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AuctionStealer helps you track an unlimited number of auctions, allows you to set up email alerts to inform you of changes, and automatically places a last-minute bid at the maximum price, quantity and timing you specify. Note: AuctionStealer is rebranded under many different labels, such as HammerSnipe and BidTamer.


Platforms Web Based
eBay Sites eBay Canada, eBay Germany, eBay UK,


Trial: Basic service is free

Subscription: 1 Month - $8.99, 3 Month - $19.99, 6 Month - $34.99
One Time Payments: 1 Month - $11.99, 3 Month - $29.99, 6 Month - $49.99, 12 Month - $79.99


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Added 1 Aug 2003. Last updated 30 Dec 2012.


Average Rating: starstarstardim stardim star (5 reviews)


Firstly, I have only used Auctionstealer, so my opinions are limited to this auction website. I did consider jwalker/jbid or whatever its called, but given that auctionstealer is website based, and free for 3 auctions a week, I used this. Advantages: 1) website based which means you don't need to... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
bad experience with AuctionStealer

They take your money from paypal via e-cheque and due to the time it takes to clear you are locked out of your account once a month for a few days. Thats not the worst of it though as during this time all of your previously set snipes are inacsessable , meaning you can't go in and cancel them if ... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Bad software and terrible customer service

I tried several snipe services and I found AuctionStealer to be the absolute worst. I missed a few snipes (out of about 20) and inquired politely why I missed. I received an explanation back that didn't really make sense, so I inquired further. I got a message back telling me if I didn't like i... more

Works well with FireFox

I've been using it for about a month and I don't know how I bid on E-Bay without it. Well worth the money. Jim D more

starstarstarstardim star
Review of AuctionStealer

No need to install software or keep my PC on all the time. Have had a few missed auctions at busy times but win the majority. Sniping will be around as long as eBay auctions have fixed end times - use a sniping service if you want to win auctions at the right price! more

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Re: Software to run my own Snipe Service an existing site you could talk to AuctionStealer who run many rebranded versions of... more

Re: Free Bid Sniping Services -- The master list

...we should add it to our site. Auctionstealer doesn't talk about it directly, but... more

Re: Website to perform automatic auction searches

...from it or connect to an offline server AuctionStealer. Are there any out there which... more
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Sniping service Bidnapper is running two offers for new customers to obtain one year of free sniping, worth $49.99.

The first offer is for users of competitive services AuctionStealer, eSnipe, Auction Raptor, JustSnipe, Snip, PowerSnipe, and myibay. Existing users of those services can switch to Bidnapper here.

The second offer enables eBay sellers to offer their customers a coupon for a free subscription, at no cost to the seller. Sellers can create coupons here.

A number of tools from developer HammerTap have been removed from their site. They are monitoring tool Auction Informant, feedback filter BayCheck (and Pro edition), and eBay mailer BayMail (and Pro edition). Flagship program DeepAnalysis is still available, as are FeeFinder and BidderBlock. A spokesperson said the products had been removed because they didn't comply with eBay policies.

HammerTap also sells a rebranded version of AuctionStealer called HammerSnipe and a rebranded version of ChannelAdvisor Pro called HammerTap Manager.

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The Supplier Says

AuctionStealer is an Auction Sniper!

By automatically placing your bids at the last possible moment, AuctionStealer allows you to rest easy knowing that your competitors will have literally no time to react to your bid. Schedule your bid at your convenience and AuctionStealer places it with seconds to go, leaving you free to go about your business without worrying about when to bid next. From the supplier's website