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Multichannel management software Linnworks is now integrated with eBay design tool CrazyLister.

CrazyLister creates HTML listing templates which can be pasted directly into Linnworks to be used in eBay listings.

CrazyLister templates are mobile-optimized and compliant with eBay's new "active content" policy for listings.

CrazyLister are currently offering Linnworks users a free template designed by a professional designer. More information.

Source: Linnworks

Multi-carrier shipping label system Shippo can now receive order details directly from eBay.

eBay sellers are now able to sync their eBay orders with Shippo and connect to a network of shipping carriers around the world. Shippo can be used to get rates and purchase shipping labels for large volumes of shipments across multiple channels, from one platform.

Shippo automatically imports eBay orders into Shippo's dashboard then syncs the tracking number back to eBay.

Shippo streamlines shipment processing by creating shipping labels for a large batch of orders with the same package dimensions all at once. Shippo supports order sync from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Stripe and other platforms.

Users can also generate return labels, customs documents and commercial invoices (for international shipping) within one simple workflow.

Source: Shippo

Peer-to-peer lending platform Bitbond has closed a funding round of $1.2 million, bringing the company's total raised capital to $2.3 million.

Bitbond will use the additional funds for product development and growing its user base in markets which are underserved by traditional lenders

Founder & CEO of Bitbond Radoslav Albrecht said: "The additional resources will help us to continue realizing our mission which is to make lending and borrowing globally accessible. We are happy to have such experienced investors supporting us on this exciting journey."

Over 1,600 loans worth $1.2 million have been originated on Bitbond since its launch. 76,000 users from 120 countries are registered with the service. In October 2016 Bitbond received their own regulatory licence from German financial services regulator BaFin. This makes the service the only regulated blockchain-based financial services provider in the world.

Bitbond, based in Berlin, connects investors looking for above average fixed-income investment opportunities, with small business owners who need a loan. To make global cross-border lending possible, the platform uses bitcoin for payment processing.

Source: Bitbond

Shipping system ShipStation can now generate shipping labels for packages to be sent via DHL Express in Australia.

Australian merchants who choose to connect to DHL Express through the ShipStation software will have access to leading shipping and fulfillment features:

  • Print international shipping labels using specially negotiated DHL Express rates
  • Create automatic customs documentation
  • Set up third party billing options so duties and taxes can be billed to the recipient
  • Consolidation of orders from multiple selling channels
  • Batch printing 1000s of shipping labels at a time
  • Automatic tracking/delivery emails, customers are updated on the status of their order
  • Easy to create automation rules that save time and money during shipping process

ShipStation has also introduced international address verification for users in Canada, Australia, and the UK to verify addresses when they ship in and out of the country.

Source: ShipStation

Amazon feedback tool Feedback Express is now compatible with the Amazon marketplaces in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Canada – in addition to existing support for the UK and USA.

Feedback Express has also added new message templates, professionally translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish, so sellers can request seller feedback and product reviews on Amazon's European marketplaces just like a native speaker would.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Shipping software ShipStation has released support for DHL in the United Kingdom.

UK-based sellers will now be able to ship to customers in-country and around the world, using ShipStation and DHL.

With the integration, ShipStation's UK customers will have access to the following DHL features:

  • Labels printed using negotiated DHL rates within ShipStation
  • Free electronic signature on every package
  • Carrier insurance
  • Automatically-generated customs documentation
  • Discounts for multi-package shipping
  • Third-party billing for shipping charges

ShipStation customers can also consolidate orders from multiple sales channels and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay; automate the selection of shipping options; batch print thousands of labels at once; and manage their shipping on a mobile device.

"This partnership with DHL continues to expand our breadth of offerings in the UK," said ShipStation's VP of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "Our UK customers are very important, and we look forward to helping them even more with their order shipping and fulfillment."

Source: ShipStation

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has a new mode for configuring bundled products.

Bundled products can now be configured in either Standard Mode or Assembly Mode. In Assembly Mode, all components of a bundle are fulfilled from the same distribution center. The available quantity is calculated based on the number of bundles that can be assembled using the components available at each distribution center selected.

The release also includes an update to Walmart Promotional Pricing, to support promotions where the price is not shown to the buyer until they either add the item to their cart or they go through the checkout process.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

The latest release for multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes support for three German marketplaces within the Otto Group of companies.

The three new marketplaces are Otto, Schwab and Baur, spanning fashion, household, toys, sports and multimedia. Otto Group is the largest German online retailer in the fashion and lifestyle sector, with 2.2 million SKUs and 6,000 different brands available.

"We proactively seek ways to help connect our customers to more sources of demand. By adding support for three widely recognised German marketplaces, we're providing our customers product exposure among a new set of shoppers," said Felix Kuehl, head of sales, DACH for ChannelAdvisor. "German online sales are currently estimated to be £49.09 billion and predicted to rise by a further £17 billion by 2020. This means there is a great opportunity for retailers in Germany and retailers should consider scaling now."

"The Otto Group focuses on offering great product selection and we aim to help deliver a great customer experience," said Robert Schlichter, Divisional Manager Marketplace "We are excited to offer ChannelAdvisor merchants the opportunity to sell across Otto, Baur and Schwab. Through a single inventory feed to ChannelAdvisor, retailers can list their products across, and"

Source: ChannelAdvisor

The latest release for UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder includes the ability to select offline payment for orders.

Other new features in the release include:

  • The ability to archive products, so they cannot be added to new sales orders or purchase orders.
  • An out-of-stock threshold for listings in BigCommerce.
  • Improved eBay Click & Collect settings.

Source: StoreFeeder

Price monitoring tool Competera has launched a new feature which visualizes the price positioning of products, product categories, and leading brands.

The new feature, called "Price Index", uses a store's whole product range to show the price position of competitors or the market in general.

Price Index is one tool within Competera Price Intelligence, which displays how price position correlates to the market, and to particular competitors or certain categories of products. Benefits include:

  • Discovering how competitors influence sales performance and revenue.
  • Understanding the position of your own company within the market.
  • Finding out which product categories are most sensitive to competitors' changes.
  • Awareness of the price positioning and sensitivity of your online store towards the market and certain players.

Price Index can be filtered by competitor segment, product category, brands and more.

Source: Competera

Shipping system ShipStation now works with fully customizable shipping labels from eCom Label Solutions, currently available for FedEx shipments.

eCom Labels combine marketing features such as product showcases and loyalty coupons in a single, trifold label. The shipping portion of the label can now be printed directly in ShipStation.

To use eCom Labels, sellers need to design a label at eCom Label Solutions then ask ShipStation's User Success team to enable the feature on their account.

Source: ShipStation

XSellco's repricing tool Price Manager and feedback tool High5 are now available through the Linnworks App Store.

XSellco's help desk tool Fusion was integrated with Linnworks in April last year.

New features within the XSellco/Linnworks integration include:

  • Updating Linnworks order notes within XSellco Fusion.
  • Printing labels for Linnworks orders from XSellco.
  • Viewing Linnworks product information from within the XSellco dashboard.

Linnworks customers will be able to access all three XSellco applications from within their account.

Ray Nolan, XSellco CEO said "Price and Reputation are the central elements to successful multi-channel sales. Integrating closely with Linnworks makes real sense - better customer service leads to higher ratings and more sales at better prices."

Source: XSellco

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