recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing.


Amazon feedback management tool FeedbackFive has released a new feature which links Amazon buyers with product reviews that they have submitted.

Product reviewers may opt to use a different name in their reviews, making it difficult to associate reviewers with buyers.

FeedbackFive now has an algorithm that matches product reviewers to the buyers on a seller's account. It looks at items purchased, the reviewer's name, and other information to match buyers to reviews, and shows the results in a new Buyer Match column.

By clicking on the column, users can see the matched order number, buyer name, order date, the date a review request was sent and more. Sellers can then send an email to the buyer, for example to acknowledge a negative review and offer assistance.

The new feature is available to all FeedbackFive customers.

Source: eComEngine

eBay-to-Magento connector Codisto Marketplace Connect now supports WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce.

Codisto MarketPlace Connect now gives WooCommerce users the ability to quickly and easily integrate their store with eBay. WooCommerce product catalog changes are reflected on eBay automatically, and inventory is kept in sync on both channels. Orders are automatically sent to WooCommerce for processing, and shipment tracking numbers are automatically submitted to eBay.

"Releasing a WooCommerce version of MarketPlace Connect was an obvious choice for Codisto on the back of our hugely successful Magento release last year," said Jonathan Pollard, CEO Codisto. "Our extensions offer merchants a quantum leap reduction in the time, cost and effort to sell and manage eBay. We expect to meet some very excited WooCommerce developers and merchants at WooConf."

MarketPlace Connect provides product auto-categorization, image re-sizing and a fully responsive eBay sales template. Advanced features include multi-account support, calculated shipping and custom attribute mapping.

Source: PRWeb

Inventory and channel management system Linnworks has added an integration with ecommerce platform WooCommerce, as well as three shipping services.

The WooCommerce integration will allow Linnworks users to manage inventory, update stock levels and manage orders from WooCommerce.

The new shipping services supported in Linnworks are DHL Global Mail, Interlink Express and Amazon Buy Shipping.

With the DHL Global Mail integration, users can assign shipping, print shipping labels and file manifests all from one system. The Interlink integration brings the new cloud-based service in line with Linnworks desktop.

Finally, Linnworks have released a new integration directly with the Amazon "Buy Shipping" service. This new feature enables users to buy shipping labels directly from Amazon, which provides a range of benefits for Amazon sellers including:

  • No separate registration required with the parcel carrier.
  • Payment directly from Amazon sales earnings.
  • Orders marked as despatched as soon as shipping is purchased.
  • Tracking information automatically uploaded to Amazon.
  • Amazon automatically chooses the cheapest service for each order.

The Linnworks Buy Shipping integration allows the Amazon labels to be embedded directly into invoices or packing slips, or printed using a thermal printer for higher quality and cost savings.

Source: Linnworks for WooCommerce, DHL, Interlink and Amazon Buy Shipping integrations

Multichannel ecommerce software Webgility Unify Enterprise has introduced a new feature for managing prices and quantities across channels, and added an integration with CRM tool Salesforce.

The new Multi-channel Sync feature allows users to configure custom rules to set different prices and quantities for items on different sales channels. Each store can have different pricing levels, and the quantity available can be adjusted as an extra safeguard against overselling.

Unify Enterprise now integrates with Salesforce CRM. Orders and customers will automatically sync with Salesforce, creating an up-to-date purchase history for all customers across all channels. Salesforce can then be used to create tailored marketing campaigns to improve customer loyalty and increase sales.

Source: Webgility

UK order management software Zenstores is now integrated with WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce.

The Zenstores platform can now streamline the management of orders from WooCommerce, along with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento and Shopify. Supported carriers include Royal Mail, myHermes, Yodel, APC and SecuredMail.

Zenstores CEO Tom Palmer said, "Integrating with WooCommerce makes our platform available to a massive and highly-engaged global audience of small online sellers and makes us part of the amazing WordPress community, which we're delighted to now be able to contribute to."

Zenstores plans to add support for BigCommerce and OpenCart in the second quarter of 2016.

Source: Zenstores

Ecommerce management software Jazva is now integrated with UPS Customer Visibility Interface Solution (CVIS).

CVIS allows users to upload data on packages being loaded or removed from a UPS trailer, and to notify UPS that the trailer load is complete and ready to ship.

With the new integration, customers are updated with tracking information sooner. Once the order is scanned as "shipped", it is automatically associated with the UPS trailer and all the information is submitted to UPS in real-time.

To take advantage of this new feature, retailers need to register with UPS for the CVIS service.

Source: Jazva

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