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The best firm in the eComm Business

*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************CJ, Anthony & staff are absolutely the best in the business when it comes to eComm legal issues... Our business will ... more

Great service!

What was good about this product or service overall? I consulted with CJ about a brand warranty claim and he provided valuable advise without charging anything. Could not have been happier with his service and professionalism. I would recommend his service for anybody who has questions about... more

quick response

What was good about this product or service overall? my account was suspended since Feb and my funds were transferred to some other seller. I called and sent many emails to seller performance and yet not response. I reached out to CJ Rosenbaum and his team for a free consultation and he was very ... more

Highly Recommended!!!

What was good about this product or service overall? CJ is absolutely the best attorney for your Amazon related matters. I called his office and within minutes I was on the phone with him. He even met me on short notice when I was in the NYC area and patiently discussed my case with him. ... more

Genuine Knowledgeable Prioritizes the Customer

We were recently suspended from selling on Amazon so we started contacting firms to see who could help. We contacted CJ's firm while he was in Las Vegas for a conference. It just so happens, we LIVE in Las Vegas. When the person we were talking to at the firm realized we were in Vegas, he offered ... more

CJ provided with me with excellent advice!

I reached out to Amazon Sellers Lawyer after a recommendation from a fellow seller. Amazon took down my listing without informing me. CJ provided with me with excellent advice in their consultation without even charging me. He said he will follow up with me in the next day to see if there is... more

Very responsive team who get the job done.

We are group of volunteers that support our local library by reselling used books on Amazon. Our selling privileges were removed as we didn't fit the typical profile of a business. Brett (Director of Client Services) immediately took my call and connected me to C.J. who took the time to under... more

Expert, Clear Advice - and Friendly People

I've spoken to CJ, Anthony and Gary at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer. They're all extremely approachable and speak normal English I could understand - unlike some lawyers I could mention! In particular, I went over the details of a few tricky-looking but promising Amazon products with CJ to make s... more

Highly recomended!

Definitively, the first lawyer that would come to mind, if needed. Had a nice conversation with CJ, he gave me free information, and did not recommend me to use a lawyer! I would suggest, anyone looking for a experienced amazon lawyer, yo use him.;):) As you might be aware, people and c... more

Great guidance - thank you CJ!

When working with a lawyer, it's rare and refreshing to hear "that's probably not worth your money and my time." I've worked with CJ a couple times and most recently he provided me with useful counsel on how to handle a frustrating issue with Amazon FBA. He also introduced me to someone who ult... more

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Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective.

The process begins with an investigation of seller performance, customer metrics and alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop a plan of action.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (30 reviews)

Responsive and insightful. Highly recommend!

CJ and his firm were insightful, succinct and definitive in helping us craft a strategy and response to an Amazon issu... more

Great and quick support

ASL has a great way to answer your requests. We ended up not using their services but they were extremely quick to ans... more

Incredible service, cutt to the chase right from the start

In desperation I reached out to Brett (Director of Client Services at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer) 3 weeks into a suspensi... more


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The Supplier Says

C.J. Rosenbaum is the go-to Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

CJ has the education, experience, and legal resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. He also provides a crucial X-factor that non-lawyers cannot offer:

* 100% Confidentiality
* CJ has the legal education, license and expertise to defend amazon sellers
* CJ cannot reveal any records, communication or information you provide
* CJ protects sellers and permits 100% honesty with the attorney client privilege
* CJ has the ability to use the law to persuade buyers to withdraw complaints
* CJ can use the law to seek lost profit and retribution for business interruptions From the supplier's website
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Updated 2 May 2017.

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