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Marketplace management tool Veeqo has been updated with serveral user interface improvements.

A new order popup has been added to the orders module, the Amazon lister has had a makeover (currently in beta), and the new orders page has been improved so customer addresses can be entered by typing in a postal code then choosing the correct address from a list.

Veeqo also has extended its shipping rules to include options for country and quantity, so different carriers can be selected automatically depending on the destination country and quantity being ordered.

Source: Veeqo

Marketplace management tool Stitch has added a number of new features in its latest release.

Stitch has put barcode generation in beta, allowing sellers to create barcode labels for inventory items and FBA shipments from both the variant and purchase order views. When an inbound order is received, sellers can now quickly print off labels for all the new stock.

New reports in Stitch include:

  • The Warehouse Low Stock report provides a snapshot of all the items that are running low within a warehouse.
  • The Product Tag Drill Down report filters sales by product tags to find trends across product groupings such as brand.
  • The Variant Listings Associations report shows everywhere a variant is listed.

Stitch has also integrated with wholesale marketplace NuORDER. The integration allows Stitch users to showcase their products to retailers buying at wholesale.

Source: Stitch Labs for Feature Release and NuORDER Integration

Amazon feedback solicitation tool FeedbackFive has an enhanced capability to manage product reviews, with a new feature called "My Product Reviews".

The new feature allows sellers to monitor and track the reviews of specific product ASINs, even if thousands of items are carried.

"My Product Reviews" also sends an alert (or daily digest) when a user leaves a negative review, so the seller can respond. Negative reviews help sellers understand the issues buyers face regarding specific products.

Non-users of FeedbackFive can sign up for free to track product reviews on two ASINs.

FeedbackFive's new Email Campaigns feature launched in September provided an email template specifically geared to getting more Amazon reviews.

Source: eComEngine

Ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has been updated with new batch drop-shipping functionality, and advanced cost attribution rules.

Brightpearl's drop-shipping functionality now has batch processing functions that help cut admin time when forwarding orders directly to suppliers for shipping.

The margin calculation feature now has advanced landed-cost attribution, letting merchants easily factor in transportation fees, customs, duties, insurance, etc, when calculating margins and setting sale prices.

"Last year our customers saw holiday season sales volume nearly triple compared to 2013," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "As Brightpearl is entirely cloud-based, we can dramatically increase computing resources to accommodate a huge spike in expected demand this year as well. The result is a competitive advantage enjoyed by the 1,400 merchants currently using Brightpearl to run their multi-channel operations. Already, our customers are growing at twice the average rate for ecommerce businesses worldwide -- a rate we expect will continue to increase as merchants further leverage the capabilities of our software."

Source: Brightpearl

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has added support for the marketplace.

The new integration allows users to manage orders and inventory, and also submit listings.

Sellers with inventory already listed on other marketplaces can quickly launch their products in bulk onto Teapplix also automatically downloads orders and uploads tracking numbers, handles returns, and controls inventory quantity and pricing.

Source: Teapplix

Cloud-based shopping cart Bigcommerce is introducing maximum order levels to its pricing in the new year, reports Tamebay.

The reason for the change is that old Bigcommerce plans failed to take into account sales growth, so there are sellers who turn over $10m-$30m in annual sales yet still pay only $30 a month on the basic plan. Maintaining service levels for those sellers costs more than the fees that they pay.

Bigcommerce will now eliminate transaction fees but introduce an order limit based on sales in the last 12 months. The standard plan at $29.95 per month will have an order cap of 500, the Plus plan will allow 1000 orders for $79.95, and the Pro Plan will cost $199.95 per month.

Bigcommerce says that around 80% of Bigcommerce merchants will not see a change in current monthly pricing, or will even pay a lower price.

Source: Tamebay

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has a new integration with accounting tool Xero.

The app enables Bigcommerce sellers to connect their store with the Xero accounting software, providing an accurate, real time view of financial data from a single interface.

The integration has automatic data transfer so sales flow seamlessly to Xero, including associated products, customers, taxes, discounts, refunds, payments and shipping data.

The app is customizable so just specific operations can be synchronized.

"Our merchants oversee every part of their business, and this integration brings peace of mind and frees up time and money to spend elsewhere," said Tim Schulz, chief product officer of Bigcommerce. "It was a big demand from resource-constrained retailers."

The new app is available to all Bigcommerce and Xero customers at no extra cost.

Source: Bigcommerce

Order management tool ShipStation has integrated with social-selling app Spreesy.

Spreesy creates shoppable posts for Facebook and Instagram with built-in marketing tools such as discount codes.

With ShipStation integration, Spreesy customers can access discounted USPS rates, direct carrier integrations, multi-channel order management, custom packing slips and email templates, and more.

"We're excited to partner with ShipStation so that our merchants can get back to building and growing their online businesses," says Spencer Costanzo, Co-Founder of Spreesy. "Order fulfillment and shipping have been major pain points for our merchants, and ShipStation will be the ultimate solution for streamlining Spreesy orders." 

Source: ShipStation

Open source shopping cart PrestaShop has a new partnership with leading Chinese payment service Alipay.

The partnership covers the UK, Netherlands and Germany and helps PrestaShop retailers sell to Chinese consumers by providing a payment option that they are familar with.

The Alipay Cross Border Online Payment module is integrated into the PrestaShop back office, and available through the Addons Marketplace.

Rita Liu, Head of Europe, Middle East & Russia at Alipay said: "We want to make sure that we make it simple for everyone to offer their products and services to Chinese consumers. Alipay has become a lifestyle for our customers and our goal is to enable them to easily buy what they want from outside of China as well as at home. By partnering with PrestaShop we are opening up a new market to European retailers and enabling our customers to use the payment platform they trust and rely on to buy online from smaller companies in Europe."

Today, 50% of online payments in China are processed by Alipay. Over $14.3 billion of gross merchandise volume was settled through Alipay on Alibaba's retail marketplaces on "Singles Day" - November 11 - this year.

Source: PrestaShop

Inventory management solution Skubana has released new product import and sales analytics features.

Skubana can now import products from existing marketplace listings and shopping carts. By choosing a master sales channel that has the most complete data, Skubana will import and reconcile the entire product catalog including any kits, bundles and variations.

Skubana has also added a SKU-level profitability report to its analytics module. The report automatically sorts products using a proprietary formula to show product-level profits and losses across all sales channels.

Source: Skubana

The CEO of repricing software company Feedvisor has been interviewed for an in-depth article on the Web Retailer blog.

In The Science of Pricing Feedvisor CEO Victor Rosenman talks about:

  • Has background as an ecommerce consultant.
  • Why algorithmic repricing is preferable to rules-based repricing.
  • How Feedvisor calculates the best price to maximize profit.
  • What's next for the company.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce marketing tool CommerceHub DemandStream has added support for Yahoo's new Product Ads.

DemandStream users can now manage Yahoo campaigns alongside other ad channels (such as Google and Bing) and make informed decisions on how to best optimize these campaigns. They can manage ad groups and product groups, as well as bulk bid updates, for Yahoo campaigns.

The Bing/Yahoo advertising partnership agreement was amended in 2015, making Bing Ads less prevalent on Yahoo properties over time. Moving forward, up to 49% of ads displayed in Yahoo's search results on desktops could be served by Yahoo's Gemini ad platform instead of Bing Ads. For mobile, 100% of Yahoo search ads are eligible to come from Yahoo Gemini.

Retailers who have generated the majority of their revenue from Bing Product Ads displayed on Yahoo properties, and haven't started using Yahoo Gemini, could lose revenue during the transition.

Yahoo recently announced the general availability of Yahoo Product Ads, after extensive beta testing.

Source: CommerceHub

Order management solution Ordoro has a new integration with inventory analysis tool Inventory Planner.

Inventory Planner connects to sales data sources to provide automated inventory replenishment guidance based on product demand. The app suggests the number of units to replenish for each product SKU, identifies slow-selling products, and reports on KPIs like profit, turnover, and gross margin.

Source: Ordoro

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle has added a new feature which can selectively ignore competitors on Amazon listings.

The new Ignore Competition setting allows sellers to more accurately define the type of sellers they'd like to compete against, remaining competitive while keeping prices above a minimum threshold.

Instead of staying at their minimum price when there are cheaper competitors, the Ignore Competition feature can be used to beat the next-cheapest competitor above the seller's minimum price - ignoring competitors who are cheaper.

The Ignore Competition feature is available on all three of Appeagle's pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Source: Appeagle

Ecommerce software supplier SalesWarp has integrated its solution with email service provider SendGrid, and made it easier to submit support tickets via Zendesk.

With SendGrid, a free but optional service for SalesWarp clients, retailers have been able to improve delivery rates of transactional emails sent to customers. SendGrid delivers order and shipment confirmations and other emails on behalf of the retailer and provides real-time visibility of delivery using the SendGrid customer portal.

Helpdesk system Zendesk is used by SalesWarp to respond to software issues, questions, and feedback submitted by users. Zendesk is now integrated into every interface within SalesWarp, so feedback can be submitted when and where the issue occurs. The plugin includes a wizard to guide the user through capturing a screen shot and submitting detailed feedback.

Source: SalesWarp

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has added support for Amazon Marketplace in the UK.

The new integration enables retailers to auto-sync product quantities across and other channels, and receive order information as a sale is made. Retailers can easily create listings and gain visibility into which product listings are live, queued or sold. Amazon UK sellers will be able to create pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels from within the software, and ship products via UPS, FedEx and DHL Express integrations.

"We're excited to be able to offer this new integration to our customers and trial members," said Kevin Loomis, vice president of product development and co-founder of ecomdash. "As the holidays quickly approach, a new marketplace integration may prove critical for sellers looking to expand sales and visibility this season."

Source: Ecomdash

Ecommerce technology company ChannelAdvisor has announced the date and location for its 2016 Catalyst Americas conference.

Catalyst Americas will take place on April 11 - 13, 2016 at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The theme is "E-Commerce: Future-Proofed" and it will offer networking, and presentations from experts about the future of ecommerce and how sellers can improve their businesses.

"Changes in consumer behavior, innovations in product fulfillment and the emergence of new channels of demand are shaping the future of e-commerce," said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor CEO. "The dynamic keynote presentations, educational breakout sessions and invaluable networking opportunities at Catalyst Americas 2016 will help retailers, brands and manufacturers focus their online strategies, so they're equipped for tomorrow's e-commerce."

ChannelAdvisor is currently offering an early-bird registration rate of $975 until January 15, 2016, as well as discounted hotel rates at the luxurious Aria Resort & Casino. More information and registration.

* * * * *

ChannelAdvisor will also host AutoCommerce 2016 immediately before the Catalyst Americas conference. AutoCommerce focuses exclusively on ecommerce opportunities and best practices for automotive and powersports retailers.

The keynote from SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting will be on "E-Commerce in the Motors P&A World," covering topics such as the obstacles automotive e-commerce businesses face and the critical components to online success.

"Automotive e-commerce is growing more complex, and there's more competition than ever," said Mark Vandegrift, ChannelAdvisor director of business development. "AutoCommerce gives automotive and powersports retailers the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what's shaping the industry. For the fifth consecutive year, AutoCommerce attendees will get to learn from and network with experts who have a deep understanding of e-commerce and a specialized knowledge of fitment and other elements exclusive to the industry."

The registration fee for AutoCommerce is $99 as a stand-alone event, or it is included with registration to Catalyst Americas 2016.

Source: ChannelAdvisor for Catalyst Americas and AutoCommerce

Order management tool ShipRush has added support for the new Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Under the new program, qualifying merchants can have self-fulfilled products listed as eligible for Prime. Previously, using Amazon's FBA fulfillment service was the only way to get the Prime badge.

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders must be shipped with the Amazon "Buy Shipping" system built into Amazon's Seller Central, or available in compatible shipping systems - which now includes ShipRush Web.

All ShipRush Web features are available for the new Prime shipping, including single and batch shipping, packing list printing, laser and thermal printer support, cloud printing, scale support and more.

ShipRush Product Manager Rafael Zimberoff said, "Prime is a fast-growing part of Amazon, and every merchant should consider supporting it. As the leading solution for Amazon merchant shipping, it is something ShipRush needs to support."

Teapplix also added support for Seller Fulfilled Prime this month.

Source: ShipRush

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has partnered with fraud detection company Sift Science.

As a result, Bigcommerce has introduced a new single-click application to automatically detect potential fraud for online merchants with significant order volume.

Sift Science's tool looks at thousands of behavioral and identity signals before and after an order takes place to uncover hidden clues and red flags. Using this data, the app distinguishes legitimate users from fraudsters, and assigns a Sift Score to quantify the potential risk. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 being safe, and 100 being almost certainly fraudulent.

"We were able to catch two quite obviously fraudulent orders and cancel shipping within 30 minutes of installing Sift," says Arthur Maitre, ecommerce manager at Native Union, a Bigcommerce beta tester for the Sift Science integration.

Source: Bigcommerce

Inventory and marketplace management tool Veeqo has a new iPhone app for retailers using its system.

Veeqo sellers can now track their inventory and change stock levels using their phone. The iPhone camera can be used as a barcode scanner, and users can change quantities and allocate inventory to channels using the app.

This allows retailers to update stock from the warehouse floor, events and trade shows. Veeqo says they are the first to create an iPhone app for inventory management which is also connected to their website and marketplaces.

Source: Veeqo

Ecommerce loans specialist Bitbond has added an integration with Latin American marketplace MercadoLibre.

On Bitbond, sellers can now connect their MercadoLibre account to show their creditworthiness, and improve their rating on the site based on positive feedback received from buyers.

Active marketplace seller accounts are the best way to see if a borrower on Bitbond runs a successful business.

Source: Bitbond

Amazon and eBay repricer Appeagle has adjusted their entry-level price plan to allow repricing on multiple marketplaces.

Appeagle's Basic Plan now allows price management on one selling account for each marketplace, at no additional charge. Prior to this enhancement, the Basic Plan allowed for repricing on a single marketplace among those supported by Appeagle.

Users can now can manage pricing on one marketplace per country on any of the Amazon international, eBay international, and marketplaces. This change ties into Appeagle's globalization initiative to help sellers expand their businesses across borders and sell globally.

Sellers can assign all listings across marketplaces to pre-existing pricing strategies, and manage inventory across marketplaces using Appeagle's Quantity Sync feature.

Source: Appeagle

Order management tool Ordoro has added support for payment processor Square.

Square provides a point-of-sale system (POS) system for making in-store sales. Retailers can use Square to sell in person at their own brick and mortar location, or at events such as a local festival or convention.

Ordoro can now receive order information from Square for processing and fulfillment.

* * * * *

Ordoro has also been updated to alert users when their Endicia balance is low, and allow quick top-ups even while creating a label, if necessary.

Australia Post and OnTrac are now supported by Ordoro for adding tracking numbers to orders. OnTrac is a US shipping company operating in eight of America's westernmost states, from Arizona to Washington.

Source: Ordoro for Square Support and Feature Updates

The developer of Magento-to-eBay extension M2E Pro has announced their new price plans after eBay stopped funding the plug-in, reports Tamebay.

The announcement is M2E Pro's third since first informing users that they would start charging for the service.

The first announcement was unexpected and controversial amongst M2E Pro users, leading to a retraction and a survey of the extension's large user base. The survey had 547 responses and 338 written comments.

There are 10 new price plans, each of which are offered with the option for listings or orders functionality, or both - known as M2E Complete. Prices range from $7.50 for $5,000 in sales per month to $999 for $1 million in sales per month. Prices are not adjusted for other currencies, so UK sellers will pay up to £999 per month, albeit on a higher level of sales of £1 million.

The first 30 days billing cycle started on the 1st of November, and those wishing to continue using M2E Pro beyond 15 December will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Source: Tamebay

Shipping management tool ShipStation can now create return labels from its mobile app.

The free ShipStation companion app for Android and iOS can send return labels to print from a mobile phone or tablet, or as a PDF directly to a customer's email address.

Source: ShipStation

US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now shows where sales tax nexus is created by having orders fulfilled by Amazon's FBA service.

Until the new feature was added, TaxJar helped identify where sellers might have nexus by showing the states where Amazon has fulfillment centers.

Now by connecting to Amazon Seller Central, TaxJar determines which states actually ship orders and accurately shows where nexus has been created.

Source: TaxJar

Currency exchange company World First has partned with European retailer Pixmania to provide bank accounts to sellers on its third-party marketplace PixPlace.

Through the new partnership, online sellers can expand their business in several European countries using Pixmania, and access World First's competitive exchange rates every time they send money back to their home back accounts.

Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships at World First, said, "It's fantastic to be teaming up with such a great name in European e-Commerce, but more than that, it's great news for global sellers who can easily set up with Pixmania, put their products in front of even more people and see their business grow."

Founded in 2000, Pixmania covers 14 European countries and welcomes 7.7 million unique visitors to its site every month.

Source: World First

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now supports messaging external contacts from within support tickets.

The new feature makes it easier to resolve customer queries when you need to contact an external partner, like a manufacturer, drop shipper or courier. Rather than sending messages from outside the system, users can now compose external messages inside Fusion.

External contacts are saved by the system and suggested in future messages from a drop-down menu. External messages aren't seen by customers, and can use smart tags to quickly add information like order number, SKU and customer details.

XSellco Fusion also now automatically saves draft messages. As soon as the user stops typing, an alert confirms that changes have been saved.

Source: XSellco

Shipping and accounting automation tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's "Seller Fulfilled Prime" program, which allows third-party sellers who ship their own products to take part in Amazon Prime.

Teapplix supports the new Amazon "Buy Shipping" API so sellers can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix, in bulk. Buying shipping labels from Amazon is required for participation in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Teapplix automatically recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, and allows those orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling.

Sellers that turn on the Buy Shipping API for their Amazon account will be able to bulk-print shipping labels using the same automated process. Teapplix supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx and

The Teapplix integration to the Amazon Buy Shipping API speeds up Amazon merchants' operations, and allow them to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime while keeping the same automated workflow.

Source: Teapplix

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp now supports cloud-based shopping cart Bigcommerce.

The SalesWarp Bigcommerce store connector enables retailers to pull orders from Bigcommerce into SalesWarp, and fulfill them with dropshipping or a pick-pack-ship process in their own warehouse.

SalesWarp's Product Sync pulls in basic product data, including name, SKU, price, description, images, and quantity, and then syncs Bigcommerce products with products in SalesWarp. Using SalesWarp, Bigcommerce users can sell the same product on Amazon, eBay and their own website without fear of overselling.

SalesWarp pushes inventory updates for synced products to Bigcommerce, and updates orders with shipment tracking details. Finally, SalesWarp pushes order cancellation information to Bigcommerce.

Source: SalesWarp

UK third-party logistics company James and James Fulfilment has announced their own ecommerce retailer awards.

The inaugural James and James eCommerce Awards will be open to ecommerce retailers servicing consumers from all industry sectors, who can demonstrate innovation and excellence in their respective category area.

Any eCommerce business can apply provided they sell something over the web (the website has a function to take a payment and process an order).

The categories are:

  • Best New Business
  • Innovation
  • Best Customer Experience

Winners receive an official certificate and web badge to display on their site.

The deadline for entries is Monday 29th February 2016, and finalists will be chosen for each category by Thursday 31st March. Winners will be announced and awarded on Thursday 28th April

Source: James and James

Cloud-based shopping cart Volusion has added support for Amazon's payments system.

Volusion Merchants in the US can now enable Pay with Amazon, allowing shoppers to make purchases using payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account.

The integration makes it easy for the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop on Volusion websites. The merchant retains full control of the customer relationship, and product-level order data is never shared with Amazon.

"Providing customers with the ability to seamlessly log in and pay for items with the information stored in their Amazon accounts is a must-have feature," said Garin Fons at "As a long-time customer, we are thrilled that Volusion offers this powerful integration."

Source: Volusion

Open source shopping cart X-Cart has partnered with Template Monster to create new designs for its storefronts.

Each Template Monster design template offers cross-browser compatibility, optimization for search engines, and responsive design from smartphones to widescreen monitors.

The first three design templates for X-Cart by Template Monster are:

  • Candles, a warm, cozy and relaxing design with a homely feel.
  • Coffee Shop, which has an atmosphere of elegance, serenity and comfort.
  • Organic Cosmetics, with green pastel colors and a subtle paper background.

More templates by Template Monster for X-Cart are to come.

Source: X-Cart

eBay's Enterprise division, which operated Magento and eBay Enterprise Fulfillment, has now been broken up and sold off to different companies, reports EcommerceBytes.

The new owners paid $925 million and have separated the unit into four distinct businesses:

  • Enterprise Operations & Enterprise Technology Services is owned by Sterling Partners.
  • The Magento Commerce Technologies business is owned by the Permira Funds.
  • The Marketing Solutions business is owned by the Permira Funds.
  • The CRM business is owned by the Permira Funds.

Mark Lavelle, formerly senior vice president at eBay Enterprise, will lead Magento Commerce Technologies as its new CEO. The flagship open-source Magento platform powers over 240,000 sites globally and supports over $50 billion in gross merchandise volume annually.

Lavelle said, "During our time as a division of eBay, Inc., we grew revenue fivefold, made significant investments in our core platform and added innovative mobile and omnichannel products. Now, we will build on this momentum - continuing to innovate with speed and at scale while we put renewed focus on expanding our market leadership with stronger emphasis on our global network of system integrators, technology partners and developer community."

Sterling Partners, a growth-oriented private equity firm, together with Longview Asset Management, announced that the former enterprise services division of eBay Enterprise will be integrated with operations of Innotrac Corporation, a Sterling portfolio company, "to become one of the world's leading independent Omni-Channel Commerce providers."

eBay had acquired GSI Commerce in 2011 for $2.4 billion, and it acquired Magento in 2012 for an undisclosed amount.

Source: EcommerceBytes

UK cloud-based shopping cart ekmPowershop has launched a new checkout design for its merchants' stores.

The new checkout removes all distractions from the checkout, by isolating it within its own flow. The only navigation in the new checkout are buttons to take the customer closer to completing their order.

With fewer distractions retailers should get fewer checkout abandonments and a higher conversion rate.

All of ekmPowershop's standard themes will have a seamless transition to the new checkout. Custom designs may need extra customization to make the checkout match the main site.

Source: ekmPowershop

The team from CrazyLister have kicked off a global survey of eBay sellers, asking "If eBay could change one thing to improve the sellers' experience, what would that be?"

You can answer the survey here.

CrazyLister co-founder Victor Levitin said, "We are going to make sure that decision makers at eBay get the results of the survey."

Writing on their blog, Levitin continued, "eBay's new management declared a laser focus on the people who made it what it is today – the small and medium businesses – all of us. I truly believe that we can and will make a difference as a community."

Source: CrazyLister

Ecommerce technology startup Expandly has appointed Nick Bennett as its Chief Commercial Officer.

Bennett has been involved in Expandly as an investor and a mentor to the founder, Alan Wilson, since Expandly started in 2013. With 30 years' business experience in software, Bennett is now increasing his involvement to assist with its investor relations, expansion funding and business development.

Nick Bennett said, "Having been introduced to Alan via a business associate, the potential of Expandly was clear from the outset, and having been involved in e-retailing businesses before, I was not only impressed by the platform, but the way Alan has set up the infrastructure; his own high level of technical expertise complemented by strategically outsourced support. This gives a clear vision within a very fast growing industry and rapidly changing marketplace - in turn, giving investors' confidence. Following Alan's recent Silicon Valley experience, I'm bringing my marketing and operational experience to help develop things further; working with investors, partners and focusing on client development."

Expandly, an online multi-channel inventory and order management platform, enables businesses to combine product sales across multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and Alibaba.

Founder Alan Wilson recently won a place on Google's Blackbox Connect startup competition, and the company is currently seeking investors for its next development phase.

Source: Expandly

Cross-border ecommerce management tool WebInterpret has launched a new Amazon repricing feature.

WebInterpret's new Amazon repricer helps sellers gain a competitive edge in Amazon's Buy Box. First the tool selects items which it calculates have the most potential to win the Buy Box, then it sends a file with a price recommendations list for confirmation. In around two weeks sellers will be able to confirm the repricing list through the WebInterpret Seller Interface.

WebInterpret has also improved its translation software to better recognize brand names, and is working on automating conversion of sizes with both numbers and letters. Color mapping has been improved, and the company will soon release a new educational portal called WebInterpret Academy.

Source: WebInterpret

Order management tool Ordoro has added support for payment service Stripe Relay, and also Amazon's third-party marketplace in Canada.

Stripe Relay is a payment service for in-app purchases, processing payments for retailers selling through Twitter's phone app, amongst others. Relay also works with the mobile marketplace Spring. Ordoro users can now connect any Relay-connected storefront to their Ordoro account.

Ordoro has also added an integration with Amazon Canada - both the marketplace and FBA fulfillment service.

Source: Ordoro for Stripe Relay and Amazon Canada

Order management tool Shiptheory has added support for UK parcel carrier 13ten.

13ten uses a network of five of the UK's leading carriers to manage and deliver parcels, with a focus on reliable and affordable shipping.

The new Shiptheory integration means that users can create 13ten shipping labels directly from their store or CRM, including Magento, Exact and Brightpearl.

13ten offers timed and tracked services and collects shipments daily. An account with 13ten is required to use the integration.

Source: Shiptheory

Multi-channel ecommerce software company plentymarkets are holding their annual sellers' conference on 19-20 February 2016 in Kassel, Germany.

The event caters to newcomers, insiders and "ecommerce rockstars", says the company.

The 2016 congress will be larger than ever before, and plentymarkets will unveil brand-new features of their software as well as hosting ecommerce experts, networking events and entertainment at the Kongress Palais in Kassel.

Source: plentymarkets

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