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An unusual service called 71 Pounds helps US-based sellers with UPS or FedEx accounts claim refunds under these carriers' late delivery guarantee.

The company says that 4%-6% of UPS and FedEx deliveries are late, on average, and qualify for a full refund. Their service automatically identifies late deliveries and claims the refunds within the 15-day window allowed.

Source: 71 Pounds

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder can now list products to the innovative Flubit marketplace.

StoreFeeder director Karl Ciz said "StoreFeeder are proud to be one of the first to develop full listing capability specifically for Flubit, and of course stock control and order management will all accommodate Flubit orders to ensure StoreFeeder’s existing and prospective clients can take advantage of this new platform."

StoreFeeder have created guides on setting up the integration and listing to Flubit.

Launched in 2012, Flubit is a consumer-driven marketplace where buyers say which products they are looking for and sellers "bid" to offer the lowest price. Flubit recently extended their website to create a new offers site for Barclaycard, adding the UK's five million Barclaycard holders to their customer base.

Source: StoreFeeder

Auctiva-owned eBay sniping tool Auction Sniper has sent an email inviting its customers to try new marketplace 11Main, owned by Auctiva parent company

The email read: "At 11 Main you'll score really unique items from thousands of hand-selected specialty shops and boutiques without any of the auction hassle. Heck, you won't even need to use us to get these great products." and included a 30% discount code off a first purchase from the site.

Source: Email

Hosting shopping cart Yahoo! Ecommerce has been updated and redesigned to be more mobile friendly, with integrated marketing and its own third-party app store.

The new Yahoo! Stores includes its own temporary payment gateway, available until the store makes its first sale, meaning that new stores do not need their own merchant account.

Stores are mobile-optimized when using one of the provided themes, and a new app store provides integration with advertising platforms such as Google Shopping and Facebook Ads. A live chat feature is also built in.

Armando Roggio of Practical Ecommerce reported "The new Yahoo Stores ecommerce platform is a dramatic improvement that appears to meet the goals Yahoo set out for it. Like any software solution, it is not perfect, but this update makes Yahoo Stores competitive with the best SaaS ecommerce solutions."

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Order management tool M.O.M. has a new reporting and business intelligence module called Communiqué.

The new tool features:

  • 150+ reports, data analyzers and pivot tables
  • Slow Movers and Zero Item Sales reports to help identify problem stock lines
  • Product replenishment reports to help determine optimum stock levels
  • Data mining reports to help identify patterns and behavior for marketing campaigns

Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp, said "Communiqué for M.O.M. offers remarkable visibility into retail or fulfillment center operations, enabling our customers to make more informed and strategic business decisions related to orders and inventory to support their growing eCommerce needs."

Source: Dydacomp

eBay listing management tool Segemai-Retail One-MarketPlace has a new set of APIs for buying items from

Segemai Technologies founding partner Praveen Agrawal told us "We have many eBay sellers source items from Amazon and ship direct to their buyer. Today, our APIs are standalone, but we are working on a solution where it can automatically purchase an Amazon item when an associated eBay item is ordered."

Source: Email

UK shipping solution NetDespatch has created a toolkit for adding Royal Mail's new Local Collect service to an ecommerce website.

The toolkit, available free to Royal Mail business customers, allows retailers to offer their customers a collection service at 10,500 Post Offices across the UK.

NetDespatch provides the technology for the buyer to find and choose a local Post Office, from a link on the retailer's website.

NetDespatch provides their software for free to 120,000 online sellers, funded by partnerships with carriers including Royal Mail, Yodel, Collect+, APC Overnight and Nightline.

Source: Tamebay

Hosted web shop Bigcommerce has won EcommerceBytes' Sellers Choice Awards for best Online Shopping Cart 2014.

EcommerceBytes readers were asked to evaluate 22 shopping carts in five areas: fees, ease of use, performance, SEO features and customer service. Bigcommerce took first place just ahead of Amazon Webstore.

Source: Bigcommerce

A new version of US Postal Service shipping software features an updated price finder, barcode/keyboard presets and the option to print letter postage using a thermal printer.

The upgraded USPS BestRate shopping engine finds the best mail class and shipping rate for packages. Once rules have been configured in the software, it will automatically select the best mail class based on cost, delivery date and package size.

Users can now create presets that are applied to orders using either a barcode scan or keyboard shortcut. Presets can correspond to frequently shipped products or commonly used boxes, for example, to automatically populate weight, dimensions and more. customers can now use a thermal printer to print USPS First Class Mail letter postage. This feature allows customers to save time by managing all shipments from a single printer.


More details have been released on how the XSellco Repricer Buy Box Predictor works.

The company says multiple factors are used in their prediction algorithm, and given a weighting to help decide the probability of winning the Buy Box. For example, the FBA weighting makes an FBA seller more likely to win the buy box than a Merchant Fulfilled seller, even with a higher price.

Other factors taken into account are feedback count, feedback percentage, availability of expedited shipping, time to despatch, and the "despatched from" location.

Source: XSellco

Multichannel ecommerce software provider eSellerPro is hosting three customer roadshow events in the UK this September.

The one-day seminars, taking place in Cheltenham, London and Manchester, will include talks from eSellerPro team members and cover topics including training, webshops, marketing, the eBay search engine and promotions manager, tips for increasing sales, Amazon listing and more.

The roadshows are intended for existing customers and will take place on:

  • 16th September in Cheltenham at the eSellerPro offices
  • 18th September in London at the Cabinet War Rooms
  • 23rd September in Manchester at The Studios

Source: eSellerPro

Inventory management tool TradeGecko has released changes to reporting, importing and currency support.

The new features include:

  • Customizable columns on inventory, relationships, orders and stock control pages.
  • A new spreadsheet product importer and more help with data cleaning.
  • Reporting on sales by brand to help find best and worst performing brands.
  • Improved error messages about any problems with third party integrations.
  • Multiple currency support for the integration with the Xero accounting tool.

Source: TradeGecko

Ecommerce software provider ChannelAdvisor has published the results of an independent study into multichannel ecommerce.

They surveyed over 200 US and UK online retailers, with an average of $3-$5 million in revenue in 2013. Participants were asked about topics including marketplaces, cross-border trade, and digital marketing. Key findings included:

  • 84 percent of retailers sell on Amazon, and 63 percent sell on eBay.
  • The retailers said the most challenging aspect of marketplace selling is competitive pricing.
  • 30 percent of retailers said 21-30 percent of their sales are from international marketplaces

ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo said "It’s critical that retailers evaluate what the rest of the industry is doing so they can stay on top of innovations. Our survey results show that retailers are taking a multichannel approach to increase their exposure in every stage of the consumer's path to purchase."

More statistics are provided in the Navigating E-Commerce Channels PDF (contact details required).

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Hosted ecommerce platform Upshot Commerce has passed its annual PCI-DSS audit, as well as meeting the requirements for the next version of the payment security standard.

Vlad Zachary, Director of Omni-Channel Commerce at Upshot Commerce, said "Since the new PCI-DSS 3.0 is not mandatory till next year, most cloud service providers will continue to work under the PCI-DSS 2.0 requirements this year. We felt however that it was important to meet the new standards early in order to demonstrate to our customers our dedication to data security in the cloud."

PCI-DSS is a standard for payment card security, and the new 3.0 specification is influenced by recent hacking cases. It requires that companies keep a list of components that are in scope for PCI DSS, a diagram showing the movement of cardholder data across their systems, and information about which requirements are met by outside service providers.

Source: Upshot Commerce

US sales tax calculation and reporting tool TaxJar has updated their spreadsheet import feature.

A brand new screen tracks previous CSV uploads, any errors that occurred, and the transactions that were included.

Source: TaxJar

In its 2013 Fall Release, eBay has updated its hosted selling management tool Selling Manager with a number of improvements to listing creation and editing.

The new features available in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro include:

  • Creating listings from drafts. Thousands of drafts can be created and saved for up to 30 days.
  • Creating new listings in bulk (to be rolled out to sellers during the year).
  • Creating multiple new listings by copying existing listings.
  • Editing listings in bulk using a new quick edit mode.
  • Export listings to a CSV or PDF file.
  • Listing recommendations based on marketplace data, including pricing suggestions and title tips.

Source: eBay

US fulfillment outsourcing company Webgistix (Rakuten Super Logistics) now accepts the Bitcoin currency as payment.

Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics US, said "Many of our merchants are accepting bitcoin on their e-commerce platforms, but none of our competitors are offering the opportunity to pay for order fulfillment services with bitcoin. Accepting bitcoin payment not only sets us apart from our competitors, but allows us to move closer toward our goal of a frictionless global e-commerce marketplace."

Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. will accept bitcoin payments via BitPay, and has already had requests from international customers to pay with the currency.

Tony Gallippi, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at BitPay, said "Selling online is highly-competitive, and retailers no matter what industry they're in have a high risk and cost of accepting payments compared to brick and mortar retailers. By accepting bitcoin from the customer and using bitcoin for logistics, fulfillment, and the supply chain, a company can multiply their savings and see a bigger impact on the bottom line."

Source: Webgistix

Order management tool Lettuce has been acquired by Intuit, the maker of popular accounting software Quickbooks.

Lettuce CEO Raad Mobrem said "While this is a big step for Lettuce, it doesn’t mean that much will change. Since the beginning, we've worked hard to improve the way you manage your orders and inventory so you can eliminate time-consuming, tedious tasks and spend more time doing the things you love. We plan on continuing down this path and once the transaction is closed, with Intuit's support, we plan to accelerate this tremendously. Intuit has the same philosophy, and is passionate about creating solutions that simplify the business of life for small businesses around the world."

PandoDaily reported that Intuit pad $30 million in cash for the company and that Lettuce will be integrated into Intuit’s own Quickbooks online.

Source: Lettuce and PandoDaily.

Shipping reseller Globegistics has partnered with the UK's Royal Mail to act as its sales agents in the United States. Royal Mail has also partnered with logistics company IMEX Global Solutions.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said "Royal Mail is very excited to have two strong international mail and parcel distribution providers offering its UK destined Advertising Mail, Business Mail, Publishing Mail and Parcels services to US customers. This agreement will also enable Royal Mail to penetrate the robust US eCommerce market even further as it continues to expand its global customer base."

Royal Mail is the UK's universal postal service provider, with the capability to deliver to over 29 million UK addresses six days a week. Globegistics is a global mail and parcels distribution provider with gateway operations in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

Source: Globegistics

Version 6 of ecommerce customer support solution ReplyManager is integrated with eBay's resolution center, and also marketplace management tool ChannelAdvisor.

The new eBay Resolution Center integration allows users to view and respond to eBay cases directly from ReplyManager. Users are also able to organize cases using tags and respond with standard replies.

The ChannelAdvisor integration allows users of both systems to access ChannelAdvisor order data from within ReplyManager. The customer's eBay ID or email address (including Amazon's anonymized addresses) is used to find orders in ChannelAdvisor and show the results in ReplyManager.

Other features of the new version include simplified creation of filtering rules and auto-responders, and a report on the average amount of time spent handling customer emails.

Source: ReplyManager

UK fulfillment house James and James Fulfilment has added end-to-end order tracking to its service.

The new system provides detailed order tracking including stages of the fulfillment process such as picking, checking and packing. The information is displayed on a web page that can be shared with end customers.

Source: James and James

XSellco's marketplace customer support tool has been rebranded to XSellco Unity.

After a number of recent updates the tool was no longer just a CRM (customer relationship management) platform and the company decided to reflect that in the new name. XSellco Unity is described as a "reputation management platform for eBay and Amazon sellers".

The tool imports customer contact records, orders and payment information into a single dashboard.

Source: XSellco

Multichannel management tool Ecomdash has released a number of changes including support for eBay auctions.

The new release includes:

  • Upgraded listing module which identifies unlisted products and helps list them quickly.
  • Support for eBay auctions.
  • Enhanced packing slips including price, warehouse and shipping information.
  • Reprinting of shipping labels.
  • More inventory management attributes.

Source: Ecomdash

Ecommerce management tool Stitch has released a number of new features to enable users to work faster.

The updates include:

  • In-line editing of inventory variants so data can be modified within a table.
  • Customizable column selections so unneeded data can be hidden.
  • Color-coding to indicate the source of inventory data.
  • Support for invoicing in multiple currencies.

Source: Stitch Labs

A new online course by Bootstrapping Ecommerce's Shabbir Nooruddin has been launched, with a 20% discount available for Web Retailer members.

The course has 5 sections, covering:

  1. Competing against Amazon
  2. What a niche is and how to find one
  3. Validating your niche ideas
  4. Researching competitors
  5. Finding suppliers

The course price is $47 but Web Retailer members can get a 20% discount with code "WEBRETAILER". Shabbir is available for questions, comments and concerns during the course, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. More details and course preview.

Source: Udemy

Order management and shipping tool ShipStation has launched a new design and new features to help customize and streamline the shipping workflow.

In addition to a cleaner look and feel, new features have been added including:

  • Each user has their own set of 5 open order batches, rather than sharing batches across users.
  • Individual print settings for each user/browser combination.
  • User-customizable order views to enable custom workflows.

Live demo sessions have been scheduled on 1, 5 and 7 August.

Source: ShipStation

Multichannel management system Linnworks has two discounts available until 1 September.

The company is offering a 25% discount for new customers with offer code FB25LP, and a 10% discount for existing customers with offer code KEXH10.

The 25% discount is for new Linnworks accounts only, and applies to the account indefinitely. Both offers have to be claimed by 1 September.

Source: Linnworks (existing customers and new customers)

Multichannel sales management tool SureDone has added an integration with USPS postage tool

The integration allows SureDone sellers to print postage labels directly from SureDone, and access discounted postage rates. is offering SureDone customers a special monthly rate, and a free digital scale and label printer.

Source: SureDone

Wholesale marketplace's parent company has won another huge contract to sell surplus stock from the US Department of Defense.

The 24-month contract is to manage the receipt, storage, marketing and sale of all usable non-rolling stock surplus from military bases in the US and overseas territories. Liquidity Services will pay the DoD 4.35% of DoD's original acquisition value (OAV). The stock will be offered for sale through

"We are excited to build on our 14-year relationship with DLA and to continue this relationship to securely sell the majority of surplus assets generated by the DoD across the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam," said Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of Liquidity Services. "Our deep experience in processing and selling over 240 million surplus items for the DoD will enable us to continue to provide innovative solutions to our agency partner while enhancing value for these items by integrating our sales with the General Services Administration’s official government sales portal which will add to our base of over 2.6 million buyers seeking surplus assets on our marketplace platform."

Source: Liquidity Services Inc

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