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Analytics tool SumAll has added support for Facebook's advertising platform.

Facebooks Ads for SumAll allows users to see how their campaigns are performing including conversion into product sales. Users can select specific ad campaigns to see data for, but only campaigns that have been active within the last 30 days can be viewed.

SumAll's AlwaysAware add-on monitors Facebook Ad campaigns and gives automated tips on how to improve, for $19 per month.

Source: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Facebook Ads Has Arrived to SumAll

Ecommerce data feeds tool Lengow has updated its export modules for Magento and Prestashop, and introduced a new module for WooCommerce.

The Lengow module for Magento has been completely redesigned and can now export the product catalogue to Lengow in several different formats. The module also includes a log of imported orders, and provides a summary of exported feeds. The process for migrating feeds has also been simplified.

Source: New Lengow export module for Magento.

New Lengow export module for Magento
New Lengow export module for Magento
New Lengow export module for Magento

US Sales Tax reporting tool TaxJar has added support for the Magento shopping cart.

TaxJar's "Sales Tax Automation" extension for Magento calculates sales tax based on the location of the retailer or the location of the buyer, depending on the state. Magento users need to install the extension, register with TaxJar, and enter their TaxJar API token to begin using the service.

The extension is free but rate updates and automated reporting begins at $29.95 per month.

* * * * *

TaxJar has also released a new, easy-to-read, transactions graph for sellers, and reorganized the account management area to provide easier access to reports, billing and configuration options.

Sources: Sales Tax Automation Comes to Magento and New Transactional View & Even Easier Account Management

Shipping solutions provider MetaPack are offering trials of a new service which offers protection against fraudulent claims of goods being lost in transit.

"Goods Lost In Transit" claims are estimated to range between 1% and 5% of retail sales, and fraud has increased, says Metapack.

Their Profit Protection solution provides claims data from a retailer's own order history, and also from other retailers, so patterns can be identified and suspicious claims flagged. MetaPack are offering a trial and can be contacted via the link below.

Source: Limited Offer: MetaPack are offering a product trial to minimise Goods Lost in Transit claims

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp (Enterprise edition) now allows warehouse stock locations to be assigned to individual products.

The new inventory management feature, developed initially for motorcycle parts retailer, assigns a precise location to each product. SalesWarp location barcodes can include up to a five levels of location detail such as warehouse, aisle, shelf and bin.

The location categories can be customized and are separate from the product’s SKU barcode.

Source: Product Location Manager added to SalesWarp Enterprise Inventory Management

M2E Pro, a Magento plugin which provides integration with eBay, Amazon, and, has been updated.

The new version adds eBay features including support for Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) in the US, strike-through pricing for Australia, the ability to add a watermark for images, and an increase in the number of variations attribute values from 30 to 60.

Also speed improvements have been made to M2E Pro's synchronization system, leading to faster collection of orders, updates to inventory, and listing to the marketplaces.

A detailed breadown of the update and advice on when to upgrade is available at UnderstandingE.

Source: UnderstandingE: M2E Pro Update! Release Notes / Changelog 6.1.0 to 6.1.4

Desktop sniping tool JoyBidder has launched a hosted sniping service add-on.

The JoyBidder sniping service submits bids from a server, so users do not need to keep JoyBidder running on their computer. The service is optional and costs $9.95 for 40 pre-paid snipes or $15.95 per month for unlimited snipes.

Source: Introduce JoyBidder Server Sniping Service

eBay design company Frooition have added support for eBay's "Out of Stock Control" system.

eBay's Out of Stock Control is a feature which allows sellers to keep Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings active even when the quantity available reaches zero. Although GTC listings with zero stock are removed from eBay search results, the listing page remains live and becomes visible in search again when the stock is replenished.

This means the quantity sold count is maintained, the listing remains in watch lists, and sales history is not lost.

Out Of Stock Control is only available through third parties who have implemented it, which includes ChannelAdvisor and now Frooition, through their lister and also the Froo! Bulk Revision tool.

Source: eBay Out of Stock Control for Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

QuickBooks accounting integration tool Teapplix has added a summary export option for high volume sellers.

Sellers with more than two hundred orders per day may find that QuickBooks cannot handle exports of individual orders. Instead, the "daily summary" export creates a single order record for each marketplace and tax status.

Order lines for the same QuickBooks items are merged together, but others are kept separate, so inventory levels can still be adjusted correctly.

Source: New QuickBooks "Daily Summary" Export

Ecommerce video hosting service vzaar has released an integration with popular eBay-owned shopping cart Magento.

The plugin allows sellers to access vzaar's video platform from within Magento. Videos are listed in the Magento admin area, and can be added to product pages either along with product images or as a popup lightbox.

Source: Introducing The vzaar Magento Plugin

A major update to ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces focuses on the following areas.

  • Marketing changes include support for Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) Merchant Promotions and a new "Portfolio Bidder" which predicts optimal bids.
  • Repricing improvements include a preview of the effect of repricing rule changes.
  • Fulfillment support for multiple warehouses is improved with with the ability to prioritize distribution centers, and route orders by proximity to the customer.
  • Marketplace improvements include new overselling protection, product matching technology and mobile optimization.

"In our ever-changing industry, the only way for retailers to stay ahead is by working smarter, not harder, and the 2014 Spring Release offers features to do just that," said ChannelAdvisor Vice President of Product Management Link Walls. "It's our job to deliver the tools necessary to simplify the online selling process, and our new functionality allows retailers to improve core strategies and processes to make the most of every e-commerce opportunity."

Ecommerce management solution eSellerPro and Amazon pricing automation tool Feedvisor have both won awards in the recent Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards.

"This award underpins another great year for the company, one where our platform processed 39m sales orders and 25m parcels shipped" said Paul Watson, CEO at eSellerPro. "The award is a richly deserved accolade for the eSellerPro team and we thank our customers and partners for making it possible with us."

"We are ecstatic about winning the prestigious Red Herring award and view it as a sign that our achievements over the last two years have been recognized by the industry," said Feedvisor’s Co-Founder and CEO, Victor Rosenman, who himself presented at the Forum. "It is testimony to our hard work and a great honor for us. We've developed a solid product and are constantly fine-tuning it according to our customers' needs. It is also reflective of our growing customer base and our high rates of customer satisfaction."

Red Herring's Top 100 Europe list is a mark of distinction for new companies and entrepreneurs. Red Herring’s editors were among the first to recognise that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype,, YouTube, and eBay would change the way we live and work.

eBay feedback tool Feedback Reminder has a new step-by-step tutorial video.

The 3-minute walk-through video shows how users can set up automated feedback reminders in a few steps..

Teapplix QuickBooks Connector has added support for inventory items created from a combination of other items – known as "kits".

QuickBooks has limited support for kits, requiring the quantity remaining to be manually calculated. Teapplix works around the limitation within its own inventory system, providing the ability to define kits and synchronize inventory to QuickBooks.

Version 2.0 of eBay management tool comosale features support for multiple accounts, and the eBay messaging system.

The new version also allows sellers to manage listings, templates and sales in bulk. It provides more than 100 template themes, and supports up to 24 images per listing without any size limitation.

Other features in the new version include multi-variation support, a scrolling gallery, and options to automatically relist and automatically leave feedback.

eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has been updated with a number of new features and options.

GarageSale 6.7 includes support for eBay Poland, calculated shipping, return restocking fees, cash-on-delivery costs for eBay Italy, and images from FileMaker Pro. parent company Liquidity Services has won a contract to purchase, manage and sell surplus assets of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Liquidity Services' bid was 4.35% of the DoD’s original purchase value. The contract has a term of two years with options to renew.

To date, Liquidity Services has sold over $4.4 billion of surplus, returned, and end-of-life stock in over 500 product categories, including consumer goods, capital assets, and industrial equipment.

The latest version of order management tool ShipRush has support for the WooCommerce shopping cart.

WooCommerce is a popular shopping cart based on WordPress. ShipRush supports versions 2.0.2 to 2.1.X.

French marketplace management service Neteven has added support for human-powered translation services from Gengo.

Sellers on the Neteven platform can install the Gengo plugin, then select items to translate, target languages and a quality level. A price will be calculated automatically, and translation can be ordered online.

Gengo supports 34 languages, using a network of over 9,000 translators around the world.

Via Tamebay.

Sales tax tool TaxJar has launched its own API, a WooCommerce plugin, and support for CSV uploads.

Ecommerce software providers can use TaxJar's Simple Sales Tax API to determine if sales tax is due on an order, and at what rate. A new TaxJar plugin for WooCommerce has already been developed using the API.

Developers can use the API for free for 30 days, then are charged depending on usage, starting at 200 calls for $9.95 per month.

TaxJar has also released a new CSV upload feature. Sellers using unsupported shopping carts or marketplaces can export orders to CSV then load them into TaxJar for sales tax calculations.

Facebook marketing tool StoreYa has added support for on-demand printing website Zazzle.

Zazzle sellers can now use StoreYa to export products to their Facebook store.

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