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Ecommerce loans provider PayPal Working Capital has announced that it will begin offering financing to UK sellers later this year.

Tamebay reported Cameron McLean, Managing Director of PayPal UK, as saying "Small businesses are the lifeblood of the British economy. But seven years after the start of the credit crunch, many of them are still struggling to get funding. According to the British government, around a third of SMEs rely on retained earnings or the owner’s own finances rather than bank or equity funding. This means that many find it very difficult to finance their present needs or future growth. And the problem is acute for smaller, online businesses".

Source: Tamebay

Feedback management tool for Amazon sellers BQool Feedback Central now includes a feedback solicitation feature.

The new feature includes:

  • Automated emails to buyers requesting positive feedback for shipped orders.
  • Automated email notifications to buyers about late shipments to avoid complaints.
  • Email template editor to allow for quick and easy customization.

"Even experienced sellers fail to receive feedback from buyers with positive experiences because leaving feedback is not required," said Jesse Liang, Director of Operations, BQool Inc. "But a polite request can go a long way, especially for new sellers whose success largely depends on acquiring as much positive feedback as possible."

BQool Feedback Central also allows sellers to determine what kind of buyers and transactions will be assigned email requests, as shown here:

Sellers are able to schedule when feedback requests are sent based on shipment time.

Source: BQool

Multichannel management system Brightpearl has launched a new app store for third-party add-ons to their platform.

The new Brightpearl App Store includes apps for barcode reading, shopping cart connectors and an Android app, alongside marketplace integrations and other tools built by Brightpearl in-house.

Henry Morland, head of product at Brightpearl said, "We're delighted to introduce the Brightpearl App Store today. Our job is to give retailers the tools they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses. The introduction of the App Store allows developers to create apps which extend Brightpearl's core capabilities and to promote them to the entire Brightpearl community. The range of apps on offer is growing fast. As a retailer that means you can pick and choose the apps you need to make Brightpearl map perfectly onto the way you want to do business."

Brightpearl says a further 21 apps are currently in development.

Source: Brightpearl

Amazon inventory scouting app Profit Bandit has added new filtering for FBA items, and improved its profit calculation algorithm.

For each scanned item, the app now shows existing FBA offers along with seller names and feedback percentages.

SellerEngine has also changed how Profit Bandit calculates estimated profit, better reflecting Amazon's fee structure.

Source: SellerEngine

Amazon repricing tool Sellery has added support for custom data fields.

The custom data fields have many uses including minimum-pricing restrictions (MAP), product tagging and unique ceiling and floor prices. Numerical custom data fields can be used in Sellery's repricing rules.

Source: SellerEngine

Amazon repricing tool XSellco Repricer has released a new feature called the "Buy Box Predictor".

The new feature shows a red, amber or green indicator on all inventory to indicate the likelihood of each item winning Amazon's Buy Box.

Inventory can be filtered by Buy Box Predictor status, and action taken to increase the probability of winning the Buy Box.

Source: XSellco

Marketplace email management tool XSellco Marketplace CRM has released a number of new features.

The "smart replies" feature automatically matches every customer message received with a suggested response. The message subject and order status and used along with other data to find the most appropriate response. Replies are not sent automatically, but a customer service rep can quickly send the suggested response.

Analystics have been added to the CRM dashboard, showing the average time it takes to reply to a customer, and to resolve an issue.

Finally, a new "remind me later" feature provides a notification at a later date for when a customer has been promised a follow-up email:

Source: XSellco

Multi-channel management system Seller Cloud has released support for physical points-of-sale (POS).

SellerCloud Point Of Sale enables sellers to share the same inventory, order and customer data across ecommerce and physical stores.

Source: SellerCloud

Multichannel ecommerce tool Sellbrite has released an integration with hosted shopping cart Bigcommerce.

Sellbrite is also available in the Bigcommerce App Store and can be accessed within Bigcommerce's Admin panel. Features of the integration include:

  • Importing and monitoring Bigcommerce products.
  • Automatic synchronization between Bigcommerce and other channels.
  • Importing Bigcommerce orders in real-time.

Sellbrite recently released an integration with Shopify.

Source: Sellbrite

Hosted shopping cart Shopify has added support for bitcoin payment provider Coinbase, and have partnered with Pinterest to automatically create Rich Pins for Shopify merchants.

Coinbase is an international bitcoin wallet and platform service already used by Expedia and Google. Shopify's Coinbase integration can be used alongside other payment services. Coinbase enables bitcoin payments and refunds, and conversion to US dollars for anyone with a US bank account.

Shopify have also partnered with Pinterest to automatically enable Rich Pins for all Shopify merchants.

Rich Pins on Pinterest contain additional information inside the Pin. There are five types of Rich Pins and it's "Product" Pins specifically that can benefit online retailers, by including real-time pricing and stock availability.

The partnership with Pinterest means that any images Pinned from a Shopify merchant's product pages (by anyone) will automatically become a Rich Pin.

Rich Pins can help sellers by improving click-through rate, making images eligible for Pinterest’s own curated categories such as the "Gifts" feed, and enabling email price notifications if the product price is reduced.

* * * * *

Finally UK delivery service myHermes has integrated its service with Shopify. The integration allows Shopify sellers to import order data and ship using myHermes.

Source: Shopify for Coinbase and Pinterest and Tamebay for myHermes.

Management tool for eBay sellers SixBit has added a feature to quickly add items by their product code, and the ability to control listing and email content using conditional logic such as "if" statements.

The new "Multiple Item Add" feature enables sellers of catalog items (such as books, DVDs or video games) to quickly add items by providing a list of UPC, ISBN or EAN product codes. The codes can be pasted into SixBit, or uploaded from a file. SixBit looks up the items in the eBay Catalog to find product information, and enters them into the selected item template to create new eBay items. Barcode readers are also supported.

The release also includes conditional logic for HTML templates, product descriptions and emails. This means that text (or images) can be shown or hidden depending on each product's data.

SixBit have enabled some analysis tools in the Small Business Edition of their product, including reports on items, suppliers and buyers.

Finally, users of SixBit's Consignment Module now have access to a new Consignors Analysis Tool to see lists of consignors and information including commissions and number of items sold.

Source: SixBit

The Magento-to-Amazon connector from Boost My Shop has been updated today.

The updates include:

  • Adjust timeshift on second (fix 5 % requests in error because of datetime)
  • Limit product title up to 80 characters (product creation)
  • Fix bug undefined index ‘delivery-instruction’ when import manually order report file
  • Add configuration parameter in order to chose get images from child or parent product

Boost My Shop's Magento/Amazon plugin is an alternative to the eBay-sponsored M2E Pro.

Source: Boost My Shop

3D-photo creation tool 3DBin is now available on iOS devices include the Apple iPhone and iPad.

3DBin creates 3D photos of any object by rotating (or walking around) the object. The resulting images can be embedded on websites or exported as videos for use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The app will be a free download for the first few days of its release, then cost 99 cents. Read more on iTunes.

Source: 3DBin

Channel marketing tool Lengow has added support for French shoes and fashion marketplace Spartoo.

Lengow users can now feed their product catalogue directly to Spartoo's sites.

"We are pleased to offer this new channel to our clients. Spartoo is a vital platform for the shoe market and so it was essential for us to work with this European leader", said Lengow’s co-founder Jérémie Peiro.

Lengow now supports 68 marketplaces. Spartoo is present in over 20 countries, and has over 14 million visitors per month.

Source: Lengow

Multi-channel ecommerce tool Sellbrite has added support for popular hosted shopping cart Shopify.

Shopify merchants can now import their products into Sellbrite to create new inventory items, then use that data to create listings on Amazon and eBay. The integration also supports:

  • Shopify listing monitoring.
  • Stock level synronization to Shopify.
  • Updating marketplace listings when a Shopify order is received.

Sellbrite has also released a new seller dashboard.

The dashboard provides a quick view of key business metrics across all channels, including total sales and orders, and top-selling products.

Source: Sellbrite

Ecommerce management solution Veeqo has added support for UK carrier myHermes amongst other features this week.

Veeqo's new myHermes support allows sellers to export orders in myHermes format, and print myHermes labels.

Veeqo can now also show the breakdown of kit items in orders, and re-print Royal Mail shipping labels from previously shipped orders – for parcels that are lost in the post.

Source: Veeqo

Consignment selling software SellerVantage has added new shipping tables based on weight.

The new feature allows SellerVantage to calculate shipping for items listed to eBay. The weight-based shipping cost is calculated then submitted to eBay as a flat rate.

Source: SellerVantage

eBay listing software AuctionLinc has added an automatic feedback feature.

Users can now set up automatic replies to buyer feedback. The latest update to AuctionLinc also includes the ability to customize fields used in the bulk editor.

Source: AuctionLinc

Following the retirement of Blackthorne last year, eBay has announced the closure of both its hosted web store platforms – Magento Go and ProStores.

Magento Go, the "starter" version of Magento hosted by the company itself, is providing a migration center to help sellers move to a new platform. Magento Community Edition and Bigcommerce are being promoted as alternatives.

The demise of ProStores has been rumored for sometime, as the platform has been neglected by eBay. Two years ago, ProStores users were encouraged to switch to Magento Go and sellers who did switch will be disappointed that the replacement platform is itself now being shelved. ProStores users are also being provided with a Migration Center.

Both platforms will officially close on February 1, 2015, to allow sellers to continue using them through the 2014 holiday shopping season.

Source: Magento, ProStores

Multichannel marketing tool Lengow has celebrated its 5th year in business.

The company now has 75 staff, processes over 10 billion products per month for more than 2,800 online retailers, and has over 1,200 partners around the world.

Source: Lengow

Multichannel management tool Veeqo now supports sales channels with different currencies, and uploading orders from a CSV file.

Sellers using Veeqo can select which currency each of their sales channel is using, and automatically convert sales to a common currency for reporting.

Veeqo also allows uploading of orders for fulfillment from a CSV file. Two formats are supported, Veeqo's own export format and Bigcommerce order export format.

Finally, an update to Veeqo's integration with accounting package Xero exports every sales invoice into Xero and also calculates the COGS (cost of goods sold).

Source: Veeqo

eBay design tool Store Designer has been updated with new templates and customizable sidebar widgets.

The new templates include a full width header which can show a featured item. The update also includes six new header designs, and a dynamic sidebar which can have hold social sharing widgets or be used to promote offers.

Source: 3DSellers

Order management tool ShipRush now supports open-source shopping cart Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Commerce sellers who ship by FedEx can use ShipRush for free, while USPS postage is provided by ShipRush for at $29.95 per month.

Source: ShipRush

Ecommerce platform SalesWarp has added support for four new US marketplaces: Rakuten (formerly, Sears, Best Buy and Newegg.

SalesWarp 2.7 includes connections to the new marketplaces, alongside existing support for Amazon and eBay. SalesWarp sellers can upload listings and download orders from all the supported marketplaces.

SalesWarp has also updated its order routing rules feature, providing a visual tool to design process flows for order fulfillment, dropshipping, purchase orders, returns, exchanges and more. Order flows are now built from reusable "nodes" and entire order flows, such as a common fraud check process, can be placed into other order flows. An example is shown below.

Source: SalesWarp

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