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XSellco have agreed to extend their standard 14 day trial to two months for Web Retailer members, on both their Fusion and Price Manager products.

XSellco Fusion is a customer support tool for Amazon and eBay sellers, and XSellco Price Manager helps Amazon sellers win the Buy Box more often.

Get the offer code here.

Source: XSellco

Multichannel management solution plentymarkets Cloud has released a number of new features in recent months.

eBay's out-of-stock option feature is now supported by plentymarkets. Out of Stock Control makes it possible for items that are sold out to remain visible on the site. When the item is back in stock the listing keeps its sales history and listing ID, and any advantages it has in search ranking.

plentymarkets users can now create their own personal customer support ticket templates. Although templates were introduced some time ago users could not create them without admin rights.

plentymarkets now has support for the marketplace Fruugo. Fruugo specializes in cross-border trade, with a prescence in 23 countries including many in EU countries, as well as Russia, Australia, the USA and South Africa. Fruugo includes automatic translation of descriptions, currency conversion, payment protection and VAT support.

Finally, plentymarkets has updated its connector to ecommerce solution Shopware. The integration makes it possible to transfer item data in multiple languages, and import bank details with orders. The connector itself is an OpenSource project licensed under the GPL and available on GitHub.

Source: plentymarkets for eBay, templates, Fruugo and Shopware

Marketplace management tool Ecomdash has added support for firearms trading site

Ecomdash enables users to automate their inventory and sales process for multiple sales channels, automatically updating inventory quantities. Ecomdash can be used to manage product listings, change descriptions, and create listings in bulk.

"We are excited to partner with, for both their customers and ours," said Nick Maglosky, chief executive officer of ecomdash. "Our whole team is eager to provide multichannel ecommerce automation software to this underserved market. We're ready to make selling online easier and more profitable for the hunting, sporting and pawn industries."

Ecomdash is the first inventory management solution to support

Source: PRWeb

ChannelAdvisor has provided more information on the marketplace reporting widgets that were included in its recent Spring Release.

The new widgets cover:

  • Product performance and pricing for Amazon, with insights into best-selling products and Buy Box ownership.
  • Global demand, showing the global destinations for marketplace orders.
  • eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP), showing destinations for eBay GSP orders.
  • Lack of demand, which shows which products haven't been selling well.

* * * * *

ChannelAdvisor has also released support for Amazon North American Unified Accounts and Rakuten UK (formerly

Source: ChannelAdvisor for Widgets and Amazon/Rakuten

Amazon product review management tool BQool Review Central has added Excel downloads and new review email notification features.

"Review Central is a unique and practical tool for Amazon brand owners," said Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. "Being able to download product reviews gives company employees an efficient way to present product reports to their managers. It's also great for quality control as you have feedback from your customers right there in front of you. You can organize the spreadsheet however you want instead of having to copy and paste everything either from the BQool interface or from Amazon."

The alert feature enables an email to be sent when a product review has been left on Amazon. Kuo explained: "Product managers can quickly spot if a batch of inventory has defects or if a product needs immediate attention when they are able to receive instant alerts and react to them. This gives managers the heads-up for quality management."

The email notification feature is available starting from the $50 plan, and the download reviews feature is available starting at the $100 plan.

Review Central imports Amazon product reviews, and matches orders with reviews for email communication.

Source: BQool

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has released a big business-friendly "Enterprise" version of its solution.

Bigcommerce Enterprise features advanced security, real-time analytics and enterprise-grade integrations. The platform was rolled out to selected clients last year and is now generally available. Existing users include Samsung, Gibson, Marvel, Schwinn and Ubisoft.

"The technical barriers to selling online have been significantly reduced, and brands are questioning the notion that growth means complexity," said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and CEO, Bigcommerce. "Our enterprise platform delivers the functionality and scalability merchants need to compete in the big leagues, while avoiding the waste associated with managing an overly-complex, on-premise or proprietary solution."

Source: Bigcommerce

Multichannel management tool Stitch has released new reports on supplier performance and website traffic.

The new "Supplier Scorecard" benchmarks suppliers on lead time, delivery speed, and accuracy of orders.

The Google Analytics report provides a holistic view of product interest. The report shows which products are increasing in popularity, how advertising is performing and which products should be restocked.

Source: Stitch Labs

Ecommerce platform Shopify has launched a new "Buy Button" which can be added to any existing website.

The new button can be used on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace and any other platform, by embedding an HTML snippet. The button can be styled to match the existing site, and works on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Shopify also has an embedded shopping cart, so visitors can buy multiple products at once, or come back later to checkout.

Source: Shopify

Shipping system ShipStation has added an integration with US mail consolidator APC Postal Logistics.

With the integration, ShipStation customers will have access to APC's rates, tracking and delivery options within ShipStation's platform.

APC is a USPS consolidator with competitive rates for international shipments.

Source: ShipStation

A new in-depth interview with Skubana co-founder Chad Rubin has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

Chad talks about his business Crucial Vacuum, ecommerce, branding, marketplaces and Skubana – a brand new ERP system for marketplace sellers.

Source: Web Retailer

French marketplace management software provider Neteven has partnered with parcel logistics and fulfillment company B2C Europe.

The integration with B2C Europe will allow Neteven merchants to use B2C Europe for automated order fulfillment and returns .

Greg Zemor, CEO of Neteven, said, "Cross-border trade being a key strategic component of our company, we had to partner with the most adapted fulfilment provider. B2C Europe matches with this strategy by providing a comprehensive offer to our clients. To ease our clients launch globally, we have been working with the B2C Europe technical team to integrate our software. This one-stop-shop trading solution is a unique solution in line with e-commerce trends".

Rijk van Meekeren, CEO of B2C Europe, added, "Many of our current customers are searching to grow their international ecommerce business. Neteven provides excellent technology and market place knowledge that will help our customers expand their business across Europe, USA and Asia."

Source: Neteven

Order management solution Ordoro has launched a new rules-based configuration system.

Ordoro's new "automation rules engine" allows the creation of rules to automate shipping, order-management and other repetitive tasks. The initial release will include limited triggers and tasks, with more added in the future.

Source: Ordoro

Order management tool ShipStation can now print shipping labels from its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The mobile app, called ShipStation Companion, prints labels via a connected computer. The app can also be used for a range of shipping management tasks such as putting orders on hold, cancelling orders, viewing and printing packing slips, and more.

The ShipStation Companion apps were launched in April.

Source: ShipStation

Inventory and order management solution TradeGecko has released a new integration with accounting tool QuickBooks Online.

The new integration allows TradeGecko users to sync data between inventory and accounting. Sales, inventory, and purchase data are automatically pulled from TradeGecko to a QuickBooks Online account.

TradeGecko released their QuickBooks Online integration to beta testing in January this year.

Source: TradeGecko

Dropship suppliers directory Doba has created an app for cloud-based webstore Bigcommerce.

The app enables Bigcommerce retailers to source products via Doba and automatically dropship them from the supplier when an order is placed.

"With access to three million products and hundreds of suppliers across the country, business owners will be able to easily identify new products to sell and have those orders immediately fulfilled, removing the pain of handling logistics," said Melanie Kalemba, SVP of sales and strategic business development at Bigcommerce.  "Sourcing and shipping high-quality products is one of the biggest needs for our clients looking to grow and expand their business."

"Bigcommerce is a great partner for our network because its platform is powerful enough to handle large volumes of products and orders," says David Niccum, VP of Product at Doba. "Our current retailers are looking forward to this integration to make product and order management easier."

The integration will help retailers identify top-performing suppliers and work with multiple suppliers at the same time. The Doba App for Bigcommerce can be found in the Bigcommerce App Store.

Source: Doba

USPS label-printing software Endicia has launched a new service to make it easier for US merchants to send parcels to buyers in Brazil.

Endicia Global Service provides quicker customs clearance, package tracking and affordable rates for businesses shipping to Brazil. A beta release of the service is available immediately, with general availability scheduled for summer 2015. The service is set to expand to additional countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of 2015.

"This new program could significantly increase revenues for companies who want to sell their products in Brazil, but gave up because of the cost and delays," said Endicia's co-founder and general manager, Amine Khechfé. "Latin America is the world's second fastest-growing ecommerce market, according to a 2014 Internet Retailer study. Thanks to an increasingly digital culture, Brazil is leading this growth, presenting an opportunity for U.S.-based online businesses."

The Endicia Global Service for SMBs offers same-day customs clearance by pre-paying import duty. Shipments can clear customs in as little as six hours in contrast to an average of five days for packages that are not shipped duty-paid. Shipments are delivered in 8 to 10 days with end-to-end tracking. Endicia provides international address verification and generates the pre-paid customs label.

"Brazil's market offers a tremendous opportunity for U.S.-based online sellers, but up until this point, it's been difficult for businesses to access it," said Khechfé. "Our new service eliminates the difficulties for sellers and makes shipping to Brazil as easy as shipping in the United States."

Endicia Global Service is available through the Endicia Professional service plan.

Endicia's main rival announced it's intention to acquire Endicia in March 2015.

Source: Endicia

Cloud-based web store provider Volusion has released a selling app that runs on Android smart watches.

Volusion for Wear allows merchants to review store activities including new, processing and shipped orders, and see a stores' total sales for the last 24 hours, seven days, and ninety days. The app also provides push notifications to alert merchants of new orders in real-time, and inventory alerts when the stock status of a product is running low. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

"As mobile devices become more deeply integrated with our everyday lives, so grows the need for our merchants to better manage their stores on-the-go," said Clay Olivier, Volusion CEO. "This is why we've invested heavily in increasing our mobile management capabilities, and are excited to have this best-in-class smartwatch app now available to the public."

Volusion also released the third version of their app for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The new apps include the ability to add and edit products, provide secure login using iPhone's Touch ID technology, and include enhanced shipping tools.

Source: PRWeb

ChannelAdvisor founder Scot Wingo has resigned as the company's CEO, after 13 years leading the company.

Former Chief Operating Officer and company president David Spitz has taken up the role of CEO, while Wingo stays on as executive chairman.

"I look forward to remaining closely involved in driving ChannelAdvisor's role in the complex e-commerce industry both internally and externally, and making further contributions to our products and strategy in my new role," said Wingo in a statement. "I am excited about David's appointment as CEO. I believe David is a strong, dynamic leader, with the drive to lead our organization forward, helping us create long-term value for our customers, employees and shareholders."

ChannelAdvisor recently reported $22.6 million in first quarter 2015 revenue, up 17 percent compared to the same period last year. The company made a loss of $4.2 million in the quarter but its stock price, which has suffered since it's IPO in 2013, rose nearly 6 percent on the news of Spitz's appointment.

Source: Triangle Business Journal

Terapeak's marketplace analytics tool MySales has added new click-through and sell-through metrics for eBay listings, and also new sales trend charts.

In the MySales dashboard, "Impressions to Clicks" is the the number of times a seller's listings are viewed, as a percentage of the number of times their listings appear in search results. "Clicks to Sales" is the number of times a seller's listings are purchased, as a percentage of the number of times their listings are viewed.

The "Click to Sales" or sell-through rate is known to be a factor in eBay's Best Match search ranking algorithm.

MySales also has an enhanced chart showing sales trends over time. The chart can be filtered by seller account, marketplace, category and date range. Periods can be compared in one chart, and charts zoomed in to show more detail.

Terapeak's marketplace research tools have also been updated with a new mobile responsive interface that works on laptops and desktops, tablets and smart phones. Terapeak offers access to 365 days of eBay sales and Amazon offer data, eBay category trends, competitor research and more.

Source: Terapeak

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