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Straight Forward and Effective!

I've been in the Toy Invention industry for many years and know well the importance of using smart and experienced attorneys to help protect my toy brands. But when it came to a recent Amazon issue, however, my regular legal team was lacking in the specific experience needed to handle this CRITICA... more

Outstanding experience regarding Trademarking issues

I spoke with CJ regarding Trademarking issues. I have not had to seek advice in this area previously. I was extremely impressed with his easily accessible and efficient service - just what I needed to answer all of my questions and concerns. He used simple, easy to understand language, which was... more

CJ... A true professional and an exceptional human being

CJ is an exceptional human being an exceptional attorney and has an exceptional team. I highly recommend CJ Rosenbaum's Law Firm for any legal issue when dealing with Amazon. Cj is always there to answer my questions, and will always be upfront when we have a case and when he feels we don't hav... more

Amazing Service! The ONLY Amazon lawyer I will ever use!

Wow! Just wow!. Amazon Seller Lawyers and CJ Rosenbaum have exceeded my expectations time and time again. This is the third time I have contacted them for their services and they are more than amazing! I had called and asked to speak to CJ, however, I was told he was in China. To my utter surpr... more

The Best Product Liability Lawyer

Mr. Rosenbaum provided me with indepth answers about product liability issues. He answered all of my questions with great precision and effort. He also gave me additional tips on how to create the most successful product liability strategy. He also has a very good knowledge of Amazon Seller le... more

Took The Time To Give Advice

What was good about this product or service overall? CJ was very understanding and direct and took time out of his day to give me advice about my case! He was compassionate and knew exactly what to do! His ideas were great and I really appreciate all of the support he gave us! His firm was atten... more

Reinstated with Amazon within 24 Hours

We struggled to convince the Amazon Performance Team that we gained understanding of the issue(s) and were making/and-will-make corrections, but they would not reinstate us. We read all the policy material on Amazon that we could find to direct us to any policy violations. My team when over more t... more

HIGHLY recommended, don't chance your reinstatement

These guys are the real deal. When I first called I was immediately connected to Mr. Rosenbaum himself, who patiently listened to my panicked concerns regarding the suspension of our account. Understanding the gravity of the situation and jobs at stake, they immediately kicked into high ge... more

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Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective.

The process begins with an investigation of seller performance, customer metrics and alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop a plan of action.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (18 reviews)

quick response

What was good about this product or service overall? my account was suspended since Feb and my funds were transferred ... more

Highly Recommended!!!

What was good about this product or service overall? CJ is absolutely the best attorney for your Amazon related matte... more

Genuine Knowledgeable Prioritizes the Customer

We were recently suspended from selling on Amazon so we started contacting firms to see who could help. We contacted C... more


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The Supplier Says

C.J. Rosenbaum is the go-to Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

CJ has the education, experience, and legal resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. He also provides a crucial X-factor that non-lawyers cannot offer:

* 100% Confidentiality
* CJ has the legal education, license and expertise to defend amazon sellers
* CJ cannot reveal any records, communication or information you provide
* CJ protects sellers and permits 100% honesty with the attorney client privilege
* CJ has the ability to use the law to persuade buyers to withdraw complaints
* CJ can use the law to seek lost profit and retribution for business interruptions From the supplier's website
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Updated 2 May 2017.

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