Assortify provides product evaluation, keyword research and pricing information.

The process begins by uploading a spreadsheet of products, then Assortify gathers information from retailers, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines to provide competitor prices, Amazon sales rank, margin analysis, best sellers, reviews and more.

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Re: Introduce yourself here

...Marcus and I'm the founder of Assortify, a web-based product research tool... more

Evaluate profit and competitive pricing FREE until November

...want to try it out, go to and sign up using promo code... more


United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites
Other Marketplaces Best Buy, Jet,, Marketplace,,


Trial: Free starter plan

Free1 Source per upload
5 Uploads per month
50 SKUs per upload
5 Searches per month
Email Support
Basic3 Sources per upload
20 Uploads per month
150 SKUs per upload
20 Searches per month
Prioritized Email Support
$99 per month
Pro10 Sources per upload
100 Uploads per month
1,000 SKUs per upload
100 Searches per month
Phone Support
2 new sources
$499 per month
EnterpriseMore Sources, Uploads, and SKUs
Custom Sources
Account Manager
Multiple Users
Data Feed Integration
From $1,999 per month


Product Sourcing » Product Evaluation


Re: Introduce yourself here

...Marcus and I'm the founder of Assortify, a web-based product research tool... more

Evaluate profit and competitive pricing FREE until November

...want to try it out, go to and sign up using promo code... more
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Assortify makes it so simple to do product research, you'll wonder how you lived without it! Our flexible upload process allows you to submit large batches of products and gives you the results in a few hours! You can use any type of excel spreadsheet, no matter what columns are included. You can not only use our reporting interface to review your results, we even email you the results for each run! Check out below to learn more about how flexible and fast Assortify is to use. From the supplier's website
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Updated 10 Sep 2016.

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