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Auction Submit posts your items to eBay. Recurring information is saved and listings can be replicated with a button click.


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Added 1 Aug 2003. Last updated 23 Sep 2004.


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starstarstardim stardim star
Good program, Great Price

First, you can beat the price. Like any software there is room for improvement such as I do not care for the modal window size. You have to play around to get to know the program, but the included templates are nice and easily editable. Many choices in selling are built in using the preferences... more

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Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

There is a posting on the Auction Submit news page informing the public that the... more

Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...that's what you want. Regarding Auction Submit, have you tried their customer... more

Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...don't know why that I can't load auction submit, it says I have it on my computer but... more

Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...based as opposed to desktop based like Auction Submit. If you're willing to pay a little... more
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We are sad to hear that Auction Submit creator Dan Goldstein died recently in a car accident. Auction Submit is currently not functional due to eBay changes and EZ Time Software are evaluating whether to continue maintaining the program.


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Auction Submit

Auction Submit is timesaving submission software that is designed for users who routinely submit items to online auctions. One of the nice things about it is that it allows you to store and update all of your auction information on your own computer and submit directly to the auction sites that you utilize.

Auction Submit allows you to design, preview, and save your listings while you are offline. You can bulk submit your listings to multiple auction sites or relist unsold auction items between auctions. From the supplier's website