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Successful in several auctions in free trial period with Bidnapper

Bidnapper is considered a top auction sniping service...and they even offer a FREE 15-day trial period for you to test what they offer. I have had success in several auctions during my trial and am very happy with what they provide. I don't have to be waiting on the keyboard at the stroke of the a... more

Bidnapper from a guy that never writes reviews

I have been using Bidnapper for years, I tried to login and find out how many years, but it was the first time I'd ever tried to look at my history and found it only holds 90 days. Interestingly, in that 90 days I've bought about 6 thousand worth of stuff using their service, there was two page... more

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Can't trust it.

Gave it a try and it seemed to work pretty well, so signed up for 10 snipes (need to save either $20 or $2 per snipe to justify it). Gave it a shot on an important auction, something i had been looking for a long time, starting bid 4 grand. Turns out there were no bids AND the snipe came back with... more

Bidnapper is PERFECT

Not only do they provide bid sniping for Ebay - but they also do on my other two new sites that I use - and! So excited to have found THE perfect auction software out there! No other software comes close - I searched through a TON and is definitely the best ... more

Best online sniping services support many sites

I have tried several online sniping services, and have been the most impressed with bidnapper. There is nothing that compares with your service for the price. The system has been reliable, and has allowed me to win many auctions I otherwise would have not been able to bid on. Thanks, and keep up t... more

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Best Bidnapper

Using and letting it do it's thing , is the best thing ever. Setting up actions to bid on is easy and trust worthy. Their notifications are great, letting you know when or if you may be out bid. Highly recommend to those bidder in enthusiasts. more

Great help for an eBay novice

Hi Have only been eBaying for 12 months and was constantly disappointed with loosing bids at the last minute due to slow computer and having to confirm my bid. Now I have made about 20 snipes which great success. Only time I have lost is when I have not had enough money to have the highest bid ... more

Very nice service that saves both money and time

I bought lots of used stuff in tradera with this service, It made it much easier to bid and it even bid when i was away, So it saved me both time and money. i recommend this to everyone who use auction sites. It doesn't cost much. more

Bidnapper Rocks! We've used bidnapper for years, and their competitors too.

My spouse used one leading snipe site, I used another. From what I understand, bidnapper has a better score of less blackouts and electrical manlfunctions, somewhat attributed to that they are physically closer to where the information is being sent to/from. Our experience has been much better wit... more

Excellent - could hardly run my business without it!

I buy a lot of old rare items from around the world, Bidnapper allows me to get on with running my compnay, and it will bid for the item rather than me having to stay up to to odd times of the day . Bidding at the last few seconds often ensures I win. more


Bidnapper works great. I use it on Gunbroker and gunauction, as well as ebay. The cost is minimal. Give it a try, you won't be sorry. more

Bidnapper works

My experience is entirely positive. The service is professional and reasonably priced (I purchase a set no. of bids as my use isn't heavy). Once I missed out, the other 3 times I won. It's a lot less hassle than sitting on an item clicking like crazy as the auction closes and the results are bette... more

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Bidnapper not be trusted - be careful

I have lost items because they did not bid. They told me ebay did not accepted the password. I complained and I got no apologies what so ever. They have not contacted me after many e-mails. They are not to be trusted. I was bidding in an item and they bided against me making me paying for the item... more

Great service, very reliable and affordable

Bidnapper is super reliable and easy to use. After snipping a couple of auctions I've saved enough money to pay for bidnapper easy. Don't understand the negative reviews. They're great. Used them for years and years and never had a problem. more

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disappointed once again...

For the most part, Bidnapper has worked fine, however the times when it doesn't work are extremely frustrating. I can spend a good part of one full day locating a particular item to bid only to discover some kind of 'glitch' in Bidnapper's programming that has failed to respond. The consistent ... more

The Best

I've found these guys to be the best. Very good support (they even seem to have replied to someone with a problem on here), and the feature set can not be beat. There are free sites out there, but this one pays for itself. more

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Great Service Impossible to Cancel

I have used Bidnapper for the last few years and have always been happy with the results. But due to the current economy, I don't access eBay that much. Imagine my surprise to see Bidnapper automatically took $50 annual fee from my PayPal account - unauthorized. There is no place on the Bidnapp... more

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I always win my auctions with bidnapper! They are also always very responsive to my questions which is very helpful too. more


Wow, I don't know where this other guy is getting his information. I've compared a lot of the sites out there and this one is lightyears ahead of the others. Their stability and customer support alone sets them above the rest, but then you add in all the features and it is no contest (cashback s... more

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I used Bidnapper for a little less than a year....wish I would have searched around more. more

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Works well, reasonable price

You see a lot of hype from snipe services about protecting user names (your name still becomes public on the auction if you win with your snipe, just not from a losing bid), winning more auctions (only if other users dont proxy bid higher or out-snipe you), changing or deleting bids (not quite acc... more

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