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The latest version of ecommerce management tool RetailOps includes a full web-based POS among other features.

RetailOps 2.0 includes:

  • Full-featured Point-of-Sale (POS) tool with streamlined checkout steps. Cashiers can park orders for price checks, and accept gift cards, checks, and money orders.
  • Customizable dashboard with widgets for graphs, report downloading, and system alerts.
  • Revamped user interface for easier, more intuitive navigation.
  • Streamlined product receiving for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Tool for printing hook labels for in-store inventory items.

Source: RetailOps

UK shipping tool Shiptheory now supports multiple accounts with the same parcel carrier.

Users can, for example, add three entirely different DPD accounts based at different locations in the UK from just one Shiptheory account.

Carrier accounts can be given a label to make them easy to identify. Each account counts towards the Shiptheory carrier allowance.

Source: Shiptheory

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has a new repricing feature allowing users to change prices from within the system.

The "Repricing Platform" can change prices according to business rules, market data and competitor analysis. Competera can transfer updated prices via API directly into supported storefronts.

Pricing rules can, for example, always keep prices lower than a specific competitor. After analyzing the market, Competera will recommend price changes or provide comments such as "Competitor's product not available. Raise the price." Competera's recommendations can be approved or declined by the user then sent to the storefront.

Source: Competera

Ecommerce management platform Etail Solutions is now integrated with Walmart's online marketplace.

"Our integration with Walmart's global marketplace provides online retailers with a unique opportunity to tap into Walmart's substantial customer base," said Etail Solutions CEO Michael Anderson. "We're looking forward to helping Walmart provide their customers with the widest selection of products possible, and helping our customers expand their reach on one of the top three ecommerce sites in the U.S."

Etail Solutions provides a multi-channel platform for mid-to-high volume online retailers.

The Walmart Marketplace has been open to select online retailers since 2009, with seller recruitment ramping up significantly in recent months.

Source: Etail Solutions

Ecommerce feed management tool Lengow is now integrated with Microsoft's Bing Shopping.

The integration, part of a new global partnership with Microsoft, provides Bing Shopping data feeds for Lengow users in the UK, France and Germany.

"This exciting new partnership with Microsoft offers the chance for online retailers to reach over 615 million unique users, on Bing's worldwide Network*, by publishing their product catalogue on this channel," says Mickael Froger, Lengow's co-founder & CEO.

As Microsoft's preferred technology partner to roll out Bing Shopping in Europe, Lengow will enable online retailers to optimise, manage and promote their product catalogue on Bing Shopping. Lengow's platform provides feeds to marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, retargeting platforms, social networks and more, and is used in over 45 countries.

"We are delighted to integrate with Lengow platform and therefore offer the Bing Shopping service to ecommerce players and allow them to be ever more effective in their digital marketing campaigns," said Cedric Chambaz, European Marketing Director at Microsoft Search Advertising. "Visual representation is having an increasing impact on brand and product image. Bing Shopping is giving Lengow's clients the ability to bring product image to the forefront of SEO campaigns, which will be ever more targeted and personalised for the benefit of customer experience and engagement."

Source: Lengow

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce has a new offer to encourage online retailers to move over to its Enterprise edition.

The offer provides thousands of dollars in savings when migrating to BigCommerce Enterprise from Magento and other competitive platforms. Qualifying brands can receive up to six months of free service, as well as specialized support from BigCommerce's in-house team of catalog transfer and onboarding specialists.

"Retailers are finding that the burden of managing custom-built or legacy platforms like Magento is limiting their ability to keep pace with retail trends and consumer shopping preference," said Russell Griffin, vice president of Enterprise sales and channel for BigCommerce. "For online brands that feel constrained by their current platform or wary of embarking on a costly upgrade path, this offer provides a streamlined and budget-friendly path forward on BigCommerce Enterprise."

Additional benefits include:

  • Up to 6 months' free subscription to BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Free standard catalog transfer provided by BigCommerce
  • Up to a $2,000 onboarding credit for custom services from BigCommerce or a Certified BigCommerce Partner
  • 24/7 onboarding support
  • Premium Account Services and/or Strategic Account Management

This offer requires a contract for up to 2 years' paid service.

Source: BigCommerce

A new major version of eBay selling tool for the Mac GarageSale has been released.

GarageSale 7 offers a modern user interface, with instant error feedback when composing listings. A new companion app for iOS lets users take photos without additional file transfer steps.

The new GarageSale uses a custom database layer built on Google's LevelDB engine, that scales better for sellers with a large number of listings and orders, and also allows faster updates to GarageSale.

The trial version can be used to create three eBay listings, and a full license costs $39.99.

GarageSale was first released over ten years ago, in November 2004.

Source: GarageSale

Order management solution Ordoro has upgraded its inventory kitting capabilities.

The kitting enhancements include:

  • Multi-level kits, so new products can be created by combining other existing kits.
  • Multi-warehouse kits, so kit components can be tracked in multiple warehouses.
  • Fractional kitting, allowing kits to be made up by weight or volume of inventory items.

Kitting is all about taking multiple, separate SKUs and bundling them into one unit for sale. Some kits consist of components necessary to create a whole product, while others are combinations of products that can also be sold individually.

Source: Ordoro

Multichannel ecommerce software Webgility Unify Enterprise now has integrations with CRM software Infusionsoft and payment provider Square.

Unify for Infusionsoft lets businesses automatically download ecommerce orders from Infusionsoft and post them to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero, either on an automatic schedule or on demand.

"Infusionsoft has made a real difference for SMBs looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes, letting them capture more leads, better communicate with customers, and develop loyalty programs with significant ROI," said Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO of Webgility. "We are excited to bring Unify to help Infusionsoft customers automate the financials for their e-commerce business."

Unify for Square allows users to integrate Square sales and inventory directly into QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite or Xero. It keeps inventory prices and quantities in sync in near real-time, and allows full reconciliation of accounts by recording all aspects of the sale, including customer information, item details, amounts, sales tax, shipping costs, discounts, and payment method.

Source: Webgility for Infusionsoft and Square

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added support for the new mobile description field on eBay.

eBay now allows users to specify a short summary description that should be displayed to buyers on mobile devices. The short description should summarize the product information and cannot include HTML.

ChannelAdvisor has also added a new "eBay Revise Performance" report which provides details about the revision performance of open listings and recommendations based on the types of changes and processing results.

An update to the Device Preview for description templates includes the most current set of mobile devices on the market today. The Device Preview can be used to get a feel for how a template will display on different devices.

ChannelAdvisor can now automatically withdraw eBay listings with no sales after a certain period of time. Once withdrawn from eBay, the schedule will determine if a new listing should be created allowing users to automatically create a fresh listing which may be more appealing to buyers.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor has a new returns management flow for, and a new marketplace integration with Zalando Belgium.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Shipping system Shippo can now handle shipments consisting of multiple boxes.

For orders that do not fit into one box and must be shipped in multiple boxes going to the same delivery address, Shippo can create one shipment and provide one tracking number.

Multi-piece shipments are available through the Shippo API and for UPS and FedEx shipments only.

Source: Shippo

Windows-based Magento admin tool Store Manager has been updated and now supports Magento 2.0.

Store Manager for Magento v. features Magento 2.0 support and a new Magento connector plugin to provide automatic installation.

Improvements to Store Manager include order export to XML, HTML and XLS files and custom invoice options.

Source: eMagicOne

US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now provides free real-time sales tax calculations for Magento stores, and also Ecwid stores on the Venture plan and above.

TaxJar SmartCalcs is now free for Magento merchants, as part of TaxJar's Premier Partnership with Magento. The calculations, available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2, help sellers accurately collect sales tax from buyers.

The service is also now available for ecommerce platform Ecwid, which enables sellers to add an online shopping cart to an existing website or social media page. TaxJar calculations are free for Ecwid subscribers on the Venture plan and above.

TaxJar SmartCalcs automatically calculates the correct amount of sales tax due, updates tax rates, collects origin-based or destination-based sales tax and applies sales tax to shipping charges if required.

TaxJar's Reports service creates filing-ready reports for each US state, and starts at just $19/month based on the number of transactions.

Source: TaxJar for Magento and Ecwid

Multichannel ecommerce solution SellerCloud has added integrations with Walmart Marketplace, music marketplace and fulfillment company Shipwire.

Reverb provides free listings for used or new music gear, with a small 3.5% transaction fee per sale. Price Benchmarks help sellers price competitively, and social media tools are included.

Shipwire is a leading global logistics and fulfillment company. It provides access to more than 150 warehouses operated by parent company Ingram Micro, and its technology can even manage shipments at other 3PL warehouses.

SellerCloud can also now generate return shipping labels for any Amazon-integrated shipping service.

Source: SellerCloud

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo has a new integration, with Canada's Purolator.

Shippo will support all Purolator courier services in Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Shippo allows users to:

  • Compare shipping rates and services
  • Print shipping labels
  • Track packages
  • Create manifests for large shipment volumes
  • Require signature confirmation upon delivery

Purolator offers a variety of parcel services to both national and international destinations.

Source: Shippo

Multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana has added several new features including support for two major US marketplaces: and Walmart.

Other new Skubana features include:

  • Trending Profitability, which shows the performance of sales channels, products and listings on a day-to-day basis.
  • Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime support, so Prime shipping labels can be printed within Skubana.
  • Support for the UPS SurePost USPS mail consolidation service.
  • Multi-package shipments through UPS and Fedex.

Source: Skubana

Fulfillment outsourcing company Shipwire has a new service which finds the best fulfillment centers for its customers.

With the Network Optimization Service, Shipwire customers choose the regions they want to ship orders to when they sign up.

Then the Shipwire Customer Success team (including experts in sales, customer support, implementation, support engineering and account management) selects the most appropriate fulfillment centers for their business.

Source: Shipwire

Ecommerce management software Jazva has new features including support for Amazon fulfillment latency.

Fulfillment Latency (or handling time) is the number of days between the order date on Amazon and when an order is actually shipped. The default merchant fulfillment latency is 1 to 2 business days, but Jazva now gives the option to set any number of days between 1 and 30. This is particularly useful for dropshipping which may take longer to process than FBA or self-fulfilled orders.

Jazva also now supports FBA shipment transport types so when stock is sent to Amazon, merchants can choose the transport type that best suits their needs, whether in small parcels or pallets.

Other new features in Jazva include:

  • Web store product relationships, which allow the creation of product groups for automatic upselling, related items and add-on suggestions.
  • Improved product merging tools to help identify duplicate listings across channels. Products can be matched by SKU, VID, UPC and quantity.
  • Updating inventory locations and stock quantities by uploading a spreadsheet.

Source: Jazva

Multichannel management system Linnworks has added a new purchase orders module to its cloud-based edition.

Linnworks Senior Developer Patrick Loney said, "We've worked hard over the last month to get the PO functionality ready. We're still polishing the corners and we're really interested to see what you make of it and how we can improve the page for all our users. Our next project is to add a Stock In screen into, where we're hoping to improve the integration between Purchase Orders and Stock In to simplify your lives even further."

Today Linnworks users can use the new module to:

  • Create and edit purchase orders
  • Search by supplier reference, PO reference and location
  • View purchase orders at different stages
  • View the audit log for every purchase order
  • Create, edit and review notes on each purchase order

A future update will add the ability to print purchase orders and email them directly to suppliers.

Purchase orders is one of the last major modules to be ported over from Linnworks Desktop and removes one of the final barriers preventing users from migrating to

Source: Linn Systems

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