Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder


Places snipes by automatically filling in the eBay bidding form. You can watch the action as it happens, and jump in if you are outbid.

Comes with a bookmark organizer for saving eBay searches for easy replay, a listing archiver for saving eBay pages, and Watch lists that let you add notes and highlighting. You can import watched items from eBay and from search tool Bay Prospector.


Platforms Windows
eBay Sites eBay Australia, eBay Austria, eBay Belgium, eBay Canada, eBay France, eBay Germany, eBay Italy, eBay Netherlands, eBay Spain, eBay Switzerland, eBay UK,


Desktop Bidder Lite5 snipes per month Free
Desktop Bidder Jr.25 snipes per month $19.95 license fee
Desktop Bidder ProUnlimited snipes $29.95 license fee


Shopper Tools » Sniping

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Added 11 May 2008. Last updated 7 May 2014.
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Great functionality and excellent support

I have used Ace Sniper (previiously as incorporated in Prospector) for some 6 years now and it has served me very well. The program is not flawless, but then what programs is the important thing is that the author has always repsonded very promptly and helped me. You can't really ask more. more

Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder is so easy to use!

I have never used sniper software before and this was installed and in use within 10 minutes. No need for much else, just get it and go! Great work! more

fantastic a snipper l can walk away from and not think about .....2 thumbs up

gr8 program been along time since l have used a snipper l don,t have 2 worry about my old program which l had just payed good money 4 still can,t get it together after a year this program gives me piece of mind.......... fantastic more

starstarstarstardim star
Ace Sniper is great.

Ace Sniper is one of the best sniper programs on the market. more

Great Product. Awesome Interface

I have been using an online service for years now and was ready for something with more options. I search the internet and found Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder. It has an awesome interface with more features then you can imaging. It's made my Ebay Snipes so much better. more

Simply the best!!

After reading the reviews on Ace Sniper...I decided to try the "Lite" version...within 5 minutes I won my first auction using the program. Setup of Ace Sniper was simple and straightforward...within seconds I had loaded my first auction! Time to watch and see. As I said...I won...on my first tr... more

ace sniper desktop bidder thanks for saving me loads of time and money!! more than a 5 star download

I Never know you could use software on eBay to bid . Now that I have discovered this little jem of a program, i am finally the one placing the winnning bid and it saved me money as I was always bidding high in the hope of winning, and in most cases I was still being outbid, and when I was not I wa... more

Greatest Program Ever! Easy To Use!

I replaced my other sniping program with this one, and have yet to be disappointed! This program by far exceeds all others! more

Very useful software when buying on eBay

It helps me better manage my purchases especially when I really want to get the thing. more

Nice software for ebayers!

Never used software before to bid on eBay. This program is easy to use and lets you get items cheaper than the manual bid. I like it and will put it to use. more

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Re: Desktop Bidder does not synch with ebay watch list

...take this offline and we can be reached at Regards, Ace Sniper more

Re: Desktop Bidder does not synch with ebay watch list

...the mouse is hovered (with no click) over another top-level menu. Regards, Ace Sniper more

Re: Desktop Bidder does not synch with ebay watch list

...of stability, so we again encourage the use of the program's watch list. Ace Sniper more

Re: Desktop Bidder does not synch with ebay watch list

...viewing an eBay listing and you won’t need the extra step of importing. Ace Sniper more

Re: Desktop Bidder does not synch with ebay watch list

...Adrian, Which Desktop Bidder is that? Is it Prospector, Ace Sniper or something else? more

Re: Sniping software recommendations please

...either should meet your other needs. Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder has a very good... more

How to upgrade from the "lite" to Jr version

...I just downloaded and installed the Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder and can not figure out... more
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The Supplier Says

Ace Sniper

Ace Sniper offers two eBay sniper programs for Windows!

Ace Sniper is also built into Prospector, the best search tool for eBay.

World Online Auctions Advisor had a shootout of sniper tools and the Ace Sniper / Prospector combo came in #1.

Fix Your Desktop had a comparison, and the Ace Sniper / Prospector combo came in #1.

For reliability and accuracy, we are second to none. Try the programs out and see for yourself!
The programs don't expire and you get free snipes every month. Ace Sniper, 21 April 2008
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