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Great service!!!

I used their service to track lost inventories and got 520$ back, paid only 40$ for the service. :lol I had to wait few days for amazon to respond to my case. I am also using their chrome extension to find reviewers fast. Overall experience is great, i had some difficulties with the extension at f... more

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Amzwhizz provides a range of reporting and data extraction utilities for Amazon FBA Sellers.

Tools include checking for FBA reimbursements, identifying reviewers, extracting search terms and a free orders dashboard.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (1 review)

Great service!!!

I used their service to track lost inventories and got 520$ back, paid only 40$ for the service. :lol I had to wait fe... more


Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States


Platforms Chrome Extension, Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites,,,,,,,


Trial: None

Orders DashboardShows sales activity in more detail Free
Search Terms ExtractorFind relevant search terms for a listing $9.90
Reverse Review LookupIdentify buyers from their Amazon reviews
Reimbursment ReportsGenerate reports to request FBA reimbursements $39.90


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Amzwhizz -Amazon FBA Software Solutions

Amzwhizz is all in one software platform that helps retailers win on Amazon.
We have successfully helping Amazon Sellers with growing they business and make they focus on the major duties of the cour of the successful FBA business.
Amzwhizz Reimbursement Report-Powerful tool that help to analyze your inventory reports and refund so you can apply for reimbursement.
Amzwhizz Reverse Review-Our powerful chrome extension will help you to find the customer who write you verify review so you can improve yours rating.
Amzwhizz Search Term Lookup-Be ahead of your competitors and make analizy of the keyword search term from them.
Amzwhizz in development = many more extraordinary tolls will be updated soon catch up with our web site and follow us on facebook page and youtube as we make significant new powerful tools for you to sky rock your Amazon FBA business beyond the moon .
Amzwhizz is leading software company in Amazon FBA field and we not regular software company we are family so just join our biggest family and let's make our dreams to reality.
Amzwhizz, 27 October 2017
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Updated 10 Nov 2017.

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